Why Is Kekma.Net Famous? Is It Safe?


Sometimes, joking around with people can be fun. Kekma.net is a website based on that idea. You might have heard of “rick-rolling,” when someone sends you a link to a video of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

But there’s another prank website called kekma.net that’s not as harmless. It was created in 2019 by someone named Obok MeatGod. When you go to kekma.net, you’ll see a warning that you must be 18 or older to enter. Once you click through, the website goes into full-screen mode, so you can’t easily close it.

And that’s when things get scary. Loud and disturbing noises start playing, and there’s no way to escape it quickly. It’s not safe for anyone to visit kekma.net, and it’s best to avoid it altogether. But if it’s unsafe, why is it popular among youngsters? 

This blog will explore everything about Kekma.net, including its features, popularity, and safety. So, stay tuned with me!

What Is Kekma.Net?

When someone visits the website or its home menu, the website warns the user that it “contains dark and adult humor.” However, humor is nowhere to be found. Every image, video, or GIF on this website is disturbing.

If a user taps the link, the website visitor is directed to the home page. The home page features a GIF based on two NSFL pictures and a video. The videos playing also contain adult violence, gore, and other offensive content. Heavy, loud sounds accompany all of this stuff and content.

It also includes the noise of rape and is dubbed “World’s Loudest Orgasm.” The website is not for people with the right mental condition as it contains such traumatizing and disturbing content it cannot be bearable for them. This website is also considered the most shocking website.

Origin Of Kekma.net Website:

Obok the Second created the website Kekma.net on April 23, 2019. It is a disturbing and terrible website that is PG-rated and contains all types of adult and disturbing content. It was formerly known as Kekma.ga. 

The Popularity Of Kekma.net:

The first documented use of the kekma.net link on social media was July 15, 2019. This was  a YouTube comment to Crocnic’s movie “Why they don’t tell you about Hitler’s “Shrinking Markets” problem.” During the summer and autumn of 2019, the link was posted on the channels of several political YouTubers and Discord servers.

Such links make many people curious about what they are about. Unaware of the horrors they are about to experience, they click on these links. It included Donald Trump’s YouTube channel, Vaush, and TIK.

On October 14, 2019, a friend of the website’s creator, Obok The Second, made the first known mention of the website in a meme. It was used as a bait-and-switch tag for a popular Discord bot, NotSoBot.

Is Kekma.net Safe Or Not?

Kekma.net is “unsafe for life” and “unsafe for work.” The link is being used maliciously on many Discord servers and Reddit sub-channels. Based on two reviews, Kekma.net has a user rating of 3 stars, which indicates that most customers are unhappy with their purchases.

Kekma.net is ranked 1070th among other Music websites. Screamers, Take care when watching! When you visit the website, a caution warns you that it includes black humor and 18+ content. At the bottom of the first web page, a bar leads to a Discord server devoted solely to the article’s topic. Such websites require confirmation before closing, slowing down your entire system.

This website is extremely unsafe, especially for children. If a child accidentally comes across it, it could harm their young minds and even leave lasting emotional scars.

Is Kekma.Net Used In Online Attacks?

Yes, Kekma was used in several online attacks. People unintentionally view objectionable and harmful images. The links were shared widely for the first time in the fall and summer of 2019. It was discovered on several popular YouTube channels and Discord servers.

The site experienced a surge in popularity in July 2020. The popularity is attributed to meme groups in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Please do not click on the link if you are curious about it. The imagery is hazardous. Moreover, the website makes it more challenging to connect away quickly.

Other facts of Kekma.net:

When you visit Kekma.net, your cursor icon also changes. After that,  high-pitched and eerie music starts to play in the background. This Kekma.net contains potentially harmful and abusive materials. Kekma.net is going to remove some of its material because it is immoral.

We warn our subscribers and readers not to join or visit such websites if they believe in God and have a sincere love for God. You’ll still find the website’s content highly offensive, even with few morals. You will never attempt to visit the kekma.net website, which includes adult videos, images, memes, and animated gifs.

Mentally ill or weak people should avoid this website due to its horrifying content. It can trigger them in more than one way. Despite the existence of highly obscene content, the site appears to persist. 

