Benefits of Using Temporary Storage Buildings

Temporary Storage Buildings

Temporary storage buildings are becoming a go-to solution, especially for businesses that are in search of cheaper storage and office space solutions. The structures are cheaper and easy to construct than conventional brick-and-mortar buildings. Besides that, the buildings can be used for both commercial and accommodation purposes.When choosing temporary structures, there are a few things you need to consider. In this guide, we talk about the types of temporary storage buildings available. The article will also highlight some major benefits of using temporary structures.

What Are Temporary Storage Buildings?

Temporary buildings, also known as semi-permanent structures, are built using prefabricated materials. The materials are assembled on-site and construction can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the structure.Most temporary buildings are built using steel beams as pillars and aluminum sheets or industrial tents for the walls. The roof can be clear-span PVC or regular steel sheets based on the user’s wants. The structures can be built on any surface, reducing the overall cost.

Types of Temporary Storage Buildings

Temporary structures come in different shapes and sizes. There are three design solutions, which can be customized to meet your use case.At the top of the list are industrial tents. Industrial tents are the cheapest type of temporary storage building. They are also quick to install and are the perfect solution during emergencies. The structure is supported using steel beams and the walls and roof are made from high-quality and weather-proof industrial fabric.

Another type of temporary storage buildings is clear-span storage buildings. Clear-span buildings are the perfect solution if you want massive storage space. The structure is more advanced, complete with PVC insulated roof and walls. The walls can have extra cladding for extra insulation.Last, we have steel-framed storage structures. If you want something similar to a permanent building, go for steel-framed structures. They are cheaper to install compared to regular brick houses. Besides that, you can also add extra features depending on what you plan to use the structure for.

When choosing the best temporary storage building solution, consider your use cases. You can opt to lease the structure over buying one if it is for short-term use only. It will be cheaper and more cost-effective.Consult a construction expert for guidance on the best type of temporary structure depending on your needs or visit our website.

Benefits of Temporary Storage Structures

The number one benefit of temporary storage structures is that they are cheaper than conventional brick houses. Construction costs are also lower since construction takes less time. You will also spend less overall as you don’t need to build a concrete slab for a temporary structure.Temporary structures are also portable, which makes them the perfect choice for businesses operating on leased properties. The structure can be disassembled and the materials moved to a new location.

Temporary storage buildings are more versatile compared to conventional brick structures. The structures can be used as storage or office spaces. In other instances, temporary structures can be used to set up indoor arenas, greenhouses, or classrooms.

Durability is also another advantage of temporary structures. The structures come with a warranty that takes care of any breakages that may happen. The structure also requires little to no maintenance compared to regular buildings.The structures are also fitted with energy-saving features. For example, clear-span storage buildings come with clear PVC roofs that let in natural light during the day. The walls have extra cladding, which makes the building warmer and saves on power costs.

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Wrapping Up

Temporary storage buildings are a good solution for any business that wants extra space without spending big money. However, other things you need to consider are planning permission and building regulations.

In some instances, you may be exempted from applying for planning permission and building regulations. Some of the instances are if you are using the building for less than four weeks or the structure is smaller than 100m². However, we recommend consulting your local authority before setting up your temporary storage building. Not getting a permit or failing to comply with the building regulations can bring forth legal trouble. You will be fined and the project stopped until you get the required documents or permits.

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