Fear And Hunger 2 Masturbation Skills Explained.

Fear And Hunger 2 Masturbation Skills

“Fear & Hunger 2: Termina” is the new game that everyone has been waiting for. It came out on December 9, 2022, and it was made by Miro Haverinen, who created and published it. They say it is a mix of jRPG and Survival Horror, combining fights where you take turns managing your resources.

The sequel keeps the spooky and mind-bending vibes of the first game, giving both old fans and new players something interesting to explore. Whether you are a big fan of Fear & Hunger or just starting, Fear & Hunger 2: Termina is like an open invitation to discover its mysterious world.

This guide is here to help you with important tips and tricks to make playing the game fun and interesting. So, let us dive in!

Fear and Hunger 2 Explained

Fear and Hunger 2 Explained

On December 9, 2022, the gripping sequel to the indie horror RPG Fear & Hunger arrived, Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Miro Haverinen, the creator, carefully crafted this game, mixing jRPG with Survival Horror. Even if you have not played the first one, you can dive straight into this dark adventure.

14 people on a train are forced to play in a twisted event called the Festival of Termina. It is a survival game where only one person can survive. But here is the catch: it is all controlled by the Trickster Moon God, making it even more eerie.

The game unfolds over three days in a place called Prehevil, each with its own events. As time ticks away, characters are up to something, and you can feel the tension rising.

Now, a heads up: Fear & Hunger 2: Termina isn’t for the faint-hearted. It has alcohol and drugs, scenes of self-destructiveness from suicide to self-harm, nudity, and sexual content.

Exploring Abilities of Some Special Characters

Samarie (Radiating Soul)

Meet Samarie, the soul filled with light and unique skills in the mystical world of Termina. One of her special moves is called “Blood Sacrifice.” In this ritual, she lowers her body to just one point while getting closer to Gro-growth, the god of destruction. But be careful; she sacrifices almost all of her body for this.

Now, there is another interesting skill Samarie has called “Masturbation skill.” It might sound surprising, but this act actually helps her connect more with Sylvian, another mystical being. When she does this act of self-love in a ritual circle, it enhances her link with Sylvian. What is even more interesting is that priests in the Vatican use this act in their rituals, sometimes combining it with the blood sacrifice for more power. The cool thing is she can use this skill in the regular world without any specific cost.

Samarie’s abilities add a layer of complexity to the game, making her character more intriguing and bringing a unique twist to Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

Levi (Solitary Soul)

Levi has some cool skills in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. With Gun Proficiency, he gets better at shooting accurately in battles. The Gunslinger skill lets him shoot off enemy limbs on the map, making battles more interesting. 

For overworld enemies, he can use the Executioner skill to finish them off with trenchguns. And if he is using rifles, the Marksmanship skill lets him instantly take down enemies with one shot. These skills make Levi a pro with different guns, giving players some cool moves to try out in the game.

Henryk (Suffocated Soul)

Henryk has some cool abilities. One is Slow Metabolism, which means he gets less hungry when exploring. So he does not need to stop for meals as often. With Melee Proficiency, he gets better at hitting things with melee weapons, making him a tough fighter up close. 

Now, the Masterchef skill is like the icing on the cake. It lets him cook special dishes like Goulash+, Meatpie+, Vegetable Pie+, and Mushroom Stew+. These dishes give him extra boosts in different stats. 

So, Henryk not only helps you survive but also brings a tasty strategy to the game, making him a solid character for your journey through Termina.


The mysterious skill called “Rher” brings forth some fascinating abilities. The first, “Reveal Aura,” lets you see mutated forms of other participants when you check a map. This passive skill needs a burst of energy to work, which is essential for figuring out where your fellow contestants are.

Next is “Mind Read,” an ability that kicks in automatically during conversations in the overworld. This moon magic reveals what others are thinking, giving you a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human interactions.

Then there is the special “Golden Gates,” a precious gift from the Moon God. This passive skill allows you to access unique gates within the Rher dimension, offering an escape from the madness and deceit that shroud the world.

To boost your mental abilities, the final touch is a “+25 Mind Capacity” upgrade. These Rher skills not only add layers to your journey but also create a complex tapestry of abilities, contributing to the rich and enigmatic experience of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

Marcoh (Tainted Soul)

In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Marcoh, the character, uses special abilities to face challenges. With “Bare-Fisted Proficiency,” he is really good at fighting without a weapon. This skill makes his punches more accurate.

