3 fascinating uses for the GPU rental unit that ARE NOT gaming or crypto

GPU rental
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1. Machine learning

Of course! The size of the datasets used to train a large neural network just defies common sense. They’re huge, so it follows that the hashing power they use must be equally enormous. But the best thing about the times we live in is that pretty much everyone can experiment with them, not only the IT scientist – as long as they lease GPU and learn how to do it.

Such an operation may take days or even weeks to complete on a standard computer, or be just impossible to execute. But when the ML engineer would lease GPU, the amount of time it takes to train these models can be greatly reduced. That means saving money, but in many cases, the time saved will be equally valuable.

It’s worth mentioning that such operations are important to many more sectors beyond IT. ML models are particularly important in industries such as finance and healthcare, where the ability to process large amounts of data quickly is crucial.

2. Scientific simulations

Simulating the natural world, as well as mathematical simulations, aren’t now only reserved for the hardcore scientists working deep in Academia. These complex computational models are increasingly in use in business, and software production.

Thanks to the power of AI and the affordable GPU rental everyone can use these days, even marketing experts use them regularly to predict customer engagement in the campaign and drive sales. Scientific simulations involve using dedicated applications and scripts in order to run mathematical models that simulate various real-world phenomena.

No wonder such simulations might require very large amounts of computational power to accurately model and simulate these phenomena. By making use of the GPU server rental, scientists and researchers – but also every other user! – can significantly reduce the time it takes to run these simulations, which is important for industries such as aerospace and materials science.

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3. 3D modeling

Every 3D artist will know what we’re talking about. A high GPU capacity can help render complex 3D models faster and with greater detail. And what is more, without it running a lot of modern modeling software at scale would be so unbearably slow that it will drive even the most patient of users mad.

3D modeling is such an intensive process! It involves creating virtual representations of objects, characters, environments, and other complex scenes. The process requires a high level of graphical detail and a large amount of processing power to generate realistic and immersive visuals. Without a reliable GPU rental, these levels of complexity would be quite out of reach of most users – but now, even the hobbyist can do it in their spare time!

A high-end hashing power of the GPU server rental is crucial for 3D modeling as it provides the necessary power to render and display high-resolution textures, lighting effects, shadows, and reflections in real-time. The GPU works here in conjunction with the CPU to execute complex algorithms and handle the massive amounts of data required for 3D modeling.This is useful in industries such as architecture, engineering, and product design, as well as in the individual creative projects of thousands of users all around the world.

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