YouTube vs tiktok boxing: Everything You Need To Know.

YouTube vs tiktok boxing

Next month, a handful of well-known TikTok and YouTube personalities will face off in a competition. Many of the upcoming matchups and the Battle of the Platforms boxing event were previously confirmed. The YouTube vs TikTok boxing was nearly complete after information on one of the remaining two fights was established.

Early in March 2021, McBroom and TikToker Bryce Hall engaged in a Twitter spat that led to the booking of a match between them. On March 18, LiveXLive revealed a full schedule of YouTubers vs. TikTokers matches, including conflicts between YouTubers Tanner Fox and Nick Austin and YouTuber FaZe Jarvis and TikToker Micheal Le.

The third altercation involved TikToker Nate Wyatt and musician and YouTuber DDG. YouTuber Danny Duncan and a random TikToker picked by fans were slated to face each other in the third and fourth fights, respectively. TikToker Tayler Holder was scheduled to meet a YouTuber in the third fight. Between British YouTuber Deji and TikToker Vinnie Hacker was the semi-main event.

The majority of spectators preferred AnEsonGib over Tayler Holder in the matchup. Later, TikToker Nick Austin departed the tournament, and Ryland Storms took his place. Danny Duncan, another YouTuber, quit, and Ryan Johnston took his place. Cale Saurage from TikToker was added to the card.

The “titans of social media” ultimately squared off on June 12 in Live x Live’s Battle of the Platforms, which pitted TikTok against YouTube. Team YouTube makes an appearance victorious after a thrilling evening of knockouts, unexpected victories, and contentious ties, winning five matches to Team TikTok’s one.

Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall in three rounds, taking home the night’s biggest victory. He then appeared eager to return to the ring for another contest. Overall, Team YouTube won 5-1, with FaZe Clan’s Jarvis defeating Michael Levine in the only knockout of the evening.

At the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami tonight, notorious TikToker Bryce Hall will square off against YouTube star Austin McBroom. Deji Olatunji and AnEsonGib, Jake Paul’s first opponents in the amateur and professional divisions, will also be on the card; they will play Vinnie Hacker and Tayler Holder, respectively.

The fights will all take place tomorrow morning at the same location where Logan Paul and Floyd May fought for eight rounds just last weekend. Due to amateur restrictions in Florida, it is unlikely that you will witness much top-level boxing, and rounds will be shorter.

Fighters will compete for each round while donning headgear-free 16 oz—gloves throughout five two-minute games.

The full schedule for the YouTube vs Tiktok boxing card is listed below.

The main event pitted TikTok star Bryce Hall against YouTube sensation (and founder of ACE Family) Austin McBroom. Meanwhile, the other fights were as follows:

  • A.E. Gib v. T.H. Holder
  • Vinnie Hacker against Deji
  • Nate Wyatt and Dg
  • Michael Le vs. Faze Jarvis
  • T. Fox versus R. Storms
  • Ben Azelart vs. Landon McBroom
  • Cale Saurage vs. Ryan Johnston

Date and time of the YouTube vs Tiktok boxing card

The Battle of the Platforms is scheduled in the US for Saturday, June 12. The event will begin at 7 pm (ET) on Saturday, which means it will start early on Sunday morning in the UK. The undercard begins at midnight on June 13 in the UK (BST).

The event’s biggest bout, such as Hall vs. McBroom, will need viewers to wait patiently. There will be musical performances from DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Migos, and others in addition to the fights.

Where to watch the YouTube vs Tiktok boxing?

Fans can pay to witness the event live on LiveXLive, a streaming service normally known for live music performances. The YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match will be broadcast live via the LiveXLive service. LiveXLive is a streaming service that “let[s] you listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances,” according to their own description.

It is not possible to watch a live stream of the event because it is a PPV. The first two fights on the undercard, however, can be watched online for free. Lucky ticket holders can see the game live at Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

When Will Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib Fight?

Both former YouTubers who are now boxers have declared they will fight on July 30 at the arena to end their long-running rivalry. The Staples Center, now known as the arena, was a sports venue in the heart of Los Angeles.

The LA Kings of the NHL, the women’s WNBA Los Angeles Sparks, and the LA Lakers and LA Clippers of the NBA all call it home. It can accommodate 20,000 spectators at full capacity, so tickets for the showdown between the British and American YouTubers are expected to be in high demand.

YouTube vs tiktok boxing

Who competes in the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match?

Tayler Holder vs AnEson Gib

Ali Al-Fakhri, better known on YouTube as AnEsonGib, is seeking “redemption in Miami” following his devastating first-round loss to Jake Paul in his professional debut last year. But he’ll reportedly face a tough opponent in TikTok singer Holder, who was seen working out with Canelo and has been boxing for a while despite never having competed in an amateur fight.