To stay safe, Marcoh has “Bob and Weave.” This move helps him dodge attacks for a short time by moving his head and balancing left or right. “Perfect Guard” is another trick Marcoh has. It makes his guarding stronger and stops him from losing body parts when he is on the defensive. This skill shows how Marcoh can stay tough even when things get really tough.

Now, for hitting back, there is “Counter Stance.” It lets Marcoh strike back when enemies attack him. Marcoh’s power grows with “Adrenaline Rush.” The longer the fight goes on, the stronger he gets. 

And then there is “Fast Stance.” This skill shows how quick Marcoh is. It gives him an extra turn between enemy attacks, letting him move faster in battles. These skills together make Marcoh a strong and adaptable fighter in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

Getting Started: Installation and Platforms

To begin your adventure in the mysterious world of Termina, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have installed the game on your chosen platform. Fear & Hunger 2: Termina is available on various platforms, including PC. 

If you are playing on a computer, check that your system meets the game’s requirements for the best experience. Look for any updates or patches to improve your gameplay. For those using consoles or other gaming devices, get familiar with the specific installation process for each. 

Make sure you have enough storage space and a stable internet connection in case there are updates or downloads. Starting smoothly is important for your journey through Termina’s eerie corridors. 

Pick your platform, install it confidently, and get ready to face the unknown horrors in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

Creating Your Character

When you start your adventure, take some time to create a character that fits how you like to play. Think about each skill and attribute, and choose the ones that will help you deal with fear and hunger. 

Try out different combinations to find the perfect character that matches your favorite way to play. Here are a few tips for an even better and more personalized experience:

Mastering Skills

Learn about the different skills and how they can help you. Some skills are good for fighting, while others are for surviving or exploring. Make your character by picking skills that go with how you like to play.

Balancing Attributes

Have a mix of different attributes to make your character good at many things. If you like fighting, focus on physical attributes. If you want to be sneaky or talk your way out of problems, boost your mental attributes. Having a mix helps your character handle different situations.

Choosing Traits

Look at the traits you can pick during character creation. Traits make your character strong in some ways and weak in others. Try different combinations to find a balance that makes your strengths even stronger and covers your weaknesses.


Think about your character’s story. What makes them who they are? Connecting your character’s story with what they go through in Termina makes your role-playing more interesting.


Fear & Hunger 2 wants you to try different things. Do not be scared to experiment. The game is like when you come up with creative and smart ways to build your character. Each time you play, you can try something new.

Your character is how you move through the tough world of Termina. Make a character that not only survives but also makes you feel part of the story and atmosphere in Fear & Hunger 2.

Playing the Game

Fear & Hunger 2 is a mix of turn-based fighting and resource management, blending RPG and Horror. To succeed in Termina, you need to understand how the game works. Making smart choices in battles and exploring wisely is crucial for survival. 

Here is more information to help you out:

Fighting Moves

When you fight, take your time and think about your moves. Different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses. Try out different skills and combinations to find what works best.

Using Resources

Things like items and equipment are limited in Termina, so use them wisely. Think about what you really need and what might help or hurt you. Be careful with your choices.

Exploring the World

Moving around in the Termina needs careful thinking. Watch out for surprises, and pay attention to what is around you. Knowing your environment helps you make smart decisions.

Character Growth

Your character changes as you play. Keep an eye on how they are growing and adapt your strategy. Learn new skills, upgrade old ones, and make your character stronger based on how you like to play.

Solving Puzzles

There are mysteries and puzzles in Termina. Sharpen your thinking to solve them. Look everywhere, study clues, and put together the pieces to move forward.

Understanding these things will make the game more enjoyable and help you succeed in Fear & Hunger 2. 

Survival Tips

In Termina, it is not just about playing the game right; it is about how tough your character is against fear and hunger. You have to watch out for your character’s mental health and make sure they are eating enough. 

It is a spooky place, so you have got to be careful with both. And be ready for some scary moments that make the game more challenging. Every choice you make and how you manage your resources is super important for your character’s journey in this strange world.

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Fear & Hunger 2: Termina is an exciting and mysterious game that takes you on a dark and challenging adventure. Released on December 9, 2022, by Miro Haverinen, this indie horror RPG mixes jRPG and Survival Horror for a unique gaming experience. 

The story happens in Prehevil over three days, where 14 people are forced into a survival event by the Trickster Moon God. It’s intense, with mysteries and serious themes. This guide helps with installing, creating characters, and playing the game. 

Whether you played before or not, Fear & Hunger 2: Termina is ready for you. Explore, try different characters, and have fun in this mysterious adventure. Remember, your choices matter! 

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