The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2–Spoilers And Reviews

Demon Prince Goes To The Academy

Manhwa has been one of the most loved categories of comics because of fantasy stories and unexpected plot twists. But not every Manhwa gains global popularity. Therefore, those who are worldwide famous are considered as the best among all just like “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy.”

The storyline revolved around the reincarnation of a human novel writer as a demon in a fantasy world. However, you can find many other elements in the story, including friendship, family, and love story. 

In this blog, we’ll give you spoilers and reviews of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy chapter 2. By the end of this blog, you will understand the Manhwa’s theme and characters completely. So, stay tuned with me!

Introduction of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Introduction of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

“The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy” is a Manhwa penned by the talented author Geul Jengi S (글쟁이S). This unique story showcases the author’s remarkable imagination and skill. The comic falls under genres like Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, and Romance.

Moreover, the colorful illustrations by the artist Ronopu do justice to the characters and attract more audiences. Fantasy Manhwa must have the best art and visuals to stand out; otherwise, no one will enjoy reading it.

Released in 2021 by the original publisher Titan, this ongoing manhwa has gained popularity across various platforms. With 45 chapters available as of January 2024, fans eagerly await the unfolding climax of the story. 

Main Characters of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Main Characters of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

The manhwa features numerous characters, and all of them are important to the storyline. However, six of them are the most interesting ones:

1. Valier Junior:

  • Former web novel writer reborn as a demon’s son.
  • Self-centered but occasionally helps others.
  • Possesses a “Dreadfiend Ring” for changing appearance.

2. Charlotte De Gardias:

  •  1st Imperial Princess and Royal Class student at the temple.
  •   Has a charming personality and golden eyes.

3. Dyrus:

  •  Introduced in chapter 3 as a knight.
  •  Lieutenant and Platoon leader of the 11th Squadron’s 3rd Platoon.

4. Ludwig:

  •    Royal Class student with a hot-tempered personality.
  •    Known for slow but powerful ranged attacks.

5. Ellen Artorius:

  •  Sister of Artorius, the hero who defeated the demon king.
  •  Fears the demon king’s reincarnation and the expectations it brings.

6. Bertus:

  • Imperial prince aspiring to become a king.
  • He is willing to go to extremes, even against his sister, for his ambitions.

Synopsis of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Synopsis of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

In “The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy,” the protagonist experiences an unusual fate. After unexpectedly dying while reading hate comments on his novel, he encounters a Grim Reaper who deems his bad writing a sin. To atone and secure a spot in heaven, he must survive beyond the novel’s ending.

The protagonist finds himself within the storyline of “The Demon King is Dead,” inhabiting the character of the Demon Prince. However, this character lacks combat abilities and faces an early demise in the story. Frustrated by his predicament, the protagonist navigates challenges to rewrite the fate.

Recap of Previous Chapter–The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy

Before reading the spoilers of chapter 2 of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy,” you must know what happened in the first chapter. So, here is the recap for you:

The World After the Demon War

The story begins with a war between humans and demons. The hero, Artorius, defeats the great demon king, Valier, bringing peace to the world. After that, humans created an academy called “The Special Educational Institute” to nurture new talents in future generations.

A Novel Within a Manga

In a surprising twist in the first chapter, the manga discloses that the demon war story was actually a novel written by the protagonist. The main character, a web novel writer, meets a tragic end due to hate comments about his work, leading to raised blood pressure and a fatal heart attack.

Deal with the Grim Reaper

After the protagonist dies, Grim Reaper Kim shows up with a contract for redemption. The protagonist discovers that everyone needs to make amends after death, and his sins include quitting multiple serializations and writing stories with bad continuity.

Atonement Through Rebirth

If the protagonist wants to make amends, he must pick one of his finished novels and get reborn as a character from it. He has to survive till the end. Even though he’s worried about sad endings, he chooses “The Demon King is Dead” because it mixes everyday life with exciting fantasy. Grim Reaper Kim agrees, and the protagonist wakes up as “Valier Junior,” facing challenges to earn points on a status window.

Reborn as Valier Junior

The main character, wearing horns and stylish clothes, understands he needs to leave the demon castle and stay alive to complete his mission. It marks the beginning of his new life.

Spoilers of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy–Chapter 2

Here are the important and thrilling moments of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2:

Surviving The Castle Attack

Valier is in trouble as humans attack the castle. Being the demon’s son makes him a target, and he needs to stay alive. He thinks about the original story of the novel and realizes that the only way to survive the attack is to come out of the castle because it will fall after human attack.

