How old is Lanie Gardner? Need To Know Everything 2024

How old is Lanie Gardner

Lanie Gardner is a famous social media star, TikToker, lyricist, singer, and music composer. She is mostly famous for her vocal talent as she used to sing very beautiful songs. However, on the other side, she is also known for uploading dancing, singing, and lip-syncing videos.

The most famous song which took her to the peak of fame is “Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.” At a very young age, she was known as a famous personality for her talent.

Everyone wants to know about her future goals, career, network, and life. This is the main reason; we will discuss everything about her in this post. We will also talk about how old is Lanie Gardner.

Lanie Gardner Profile

Lanie Gardner Profile
  • Full name: Lanie Gardner
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1999
  • Age: 24 years
  • Gender: Female 
  • Place of birth: Burnsville, North Carolina, United States
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity: white
  • Sexuality: straight
  • Current residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Height in feet: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Height in centimeters: 165 cm
  • Weight in pounds: 114 pounds
  • Weight in kilograms: 52 kg
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Father: Rodger Gardner
  • Mother: Ashley Gardner
  • Relationship status: single
  • Siblings: 3
  • Profession: singer entrepreneur, YouTuber, TikToker
  • Net worth: 2 million dollars
  • TikTok: @whoislanie
  • Instagram: @whoislanie
  • Facebook: Lanie Gardner

Who is Lanie Gardner?

Lanie Gardner is a very popular and adorable American singer, songwriter, and YouTuber. She gained popularity as a result of her melodious voice. Her followers and fans now rate her as one of the best world-class singers.

She was born in Carolina, in the United States. Her date of birth was 18 July 1999, and her zodiac sign is cancer. However, by religion, she is a Christian. Talking about her family, her mother’s name is Ashley Gardener, and her father’s name is Rodger Gardner. 

Her mother is a housewife, whereas her father is a businessman. There are six members in her family. She has four siblings, three sisters and one brother. She started getting fame when she was very young. 

This is the main reason she made a mark in the entertainment industry. Normally, in the start, her interest was in music. You will be surprised to know that she started singing at Age 4. 

This is why she got attention in many countries, reaching millions of people across the world. According to research, her YouTube videos have gotten so many reactions that many people appreciated her voice. They also said that her career looks promising.

How old is Lanie Gardner?

Lanie Gardner was born on 18 July 1999 in Burnsville, North Carolina, United States. As of 2024, she is 24 years old. She belongs to the white caucasian ethnicity and is an American by nationality. On the other side, she has three siblings, and the names of her siblings are Austin Aleigha and Brooke Gardner.

Music is in her family, passed on to her through her grandfather. Keep in mind that her grandfather was an artist. You will be surprised to know that she started songwriting at only 12 and started her career at 4.

Lanie Gardner education

First, Lanie completed her primary education in Carolina at Mountain Heritage School. However, on the other side, she graduated from a Middle State University in the United States. 

The astonishing thing about her is that her grandfather was also a musician named JD Gardner. Remember that the Mountain Heritage School is in her hometown, where she completed her primary education. 

However she was not a very bright student, but she knew how to manage her studies alongside her music. Here, we are talking about her hobbies. Her favorite hobby is volleyball.

Appearing as a social media star, 

Lanie Gardner started her YouTube career by making a channel in 2016. She started posting her videos on her channel. She has also started uploading short videos on TikTok. She was noticed singing through the cover songs that she sang. 

She has a great talent for singing, which is why her songs got millions of views. The most famous song which gained huge attention from her fans is “Fleetwood Mac.” Many people also said that her voice resembles the singer named Stevie Nicks. 

After the popularity of this song on social media, the Jonas Brothers wanted her to join the management contract with Jonas Group Entertainment. However, on the other hand, she also got a record deal with Republic Records. 

The third offer was from David Guetta, who said she is a great singer. She wanted her to sing the song with him. On the whole, she got great milestones after being discovered as a social media star.

Career of Lanie Gardner

Music was already the only career Lanie Gardner had dreamed of. That was the only thing she pursued while studying in school. Her involvement in music at a young age helped her build a strong base, contributing to her great success.

Initially, she was looking for a platform to showcase her talent. She turned her sleeping room into a multipurpose room where she set up her recording studio. Her YouTube career started on 5 January 2016, and she uploaded her first cover the same day, dubbed Stay by Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko. 

She also uploaded another cover titled “Realized by Colbie Caillat.” So she always wanted to achieve her objectives, so she practiced her songs day and night to get the best out of it. It looks from her efforts that music is her only passion. 

She also started practicing at the age of 4. After hearing about it from her parents, she also made a solid foundation for future success. The good thing is that she did not stop; she tried harder until she decided to enter the Internet world. 

Talking about her career, she chose some of the best social media networking sites. Another astonishing thing about Lanie Gardner is that she converted her bedroom into a multipurpose area. This is why she set up her recording studio, where she first began creating video music content. 

Initially, she was not very popular, but she had the most popular songs after singing. Then, she started getting recognized. She remained consistent throughout her career and is now a very strong and vigilant singer. 

After many months of hard work, she quickly gained so much popularity. She started her YouTube channel on 5 January 2016. According to many news sources, she debuted with her cover for Stay by Rihanna Feat Micky Ekko. After that, many artists, including Charlie Puth, Lukas Graham, and Sam Smith, contacted her. 

She has been a huge star since she was only four years old. On the other hand, she also posted many video recordings about traveling, experiences, and photographs. You will be surprised to know that she has more than 251k followers on YouTube, whereas her YouTube videos are only 20.

Networth of Lanie Gardner

Through her singing career and social media profiles, she is getting a great amount from her singing career. According to a report, her network is worth 2 million dollars. She is a very humble girl who likes spending her money on shopping for brands and charity houses.

Lanie Gardner boyfriend

At present, Lanie Gardner is single and not married. On the other hand, we did not see her with anyone to date. So, there are no rumors that she has a relationship with anyone. So, she does not have a boyfriend and is currently focusing on her career.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How old was Lanie Gardner when she started singing?

Lanie has a great passion for music, which her grandfather passed down. She always had a dream to become an artist. This is the main reason she started singing at age 4. She also started writing songs by the age of 12 years.

How much does Lanie Gardner make?

According to the latest news, as of 2024, her net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. This earning comes from different accounts and sources, such as live performances, brand endorsements, music sales, and social media partnerships.

How did Lanie Gardner get famous?

Lanie started posting her singing videos on TikTok and YouTube in 2016. These were the famous songs that she used to sing. The songs were liked and all came up with half a million views. Her Fleetwood Mac’s soulful hit Dreams got the world’s attention when the song was uploaded and went viral. After this, she became popular at the global level.

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Lanie Gardner is a popular singer, YouTuber, TikToker, and social media influencer. She got prominence through her talent for singing. Although she was not signed to any label or company, she is still known worldwide through her beautiful vocal voice and songs. She is an amazing singer and gained popularity with her singing talent, winning many hearts daily. So she is full of talent, working hard while facing many ups and downs in her life. She never steps back and continues her struggle every day.

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