Warlock Spells 5e: Complete Detail (Top 9 Level) Updated 2022.

Warlock Spells 5e

The Warlock Spells 5e is one of the most powerful spell casters in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e). They depend on the powers of their patrons, pacts, and invocations, as well as their specific method of casting spells. In contrast with other spell casters, warlocks have very few Pact Magic slots that refresh every short rest.

Due to the limited number of spells a Warlock can choose from, they should carefully consider their choices. I lean toward versatility even when designing Warlock characters due to my preference for spellcasters.

Proficiencies for Starting

Along with any Proficiencies provided by your race or background, you are proficient with the following items.

Protective armor: Light armor

  • Easy-to-use weapons
  • There is no tool available
  • Casting throws: Wisdom, Charisma
  • Select two Skills from Arcana: Deception, History, Intimidation, Investigation, Nature, and Religion.

Equipment for starting

Additional to your background equipment, you are given the following equipment:

  • A light crossbow with 20 bolts, a simple weapon
  • An elemental pouch or an arcane focus
  • You can choose a Scholar’s Pack or a Dungeoneer’s Pack
  • Any simple weapon, Leather Armor, and two daggers

Among the most exciting and powerful spellcaster classes in Dungeons & Dragons are warlocks. There are several powerful spells at their disposal. Among Dungeons & Dragons’ primary spellcasting classes, Warlock Spells 5e has access to one of the most extensive spell lists. In spite of Warlocks’ pact-driven magical abilities, they share many of their spells with Druids, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

1. Warlock Spells 5e known at 1st level and higher

You know two Warlock spells 5e from the list of 1st-level spells at 1st level. With every Warlock level, you are taught a new spell, up to and including level 19. In the slot level column of the table, you must choose a spell of a level not higher than your level. For example, you can learn a first, second, or third-level warlock spell 5e when you reach the 6th level.

Casting spells

Spells that mention your Spellcasting ability use Charisma, so whenever you use the Charisma ability in a spell, you also use your Charisma. Similarly, if you cast a Warlock spell and make an Attack roll with one, the DC for saving throws is determined by your Charisma modifier. You can use a Warlock Spells 5e casting focus as an arcane focus.

Level 1 Spells

The armor of Agathis

The Warlock’s answer to mage armor. It can both absorb and dish out damage. The higher the spell slot level, the more health and damage you deal, so it remains a critical tool in your arsenal.

The Hexi

It’s efficient since it’s possible to pass the spell between enemies during your killing spree. It is even better to be able to focus on an enemy quickly.

Good and Evil protection

You can defend yourself pretty well by giving the enemy a disadvantage on attacks. Additionally, the list of enemy types includes many monsters as well.

Wizard Bolt

The sheer value of being able to squeeze a few turns of additional damage out of one spell slot is amazing at low levels. You’ll need to replace it later if it does not scale well. When you reach the 2nd Level (Warlock Spells), you also get to select a Pact Boon, which allows you to select more spell options.

2. Warlock Spells of the second level

The Darkness

Combined with the Devil’s Sight Invocation (which allows you to see in magical darkness), this is an excellent escape plan, but your enemies will be blinded from your sight. A great way to ambush but requires a little effort.

The person holding the position

Defeats the enemy by simply disabling him. It would help if you only used it for something really scary, though, since it requires concentration. The game’s efficiency increases dramatically as you hold multiple enemies in your hand.

The invisibility

Do you have enemies around you? Do you feel compelled to attend an uncomfortable dinner party? Go invisible and disappear—the kind of information that will always be helpful.

It was a misty step.

There are many opportunities for extra movement, repositioning, and escaping crowds. A spell that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Being able to teleport is always convenient.

Climb the spider

It’s a poor man’s fly. As you get up, you are no longer in melee range.

Here’s a suggestion

The mind-control commands are good for simple tasks. While you won’t be killing anything with this spell, it can be extremely beneficial outside combat.

3. Spells of the third level

The word counterspell

A one-stop-shop for sabotaging villains’ plans. An ally may kill an enemy or teleport away, so preventing them from doing this is important. You can’t use it arbitrarily since you only have a limited number of spell slots. In an emergency, you can carry this around with you or let a fellow party member use it.


This is an excellent utility spell, but you can only target three people at most. If you can, let another spellcaster take care of this.

A Hunger for Hadar

Although there is not much damage in the area of effect, the radius is immense, and anyone caught in it will be slow. Due to this, enemies can get trapped and suffer damage multiple times, along with being blinded.

Pattern of Hypnosis

Take out large numbers of enemies by using this strategy.

Fortress of Intellect

This tactic can shore up a lot of their weaknesses by sticking it on a weaker ally. Still, Warlock Spells 5e aren’t here as support, so stop thinking about this spell before you learn it.


Within sight, you have an unlimited teleport range! It is important to have an ally by your side as well. Several targets are likely to be hit by this damage. Be aware that the thunderclap will also harm allies.

