When it comes to streaming movies for free online, Hurawatch is literally all the hype but, you should never be using it without knowing a few very basic things about it; for example, it is illegal.

Yes, you heard it right. One of the biggest free streaming platforms, Hurawatch, is not legal and watching it might get you into trouble. But, keep reading because a lot worse is going to be unleashed in this article.

What Exactly Is Hurawatch?

Hurawatch is a streaming website where you can watch any movie you want for free. This website got viral in 2020, and people knew everyone was streaming movies through this quick and hassle-free website.

The movie collection of this website is also pretty huge because it has more than 10,000 movies available to stream for free, and viewers were all up to avail themselves of one such opportunity as most of the streaming platforms charge an arm and a leg.

The thing that got Hurawatch viral and so famous was that it does not have over the top and frequent ads and also lets you enjoy the movie in high definition. Also, the website has an option of downloading the movie, and you can also avail of that.

It offers you all of the great movies for free that you usually have to pay a lot for, and some streaming websites that charge you don’t even give you the option of download, so; how is this website giving you so many perks for free? Well, because it is not legal.

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Why Exactly Is Hurawatch Illegal?

We have already established that Hurawatch is an illegal website. You should not be streaming movies through it; otherwise, there will be consequences, and some consequences are really severe because it is a severe copyright violation.

This website is illegal mainly because your data and personal information are not safe at all with this, and you are not supposed to be giving away your data by signing in to this website. Yet, most of the people have already signed in, which is not really good news.

Another reason why this website is illegal because it gives you access to pirated movies and does not have the copyright to any of the movies it streams, which not only makes it ethically and morally illegal but also, it is lawfully illegal as well, and you should not be using it at all.

Moreover, this website has faced many copyright strikes and claims over the course of a few years, and even Disney has claimed copyright on this website, which resulted in quite a lot of controversy but, all in all, the Hurawatch website uses pirated content which is not ethical and legal to watch.

Why Is Hurawatch Not Banned Yet?

Usually, the digital copyright act immediately bans the websites that are pirating anything, and they also look into the websites for which they receive a lot of complaints about copyrights and piracy. For online piracy control, the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA) has all the authority to ban or delete any website they consider violating the copyright rules, and it makes the online space much safer and ethical.

But, Hurawatch is still not banned or deleted, and people are wondering why because usually, DMCA is famous for taking quick notice. Also, Hurawatch is doing so many copyright violations that it should have been banned by now.

This website is still running and is in mint condition because it is relatively new. DMCA does not know about it yet, but as this website’s popularity is increasing, they will soon get notice of all the copyright violations Hurawatch is doing. We can expect a lot of banning and deleting then.

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What Would Happen If You Use Hurawatch?

Accessing Hurawatch is a piece of cake, and that is why almost everyone streams movies through this website without knowing that there will be consequences of what they are doing, and those consequences can be pretty harsh at times.

It is strongly prohibited to use websites that have pirated movies or violate the copyrights like Hurawatchbut, if you are still watching movies on such websites, you should not be shocked when you have to pay back for what you have been doing for so long.

People don’t really consider the copyright issue seriously and ignore it most of the time but, you will only be safe from the possible consequences when you are cautious enough about using any of these websites.

If you are found guilty of being involved in any type of distribution of pirated material, then the penalties will expectedly be following:

1. Jail

You will be locked up in jail, and it is the most common penalty for people who are found guilty of using such websites despite knowing about the consequences. You might need to spend 4-5 whole years in jail for copyright violation and distribution, which you obviously don’t want, right?

The company or person who is charging you for copyright can literally demand quite a lot of penalty amount from you, and you are bound to pay that amount. Also, a lawsuit will be filed against you, which also costs a lot in the long run.

3. Fine

Fines are also nightmares for people who accidentally got involved in this whole copyright mess. Fines can be pretty huge for copyright claims, and the amount can even exceed $150,000 at times, and you would never want to go through this just because of streaming a movie through Hurawatch, right?

Best And Safe Alternatives Of Hurawatch

As you cannot watch your favorite movies on Hurawatch, don’t worry because we have got you covered. We are listing the safest of streaming platforms where you can not only stream the movies online but can also rent or buy them; isn’t it great?

1. Anime Planet

This is the website that has a collection of about 45000 anime you will certainly find your favorite one on Anime planet. The website is free and has a great and easy to understand layout that makes this website an absolute fan-favorite.

Also, it is completely legal to watch movies on Anime Planet as it is not pirating any of the anime series.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the most famous and well-known alternative of Hurawatch and everyone loves it mainly because it has a very great collection of anime and secondly because it is completely legal to watch anime movies, series and listen to anime music on Crunchyroll.

Also, Crunchyroll offers multiple packages for its users and you can always get the best one for you but there is also an option of streaming movies for free. Though the collection of free movies is limited, but it still is great. And you can always get premium Crunchyroll account to get full access of their wide collection.

3. Anime Heroes

If you don’t want to spend money and still get access to the most famous anime series, then Anime Heroes is just the right stop for you because not only is this platform free but it also offers anime series that are dubbed in English.

The cherry on top is that it is legal and a lot better than Hurawatch by means of collection and resolution of movies and series. The platform also offers you an option of full HD that is 1080 resolution and that is the best one you can get as it enhances your cinematic experience.

4. Anime Lab

Anime lab is the website that deserves so much of attention because it is a lot similar to Hurawatch by means of its collection and layout but it is completely safe to use and does not support pirated content.

You get to stream multiple movies on this website for free and the good thing is that you can also download this app on your phone or tablet so you can always access your favorite anime movies no matter where you are.

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Streaming free movies is all hunky-dory until you realize that there actually are consequences for that. So, we would highly recommend you refrain from using websites like Hurawatch for movie streaming because they can get you in a lot of trouble.

Also, your data is not really safe with this website, and you should never compromise on privacy so, it is better to simply drop the thought of using Hurawatch for online streaming.