Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch – Complete Overview

Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

Carnival Cruise Line, which is famous for its fun and exciting journeys, is dealing with a specially rare kind of problem. Cruise fans are talking a lot about a recent Carnival Cruise where something unexpected happened, and it’s got everyone hyped up. 

The carnival cruise line website faced a major glitch in the cruise line’s drink packages. The pricing glitch affected the cruise line’s Cheers package and Bottomless Bubble package. This glitch seemed like a pleasant surprise for the cruise passengers, and now everyone is curious about what’s really going on with Carnival’s drink deals. 

In this article, we’ll explore what exactly happened with the drink packages and why it’s creating such a hype among the passengers. So make sure you read it till the very end to uncover the mystery behind this hype!

What Exactly is the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

Carnival cruise drink package glitch is an error that occurred in the website when customers were placing their orders from Friday, August 25 to the early hours of Saturday, August 26, 2023. Those customers who purchased the drink package for their upcoming journey experienced a fault in the charges, resulting in a great amount of discount. 

Instead of being billed the correct amount for the drink package for the entire duration of their trip, they were charged at a per day rate. Let me explain this with actual figures from their official site for easy understanding. Cheers package costs $59.95 per person per day if it is purchased before the journey and in case a passenger purchases it once he’s on the cruise, the same package would cost him $64.95. Note: This package is applicable for people who are 21 years old and above. 

Now lets say, you had purchased the package for a 10-day trip at the given rate of $59.95 per day, the total cost should have been $599.50 (59.95 x 10). However, due to a system glitch, the package was mistakenly priced at $59.95 for the entire trip, resulting in a substantial discount compared to the expected total cost. This means even though the per-day price was right, the total amount in the cart was incorrect due to a calculation error when checking out the cart. 

As for the Bottomless Bubble package, people who bought this deal were only billed for $6.95 per child per day or $9.50 per adult per day instead of being charged $69.5 or $95.0 for the entire 10 day journey respectively. 

Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador Addresses the Pricing Glitch

John Heald, who is the brand ambassador of Carnival Cruise Line, talked about the problem on Facebook on August 27. He said he’ll talk to his coworkers to figure out what went wrong with the website. 

He mentioned that he doesn’t have information about what will happen next but assured everyone that he will share details as soon as he finds out. He said that because of the mistake, the website will remain closed until the glitch is fixed and also apologized because the glitch was causing issues for other people trying to buy things. 

John Heald later stated that people who booked during the glitch will get their money back, and they will also receive a special discount code via email if they want to buy again. 

The details of the discount haven’t been revealed, which means there could be different offers like a percentage reduction, an additional day added to the package, a two-for-one deal, or other types of discounts. However, a significant offer like “buy one day, get the rest of the cruise free” is not expected.

Public’s Reaction to the Carnival Cruise Problem

People have created YouTube videos and Instagram reels where they recorded their screens, showing the official website of Carnival Cruise Line and demonstrating clearly what the glitch did.

Lots of people got really excited thinking the cruise company was giving them a great deal. They quickly bought the package because they saw the price was much lower. Sadly, they soon found out it wasn’t a fantastic offer but a big mistake!

Despite a few angry reactions, the majority of people were understanding because Carnival Cruise usually doesn’t alter the pricing for Cheers.

Here are some comments from people after discovering the glitch:

  • “I am gonna want that code”
  • “Like the discount!!”
  • “Hope the computer glitches again and sends us ALL the discount code!”
  • “Has carnival ever given a discount code before on the drink package? Just wondering what kind of discount we might get”

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The Carnival Cruise drink package glitch changed how people feel – some are excited, some are let down, and some are curious. John Heald, the brand ambassador, is trying to figure out what went wrong with the prices. 

The glitch affected the Cheers and Bottomless Bubble packages, and passengers are waiting to see what John Heald and Carnival Cruise will do to fix it. People recorded their screens and shared videos online, showing what went wrong on Carnival Cruise Line’s website.

I think this situation is like a rare happening in the world of cruise trips. It reminds us that in the adventures of cruises, surprising things can happen, making the journey memorable for everyone on the ship.

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