Touch of the Vampire

A spell-like can be executed several times in the same spell slot, so it’s possible to use it multiple times. Due to this requirement of wading into melee, the heal for half damage is quite substantial.

4. Spells of the 4th level


The only save-or-suck spell worth it for Warlocks. If you banish the biggest threat, you can mop up the rest and reposition so that many battles will be much easier.

The Shadow of Moils

By cloaking you in magical darkness, your DM will give enemies the disadvantage of hitting you. Defending yourself means smacking them with your fist if they hit.

The sickening radiance

Is there damage? Is there a disadvantage to ability checks? Invisibility negated? Having all of these fine effects available to you and imposing them onto multiple targets is the better option.

Aberration of Summon

You choose the form that the aberration takes, which makes it surprisingly reliable as a summon spell. Aside from that, the spell is not subject to loss of control, and it scales upwards as well.

Greater Demon summoned

It’s easy to summon many big, nasty demons, but it’s easy to lose control of them. In that case, your party may be able to hide within the summoning circle, although having a minion disobey you has its risks.

5. Spells of the 5th level


Witch bolts are better. In that case, dealing with the recurring damage eats up your action time, but one spell slot gives you a lot.

A Far-Reaching Step

Since Warlock Spell 5e doesn’t use their bonus action much, zipping around every turn for free makes you harder to hit and allows you to hit anything on the battlefield.

Hold on to the monster.

Your party probably won’t be fighting many humanoids at this level, allowing the hold person to be more beneficial. You will soon have to face dragons and aberrations.

Static synaptic connections

Damages everything hit with a massive area-of-effect that imposes penalties as well. The crowd was controlled extremely well.

Light Wall

Blow up some stuff, block some stuff, and blind everything else. All of these things are covered in this spell, and they are done quite well.

6. The sixth level of spells

Death’s Circle

In Warlock Spells 5e, with a large radius and great damage, this is a powerful area of effect. It quickly kills anything in its path.

Fey Conjure

Several fey creatures offer valuable effects, even if their damage output isn’t great. That’s too bad if you lose your focus, they turn against you.

A website

There are many positive effects. Take your time and target only one opponent every turn.

Message to the Masses

Despite a few people passing the save, the value of this is very high. It’s an effective way to alleviate whether you’re in court to get off that murder charge or on a battlefield.

Prison for the mentally ill

Deals a large amount of damage, even if the target passes their save, and if they fail it, they are essentially locked out of the fight.

7. Spells of the 7th level

An Unbreakable Crown

With non-concentration, you can pelt your enemies with stars while keeping them under your control. It only takes one bonus action to use one of these, and each deals good damage.

The finger of death

If the target fails the save, it receives 37 damage at a minimum, and it gets worse from there. It is easy to target one target with just the snap of your fingers.

Force cage

Don’t think about your problems! Stick them all in a box and let them go! In addition to its ability to clear a crowd of enemies from a fight, this spell has no saved to avoid it.

A plane shifts

In either case, moving between planes is a good escape strategy or good transit. In addition to this, it is very useful to use this offensively to ensure you will never have to face an enemy ever again. Spell effects can become more complex at higher levels. To gain quick access to spell descriptions, Dnd5e.wikidot offers a reference list of Warlock spells 5e here. 

8. Level 8 Spells

The Horrid Wilting of Abi-Dalzim

Weak grunts are the best candidates for this crowd-control spell. Because the save is Constitution, many targets that fail will have lower health and may be killed.

Monster that dominates

ICBMs are to spud guns what dominant monsters are to friends. In a battle, why not make the enemy your pet instead of neutral? In addition, unless the monster is damaged, you can break the spell only with a Wisdom save, so you shouldn’t lose control.


An insignificant amount of damage has big consequences. When used on a spellcaster, this utterly destroys it, and even if used on a nonmagical target, it transforms them into a mindless beast. You can easily decommission evil mages by combining that with a 30-day timer between saving throws to break the effect.


Social encounters are the most powerful spell. Almost all Charisma checks for an hour will result in a result of 20 or higher because you will already have a high Charisma bonus. Consider carefully whether your 8th-level spell should be a pure social buff.

The darkening of the night

Coverage is provided over a wide area, the line of sight is blocked, and the damage is significant. When locked in a room and cannot escape, this spell can incapacitate a crowd.

9. Spells of the 9th Level

Seeing the future

Warlocks might not seem suited to buff abilities, but a spellcaster should consider learning one since it is so useful. Advantages of doing anything and disadvantages of being hit. It’s also useful outside of a fight, just because it’s obscene in a fight.

Work power kills

Ending a battle quickly and cleanly. If you want to finish this boss fight, inflict a beatdown on the boss.

Psychotic Scream

With damage this high, you can easily clear an entire room when the range is only limited by line of sight. It’s stunning when something does not die, which makes it debilitating enough to defeat over a turn.

Polymorphic True

This is a rather extreme method of changing your hair color. There is no limit to what you can do with this spell. The tip of the iceberg is turning into a planetary. Create a statue out of a dragon, a Kraken out of a ship, and an acidic ooze from the floor. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.

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