How do you organize a messy drawer?

A messy drawer is frustrating and makes it difficult to find items. Aside from that, a messy drawer creates the impression that you are not organized. The disadvantages of a messy drawer are enormous, but you can start all over with the simple tips outlined here. 

Start all over

Remove everything from the drawer and keep it in an open place. In other words, keep everything you take out of the drawer on a flat surface, preferably the floor. Emptying the drawer will allow you to see all the contents in it clearly. That way, you can search out all the contents of the drawer individually and remove any debris or sticky objects you may find.

Dispose of the trash

Clearly, any junk drawer often has its fair share of trash. As you remove the drawer’s contents, you would realize that some items need to be tossed in the trash. Check for items that you will no longer use. However, if you find contents in the drawer that may be useful, keep them in a separate area.

Arrange useful items

After you have removed the trash from the drawer, then you need to start sorting. No to mention, keep the items in the drawer in categories. In other words, divide the content into piles. For instance, you can arrange them in categories such as writing utensils, office supplies, electrical items, etc. Don’t forget that the aim of arranging your messy drawer is to ensure all the contents are placed properly.

Assign storage solution

Now it’s time to select the storage solution that best suits the contents you have arranged. You could also add a drawer extension if the contents you removed from the drawer didn’t enter it correctly. Also, you may notice that some categories of the drawer are half empty. Therefore, you need to place the lesser items in the smaller drawer. Then for miscellaneous items like plastics, zip, etc., you place them in a jar instead.

Refill you drawer

Place all the items in the drawer dividers as sorted out. You need to arrange the things thoughtfully and allow some space. Don’t fill any drawer with more than it can take. However, if you discover that your drawer can’t take all the contents, then you need another drawer.

A manufacturer can add an extension instead of buying another one. It may require adding a few cabinets and drawer slides, and you are good to go. Meanwhile, if one drawer is empty, you don’t have to fill it up if there is no reason to. 

How to prevent your drawer from becoming messy

You don’t have to allow your drawer to become messy before you arrange it. If you want your drawer to be tidy always, do the following:

Keep content in their place

When you remove an item from the drawer, put it back after using it. Many people take contents from the drawer and forget to keep them back in their place. If you can’t take out a special day to arrange all the content you took out from the drawer, then keep them back as soon as you are done with it.

Create time to sort items

You may notice that new contents may be added to the drawer as time passes. After some time, some old items may become irrelevant. Take out time to sort unwanted or irrelevant items out. 

Make bigger drawer

Making a bigger drawer may not seem like a tip, but it will be helpful if you do so. Creating a bigger drawer will provide more room to keep items. Leave one cabinet to keep miscellaneous items in the new drawer. 

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No one likes a messy drawer. It makes finding your content difficult. Therefore, it will take more time to find items in your drawer. In addition, you could get a new drawer, but before you do, make sure you evaluate the size of the content you have. Finally, if you want a customized drawer, make sure the materials used by the manufacturer are top-notch. Ensure that the drawer runner and other components are strong if you want it to carry heavy loads too.

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