The Best Dishes for Breakfast


The first meal of the day is breakfast, this is what energizes us for the whole day. Very often people have breakfast with fatty or improper food because they know that there may not be time for a normal lunch. This is not right at all!A good proper breakfast will help to start the metabolism, give you the necessary trace elements and even cheer you up. But if breakfast is still far away, and there is no mood, then play the roulette online.And we will start our list of the most healthy breakfast dishes.


Refresh yourself with porridge in the morning is ideal. Moreover, not only oatmeal is perfect for breakfast, but also buckwheat, pearl barley, etc. Why don’t all girls like to eat porridge? It’s very simple, they don’t know how to cook them properly, healthy and delicious. Of course, eating unsweetened/unsalted oatmeal on water is not fun at all. But you don’t have to do that either. Learn to experiment.

For example, you can cook oatmeal in water, salt it a little and sprinkle the dish with pumpkin seeds. Such porridge should be served without butter. A filet of pickled salmon is perfect for salted oatmeal.Method of cooking fish: take a piece of fresh salmon (100 g) and cut it into cubes. Put the fish in a bowl, sprinkle it with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and add thyme. Let the filet marinate for half an hour. Porridge for breakfast can be eaten sweet. However, do not use sugar, only honey or jam.

Protein and Dairy Products

Experts say that breakfast should consist of only half of the carbohydrates. The remaining 50% fall on proteins (40%) and fats (10%). The latter can be obtained from nuts. So, it turns out that meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs (no more than two a day and six a week), kefir, cheese, and fish are ideal for breakfast.Eating a little cottage cheese or yogurt in the morning, in addition to the main dish, is what your body needs.

Some experts do not agree that you should eat meat in the morning since most of the secretion of food juices falls in the afternoon. They advise postponing meat dishes for lunch, and in the morning to give preference to those protein products that are easier to digest. But still, many nutritionists advise eating meat products in the morning – sources of vigor, vitamins, and amino acids.

Only it is necessary to cook breakfast from low-fat meats: rabbit, beef, veal, and chicken. In this case, the meat should be boiled or steamed. It is believed that such dishes prevent the occurrence of stress and obesity.

Vegetables, Fruits, and Berries

Vegetables are very often stewed and served with meat dishes. They are often crumbled into an omelet, or cut into a salad. In the morning, the body reacts well to sweet peppers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and carrots.If vegetables are mainly served as a side dish or as a salad, then fruits and berries can be added to cereals, muesli, cottage cheese, and yogurt or eaten separately.

They also make salads, smoothies, etc. For breakfast, it is best to choose apples, bananas, avocados, or grapefruit from fruits, blueberries, lingonberries, and cranberries from berries.

For breakfast, you can even eat sandwiches (black bread, cheese) and rye pancakes with minced meat. But semi-finished products, smoked meats, and fried and fatty foods should be abandoned.


Half an hour before breakfast, it is best to drink a glass of plain water, which will start your metabolism and prepare your body for eating. In the morning, you should give up drinking sodas, energy drinks, and everything that has a lot of sugar and impurities in its composition.It would be ideal to drink a cup of coffee with one sugar cube and milk or strong tea.

A glass of milk will also be very useful to your body and can replace the use of yogurt or cottage cheese. Also, do not drink vitamins or water with lemon on a hungry stomach, it can cause irritation and even ulcers.

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We hope this article was useful to you and you will bring something new to your breakfast. Breakfast is what makes us healthy, and helps us lose weight or gain weight.

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