What Happened To Kekma.Net?

The main website became unavailable on July 22, 2020, and the creators launched its “mirror” Kekma.Xyz. However, this domain was soon blocked as well.

The website was later established with a .net domain. It has been used to troll people in Discord and Reddit raids. In October 2020, the website’s background image was changed, depicting a man having his face punched by a bear. It also depicts a baby with Harlequin Fetus disease. These images become terrifying and heartbreaking for the users.

But one thing that remains on the website is the advanced manufacturing screw video. However, the GIF alters the actual picture of the man’s head, which has been busted and brutally murdered by the arm injury. 

You must not if you see a message on any social platform on your computer or device about visiting this dark website. 

What Type Of Content Is Displayed On This Website?

The content present on this website is hugely based on disaster and tragedy. It is based on several horrifying concepts like rape, murder, suicide, and violence. When the users open this website, it suddenly displays material of 18+ years of age and alerts the user.

This website also includes links to the Kekma community website and stumpgrinder.info. It is mainly for people who are unhappy in their relationships in real life. It is safe to say that only sick and ill-minded people can enjoy this sort of content.

The Website Has Nsfl Material On Kekma.Net. Its Features Include:

1. A blinking red background and a GIF premised on a picture or photo of a dog tripped up by its rear legs and tanned is extremely disturbing.

2. A central video shows a man crouching in a swimming pool of blood.

3. Another central video shows a man cutting off his penis with a knife.

4. Whenever consumers access the homepage of this dark website, they learn about all the negative aspects of the website.

5. This dark website requires a different type of confirmation to close the main page. Furthermore, the actual system slows down the user’s system.

What Are Stump Grinders?

The stump grinder is an internet link used to connect to the Discord server. This link is prohibited on the internet. When a customer taps the community link, it takes them to stumpgrinder.info. After this, it connects them to the 18+ content. The alerting messages are forced into their web browser. All this is visible on the display screen of the user’s computer or device.

What Types Of Images And Distortion Videos Are On Kekma.Net?

Kekma.net has different kinds of inappropriate videos and images for internet users. One time, the website also offers content from March 13, 2020. This video was a medical experiment recording pork or tapeworm cysts squeezed from a human liver.

It also shows another video of the cursor. An image of 4 deforming -looking penises with bloodstains on them. They are presenting the swastika Flag with those penises. The background of this video also flashes into two images showing a person who is ejaculating to a baby with Harlequin Fetus disease. Still, it was a prop and considered the creator’s state of mind.

Another video shows a black man who sleeps with a corpse, which is highly upsetting to internet users. Obok, the website’s owner, tries to claim that all these states were unrealistic. Furthermore, all material on the kekma.net website was removed after images and videos were posted. On behalf of the owner, he didn’t want people to believe that “his website is regarded as a CP site.”

What Is The Current Status Of Kekma.Net?

This dark website, kekma.net, will contact 5 IPs from three countries. In addition, this website crosses four domains to operate 16 HTTP transactions on the internet.

This website also includes the primary IP address:

2606:4700:3037: ac43:b0f5, which is localized in the United States of America. It is part of the CLOUDFLARENET of the United States of America. The dark website’s primary domain name is kekma.net.

Domain and IP addresses for Kekma.net:

More information about domains and IP addresses can be found here:

  • 15169 1 2a00:1450:4001:828:2008 (GOOGLE)
  • 20446 2001:4de0:ac18::1:a:2a (HIGHWINDS3)
  • 13335 12 2606:4700:3037::ac43:b0f5 (CLOUDFLARENET)
  • 15169 1 2a00:1450:4001:827::200e (GOOGLE)
  • 15169 1 2a00:1450:4001:810::200e (GOOGLE)

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Kekma.net was previously known as Kekma.ga. This is an immoral and harmful website to its users or customers. You’ll soon start to wonder who enjoys such content. This website contains inappropriate and adult content. Furthermore, it is considered a dark and terrible website. It includes incorrect and immoral pictures, memes, GIFs, and videos. 

It is not safe to use. Its links are used in online attacks. You should also never click on the link. You can learn from this article that if you ever come across any unknown link, you should never click on it because you don’t know what kind of imagery or other stuff you’ll find.

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