Environmentally Friendly Items To Add To Your Home

Environmentally Friendly Items To Add To Your Home

In 2023, most people want their homes to be as eco-friendly as possible. It’s not just for clout, either. Having a greener home can add value to it, as well as if you’re conscious about the role that you and your family have relating to protecting the planet. 

It’s also worth noting that having a greener home ups the value of the area you live in as well. Many people who live in homes and have neighbors that have solar panels or other green products on the outside of their home may notice an increase in the value of their own home, as these items represent an investment on behalf of the homeowner that, with trends moving the way they are, are likely to increase in value. So, having some green items can also benefit your neighbors too. 

So, what are the best items to fit in an eco-home in 2023? Here’s a quick guide!

Waste Disposal Unit

How does a garbage disposal unit help the planet? Well, it reduces food waste that may end up in landfill, which, as it breaks down, adds to greenhouse gases. In fact, the gases that are emitted from foods like meat as they breakdown are over 22% more effective at trapping CO2 in the atmosphere, so that’s not good, especially if you have a home that throws away a lot of meat and you don’t have a waste disposal unit.

A waste disposal unit is easy to fit, cheap, and adds value to your home, so if you want a greener property, get one fitted! You’ll need to make sure, of course, that it’s fitted by a trained plumber and that it’s well maintained. Be sure to only put certain foods into it, and make sure it’s kept clean, and that the blades are sharpened regularly. 

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a must-have if you want to have an environmentally friendly home. Simply put, they make electricity with a fraction of the energy needed by conventional methods. In short, they don’t have any outputs that can add to carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases, meaning they are waste free!

Solar panels are designed to last for multiple decades, and on top of that, they’re sought after in homes, as they reduce energy bills in the long-term, meaning they’ll add money to your home’s value, too. 

Just make sure that they are installed by a professional team and that you perform regular maintenance on them to keep them working correctly.

LED-Light Bulbs

LED lights are amazing; they can be charged, they come in a wide range of colors and brightness, and, best of all, they’re great for the planet. Why? Well, they use 80% less energy to brighten a room than traditional lightbulbs, they’re longer lasting, with an average bulb lasting over ten years, meaning fewer replacements are required (so less waste), and they’re free of toxic chemicals like mercury, which was once a common ingredient in the old-fashioned lightbulbs. 

LED lights are also easier to repair, so should they break, they won’t need to be thrown away. LED lights have also been programmed to be used as part of smart homes and have earned the name smart lights. Smart lights can be programmed via your smartphone or your mobile AI assistant, meaning that you can make sure your home is lit up if you’re away or just before you get home. 

Smart Thermometer

A smart thermometer is a great addition to a home for professionals who have busy work schedules, as it allows you to heat up your home before you get in and ensures that the home isn’t being heated when it’s empty (though you may need to revisit this if you have pets!) 

This prevents unwanted heat loss and unused energy from being wasted, thereby saving you money on your bills and also stopping all of that energy from going to waste.

Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Most homes in 2023 have double-glazed windows. So, if you have these, great. If you don’t, it may be worth investing in either double or even triple-glazed options.

These help to keep heat in your home, so in the winter, less energy is lost through heating your home. In the summer, the space between the panes of glass can also act as a space for hot air to become trapped, thus keeping your home cooler too. Also, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, they can prevent noise pollution!

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