Gib has made it clear that he intends to continue fighting whether or not he defeats the Americans. At the same time, Holder is juggling other projects with a budding music career and a TikTok page with more than 19 million followers.

Vinnie Hacker vs. Deji

On Saturday night, Deji, KSI’s brother, will square off against model and TikTok star Vinnie Hacker, another former Jake Paul foe. According to the sparse training film that is public, Hacker is a restricted fighter. He reportedly switched trainers before the match. Deji, on the other hand, displayed talent in his bout with Paul back in 2012, bloodying the now 3-0 pro boxer before being stopped in what was to be his only amateur contest in the fifth round.

Nate Wyatt vs DDG

Rapper DDG, real name Darryl Dwayne Granberry, appears to be one of the fighters on this card that picks up boxing the quickest. Nate Wyatt hasn’t been uploading as frequently as the YouTube sensation, who has posted some videos to social media and seems to be a competent young fighter from the few films he’s shown.

By specialists in the YouTube boxing scene, Wyatt has been predicted to suffer a crushing defeat in this YouTube vs TikTok boxing fight.

Michael Le vs. Faze Jarvis

Londoner Faze Jarvis squares up against Michael Le, who is likely the most well-known TikTok star on the card, in the first fight of British interest on the night. Over the past two weeks, Tyson Fury has spent time with Jarvis, but it is still being determined whether or not that interaction will pay off for the Brit in the ring. He belongs to the renowned Faze Clan, a team of social media celebrities and professional video game gamers that competes in major eSports events.

Ryland Storms vs Tanner Fox

YouTube sensation Tanner Fox, a close friend of Jake and Logan Paul, started boxing after seeing the two take up the sport professionally in recent years. In his 4.3 million followers’ videos, Ryland Storms, a member of the TikTok star group “The Hype House,” was seen dancing and lip-syncing. It’s difficult to predict who would win this fight because these combatants have little video footage.

Ben Azelart vs. Landon McBroom

This is the second of the evening’s preliminary matches; earlier in the evening, in a free-to-air game, Austin McBroom’s brother faced off against practical joker Ben Azelart. Although Azelart has recorded some sparring video in which he looks respectable, McBroom will likely be anticipated to win this YouTube vs TikTok boxing, so this may be an intriguing matchup.

Cale Saurage vs. Ryan Johnston

Our first fight of the night features a fighter who qualified for the card by triumphing in several unofficial altercations held behind closed doors. YouTuber Johnston earned his position on this card against TikTok star Saurage earlier this year by defeating a few other influencers in a “tryout” bout.

This will be a rough battle because Johnston is one of the fighters we’ve seen the most of, and he seems explosive and eager to absorb a punch to land one.

The event’s creator is also responsible for the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight.

The event was executive produced by digital talent agency Paul Cazers, who also worked on the boxing battle between YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul. He learned from that incident that “these social media moguls’ fervent multinational fan bases drove more audience and sales than traditional legacy professionals.

” Paul marketed Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms as “a perfect storm of celebrity, social media, technology, digital marketing, pop culture, and, at the end of the day, good ol’ Hollywood 101 celebrities and industry magic” in his promotional materials. Every element of this one-of-a-kind event is designed to be a larger-than-life spectacle and draw people from around the world through social media platforms. Every model we’ve seen predicts that this will be the biggest PPV event ever.

What happened to the anticipated match between Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms?

Despite already being present for the weigh-in, Tanner Fox has decided to cancel the competition, claims Ryland Storms. He claims that despite their efforts to locate a replacement on such short notice, their fight may not place.

Fox later responded to these allegations in a TikTok video, declaring that he was still prepared to “fight whomever” despite Storms being twenty pounds heavier than him. Later, in a live interview, he asserted that the commission “didn’t want to let it happen” despite his willingness to wear headgear and sign a “death waiver.”

Asserting that Tanner was to blame for the bout not taking place because he “didn’t want to reach his weight” and didn’t even want to attend practices the day before the event, Storms later refuted these assertions.

One YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing is Still Unknown

Originally, Danny Duncan was supposed to represent YouTube as well. Duncan’s identity was unknown due to the struggle, much like Tayler Holder. This resulted from the competition’s organizers letting the audience choose Duncan and Holder’s opponent. Even though the Holder fight has already been decided and confirmed, it is still unknown with whom Duncan would walk into the right.

The details of that one Battle are still unknown, but the event’s organizers have revealed that there will be two more free-to-view undercard fights. Landon McBroom will face Ben Azelart in these, and Ryan Johnston will face Cale Saurage.

The Battle of the Platforms was originally scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 2021, but the event’s date was altered to June 12, one week later. Those interested in seeing the remaining fights and finding out whether TikTok or YouTube is finally declared the night’s overall platform winner will need to pay. The two free pre-show undercard fights are the only free contests available.

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