Duonao TV: 18 Best Alternatives To Watch Chinese TV Shows

Duonao TV

Today, you do not have to worry about buying a big TV when you can easily carry it in your pocket. Recently, an incredible technological change has occurred: you do not have to be tied to a certain spot and wait for your favorite TV program to begin. You can enjoy your favorite movies and shows any time you like. 

Duonao TV is a modern Chinese streaming service that has changed the way people in China watch TV. It allows movie lovers to watch their favorite shows and films whenever and wherever they want. Duonao TV can be watched on mobile phones, computers, and other devices that are not TVs.

Discover the features, drawbacks, and top 18 alternatives of Duonao TV in this article. If you are curious, keep reading to learn more about what Duonao TV offers you.

What is Duonao TV?

Duonao TV, China’s first online movie streaming site, started more than ten years ago in Beijing. It is a popular website where you can watch your favorite Chinese movies and TV shows. It is not only restricted to entertainment. 

You can also watch the news and get updates about the surroundings. People who miss watching TV can now do it using this service on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can watch content in many different languages. 

Duonao TV has many options for movies and TV shows for you to watch. You can watch it on any mobile, computer, laptop, etc. To access the content, you just need to make an account and login; after that, you can explore different collections and pick what you want to watch.

The content is divided into categories, which makes it easy for you to find what you are interested in. If you are unsure what to watch, you can check out popular movies or shows or search for something specific. 

When you find something you want to watch, click on it, and the streaming will start. You can also put movies and shows on your “watchlist,” and then you can watch them whenever you want.

Main Features of Duonao TV 

Here is a list of great things about Duonao. These things combine to make Duonao TV a favorite platform for many people.

User-Friendly Interface

Duonao TV is built to be simple and easy to use. It helps you find and watch your favorite shows and movies easily. The menus and search options are clear and suggest things you might like. 

They group the content into categories to help you choose. You can also make different profiles if others are using the same account. It is made to work for everyone and designed so that anyone can enjoy it without facing any problems.

Worldwide Access 

Duonao TV is available everywhere in the world, and anyone can watch its shows and movies without limits, no matter where they are. People from different backgrounds and places can all enjoy the many different types of shows and movies it has.

Whether in China, another country, or anywhere else, Duonao TV allows everyone to watch and connect through their favorite shows and movies, bringing people close worldwide.

No Registration Required

Duonao TV does not ask users to go through a mandatory registration process. You can start streaming content without sharing your personal information or creating an account. It ensures users get to the content they enjoy and watch without problems.

Privacy and Security 

Duonao TV is special because it takes user privacy and security very seriously. They do not share your information with others. They keep your data safe by locking it with a code stored on safe computers. People worried about their privacy online choose Duonao TV because they know it is safe.

No Ads 

It lets you watch without any ads or with very few ads. It means you can enjoy your shows and movies without any interruptions. When there are no ads, your viewing won’t be stopped by advertisements trying to sell you things. It gives you a smoother and more enjoyable watching experience.

Family Friendly Content

Duonao TV has shows and movies suitable for everyone in the family. So, moms, dads, kids, and even grandparents can all have fun watching together. It is a great way for families to enjoy their favorite shows and movies together.

Drawbacks of Duonao TV

While Duonao TV offers a convenient way to watch Chinese TV shows and movies, it has some drawbacks to consider:

Limited International Content

Duonao TV mostly has shows and movies in Chinese. It can make it tough for people who speak different languages because there might not be subtitles in their language. Also, some things in the shows might not make sense to people from other cultures.

Missing Popular Shows

It may not include all popular Chinese dramas and movies, especially older or niche titles. People who like different shows might feel like something is missing.

Limited Device Compatibility

Duonao TV might not work on all devices, especially older ones. If someone has an older phone or TV, they might not be able to enjoy the shows and movies on this platform, making it less inclusive.

Limited Language Support

Most of the content and the platform itself are in Chinese. It can be a problem for people who speak other languages because they might not find everything in a language they understand. Having more language options could make it more welcoming for a wider audience.

Content Quality May Vary

The quality of videos on Duonao TV may change from one show to another. Some programs might not look as good as others because of lower resolutions. Viewers might notice a difference in the sharpness and clarity of the videos they watch.

Limited Customer Support

If users run into problems or have questions, getting help might not be easy. Customer support from Duonao TV may be limited, making it challenging for users to find solutions to their issues.

Additionally, the lack of support in English can be a barrier for international users who may struggle to communicate their concerns effectively. A platform needs accessible and responsive customer support to enhance the user experience.

18 Best Alternatives To Duonao TV

Duonao TV is not available in every country because it faces restrictions. Therefore, you must look for alternatives to watch your favorite content. Here is the list of the top 18 alternatives to Duonao TV:

1. OndemandChina


OndemandChina is the best alternative to Duonao TV because it is a platform highly dedicated to Chinese movies and shows. The website categorized its content into separate pages, including Drama, Movie, Kids, Documentary, News, and English Subtitle Collection. 

You can also change the website language to English, Japanese, and Chinese. Another thing that sets it apart is the minimum ad popups, making your streaming experience hassle-free.

Website Link

2. Fmovies


If you want a website where you can find anime, movies, and shows without paying a dime, Fmovies is ideal. This platform has HD content in its library, and you should not care about the payment because Fmovies is free. You can find movies in Action, Romance, Drama, and more genres.  

Fmovies has excellent user feedback, and its popularity proves the quality of the website. It is supported on every device, such as mobile, tablet, computer, and Chromecast. 