Thinking of Ways to Stay Alive

In the chaos, Valier tries to think of ways to survive. He looks for secret passages but can’t remember anything. He checks a warehouse for something useful but only finds junk.

Finding a Magic Scroll

In his search, Valier finds a book called the “Magic Scroll” with spells anyone can use. He tries a teleportation spell, which doesn’t work, but then attempts a “Camouflage” spell to change his appearance.

Becoming a Human Prisoner

Now looking like a human, Valier plans to go to the human prison and hopes the imperial army will save him. He enters a room with blood and corpses but also finds a scared girl. She seems terrified of the situation. At first, Valier thinks she is also a demon, but that’s not true.

Talking to the Scared Girl

Valier talks to the girl, promises help, and gives her a snack. The royals arrive, calling her “Your Imperial Highness.” He realizes that this girl is a human princess. Valier finishes his first mission, setting the stage for more challenges.

What Is Next In The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy?

Season 1 of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy” ended in chapter 43. I will not give you its spoilers because it can ruin your experience. However, let’s explore the beginning of season 2, which starts in chapter 45. Here are some major events you should know:

Duel Drama: Clash of Swords

In the middle of a talk between Ellan and the Imperial Princess, things got intense, leading to a small argument. To turn the tide in the duel, Reinhardt used his skills and points to make Mayarton’s sword break in the next strike.


Struggling in the fight, Reinhardt had an epiphany. He discovered autosuggestion—giving himself a mental pep talk and truly believing it. With newfound confidence, Ellen convinced himself he’d win the battle.

Cracking the Power Barrier

As Reinhardt claimed victory, the power barrier he faced began to crack. He attacked Mayarton with determination, leaving the duel’s outcome hanging. While dueling, Reinhardt also had to focus on his studies. Despite seeming unimportant, good grades were crucial for the competition, adding another layer to Reinhardt’s challenges.

Temple Professors’ Roles 

Surprisingly, Mr. Mustrang and the magical power teacher were Temple professors living at the temple and resisting manipulation. The Emperor gave the green light to the deception about the magical ability, allowing entry due to the perceived superhuman skills.

Sarkegaar’s Worries and Financial Focus

There’s a risk of danger as conflicts could harm Ellen and the Rotary Gang. Careful handling is crucial to prevent disastrous consequences. Concerns about Bertus’s attention and the importance of money have emerged. Sarkegaar is especially worried about the financial role of the Rotary Gang. Unexpectedly, the princess became a problem, unaware of the potential consequences. Her cluelessness about finding herself added a twist to the unfolding events.

Reviews of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy

Fans Response

Fans absolutely love “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy,” and it’s easy to see why! The excitement doesn’t stop there; Reddit is buzzing with discussions and theories about the manhwa.

Visuals of Manhwa

The illustrations in the manhwa present realistic expressions and reactions, making it easier for readers to connect with the characters. In comics, art and visuals are crucial for success; if readers don’t enjoy the artwork, they might not stay engaged with the story. Thankfully, everyone is appreciating the art of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy.” 

Views And Ratings

It has a fantastic 4.8-star rating on Harimanga and other sites, and the series has struck a chord with readers. Plus, it has an impressive 16 million viewers on Manganelo, showcasing its widespread popularity. The simple truth is this series has captivated a large audience, and people can’t get enough of its engaging story and characters.

Theme And Symbolism of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

“The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy” explores different ideas and symbols to make the story more interesting:

Second Chances:

The main character, Valier Junior, gets a second chance at making things right. The story focuses on his journey to fix past mistakes.

Changing Looks:

Valier’s “Dreadfiend Ring” lets him change how he looks. It shows how people can transform and be different from what you see.

Royalty and Ambition:

Characters like Charlotte and Bertus represent themes of being royal and wanting power. It shows the pressures of being in charge and how far some will go to get what they want.

Facing Fears:

Ellen, afraid of the demon king’s return, deals with fears and what others expect from her. This mirrors the pressures many people feel in real life.

Teamwork and Friendship:

Characters like Dyrus and Ludwig highlight the importance of working together. The story emphasizes that strength comes from unity.

Family Ties:

The relationship between Ellen and Artorius explores themes of family and how it influences choices. The family theme relates to the readers more with the storyline.

Ambition’s Consequences:

Bertus’s ambition and actions show the darker side of wanting power and what it might cost. The fight for power in the royal family and Bertus’s goals highlight how delicate power balances can be.

School Challenges:

The academy setting introduces challenges in learning and dealing with others. Valier must balance personal growth and what society expects from him.

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