Website Link

3. YesMovies

Yesmovies top alternatives

YesMovies is not entirely dedicated to Chinese content, but you can find movies and shows from every country. It has an eye-catching website layout with organized content. The best part of using YesMovies is the availability of details and trailer of the show or movie. It helps you to decide whether to watch it or not. Moreover, most movies are uploaded in HD quality, enhancing your streaming experience.

Website Link

4. BobMovies


BobMovies is another option to switch from Duonao TV. You can find many movies and series from countries such as Japan, the US, the Phillippines, and Mexico. The website of BobMovies is user-friendly and fast-loading. 

It uploads the latest movies within a month of release; you can watch The Nun II in HD print. Furthermore, it has a comment section to discuss your thoughts about the show you watched.

Website Link

5. Solar Movie


Solar Movie is an excellent platform for users who love to watch movies and shows online. The website offers distinct pages for movies, TV shows, and content categorized by country, genre, and release date.

The platform Solar Movie has an extensive content library. You can find movies in several genres, including Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, and more.

Website LInk

6. 123Movies


123Movies provides links to watch free movies and TV shows from several countries. The website works with high-speed internet and gives you a fast-loading experience. It saves you from the hustle of subscription or registration.

The 123Movie’s website has top IMDB content in its library and is dedicated to a separate page. You can also find anything you want to watch using the advanced search bar of 123Movies.

Website Link

7. Watch Series


Watchseries has all your favorite and new releases movies. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to search for your desired movie conveniently. It has 35+ genres for you to enjoy.

Website Link

8. Yoku


One of the best similar websites to Duonao TV is Yoku. It freely shares Japanese, Chinese, and Korean content with users. However, some movies and shows are only available to VIP members, which requires a fee. 

Yoku has many famous shows in its library, such as South Wind Knows, Miss Mystery, and Hidden Love. Besides the eye-catching website, Yoku is also available as a mobile application. 

Website Link

9. WeTV

WeTV is also a website that can replace Duonao TV. The platform has a massive library of content from various countries in several genres. You can watch anime, films, and serials without paying a dime. But, some of the features are only available to subscribers. Additionally, you can change the language of the website with specific options. WeTV is also available as a mobile application.

Website Link

10. PrimeWire


PrimeWire is an online streaming site that can be an ideal alternative to Duonao TV. This platform has been serving users for five years. No app installation or registration is required to access the content on PrimeWire.

If you are concerned about getting any malware by using free streaming websites, Primewire is your solution. It is a mobile-friendly website with multiple options to watch shows and movies. 

Website Link

11. Hulu


Another similar website to Duonao TV is Hulu. You can watch high-quality content on this website, but it is not free.  With a vast library of on-demand content, including original series and live channels, it’s the perfect streaming companion. It is your go-to destination for various movies and TV shows. You can enjoy a free trial to explore the extensive range of options.

Website Link

13. Rainierland

Rainierland Movies

If you are looking for a Duonao alternative that offers content from Thailand, China, and France, Rainierland has got you covered. You can find the latest and classic cult movies on Rainierland’s website. It brings the world of movies to your screen. 

While it does have ads and pop-ups, it offers a variety of films and TV series for those willing to brave through it. Explore various genres, from action to comedy, and prepare for movie night.

Website Link

14. Couchtunerhub


Couchtunerhub is also a movie and shows streaming website. You can find various content, from action thrillers to romance and comedies. Couchtunerhub organized the content for your ease into popular and new releases. You can also find recommendations to watch top-rated content. 

It is a must-visit for movie enthusiasts. Discover direct movie links to your favorite films and TV series for free. Catching up on the latest releases is convenient if you overlook a few ads.

Website Link

15. XMovies8


 XMovies8 is another top choice for streaming movies and TV series. It is responsive design and quick loading times make for a smooth experience. The best thing about this platform is the availability of thousands of movies and series. Additionally, the HD quality will always satisfy you with the experience. The XMovies8 website shows minimal ads so that you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

Website Link

16. VexMovies


If you want a website that offers both Hollywood and Indian content, Vexmovies is right for you. It is your gateway to an extensive collection of films. The user-friendly interface and convenience of finding your beloved movies within seconds make it a standout choice. It has a range of genres, and you will surely find something you love.

Website Link



Movie4K falls last on our list of top 15 alternatives to Duonao TV. However, the quality of this website does not justify its last spot. It offers an uncomplicated structure and easy navigation. You can find movies ranging from web rip to HD quality in various genres. Before watching, check out information like IMDB ratings, cast, director, and more to enhance your viewing experience.

Website Link



LeTV has many TV channels you can watch live, like sports, news, and fun shows. It is good because it has a lot of live channels, especially if you love sports. You can also watch some stuff for free. 

However, it does not have as many on-demand shows as other places. Some people say how you find things on the TV is messy. Even with these things, LeTV is still a good choice if you like watching live TV and sports.

Website Link



Bilibili is a favorite for young people, especially because of its cool anime, gaming content, and user videos. People like it for the special things you can find, and there is a big group feeling with lots of live shows you can join in. 

However, if you want to watch Chinese dramas and movies, there are few. Also, most of the things you do on the site are in Chinese, so it might be difficult if you do not know the language well. Still, Bilibili is the place to go for special content and to be part of a fun community.

Website Link


Duonao is a simple platform to use. It has many different shows and movies for everyone, regardless of age or origin. You can watch on different devices without signing up, making it easy and stress-free.

Duonao’s strong focus on user privacy makes it a more safe site. Moreover, it is available worldwide, so you can easily watch your favorite movie or TV show anywhere without any worries. Duonao TV gives you lots of ways to have fun. 

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