How to establish powerful connections with consumers in 2023

establish powerful connections

The most successful brands today are those that manage to establish an emotional connection with their consumers, creating a new kind of relationship forged in the emotion of sharing, but also in the pleasure of mutual discovery.

For some years now, these effects can also be achieved thanks to social media, these new online channels of communication, which have now become an integral part of everyday life for many people and companies around the world.

In a way, thanks to social media, many brands have opened their eyes for the first time, casting their gaze beyond their own (limited) horizons and discovering new, almost unknown worlds, capable of overturning their approach to their daily work in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, the audience of one’s audience has expanded enormously, embracing people on the other side of the world and individuals who speak a different language from that spoken by the company’s management.

These new digital tools have also made possible a substantial change in the communicative messages, languages and contents usually used by companies in their dialogue with their consumers, giving rise to a new kind of approach based on the emotional involvement of recipients, on the sharing of certain feelings, and on the clear expression of a brand’s values and mission, including through videos, memes, posts and photographs published on corporate social media.

Deeper engagement

User engagement on social media can only be achieved with high-quality content. Creating this kind of content does not mean choosing the best photo, the most impactful phrase or the most emotional video, but being able to capture the mood of the audience – even at certain moments in time – and offer them content that meets their needs, providing them with what they need at the moment they need it most.

In this sense, every social media post can become a source of comfort or inspiration for many people, and also a sort of handhold to hold on to in times of difficulty. A sentence or photograph casually read on social media can completely change a person’s day, setting a radically different tone than before.

With a bit of luck, and a careful study of historical contingencies, current events and people’s expectations, a brand can succeed in creating extremely effective content that can emotionally engage a large number of users, thus transforming them into passionate followers and perhaps even potential customers.

The example of KFC

Among the brands that have been able to apply this strategy effectively in recent times is KFC Thailand, which over the last three years has managed to establish extremely intense emotional connections with the entire Thai public, even during the most difficult times due to the health emergency.

The marketing campaigns launched in recent years, such as those centred on home cooking tutorials, have been carried out precisely to get emotionally closer to the Thai public in a time of great difficulty, involving them more and more in the brand’s activities and thus conveying its closeness to them.

The result of these efforts was truly remarkable, as it resulted in strengthening the already existing relationship between the company and consumers in Thailand, taking it to a much higher level. The emotional connection that is established in these circumstances, between a brand and its stakeholders, is destined to last for a very long time, precisely because of the enormously difficult conditions in which it was born.

Thanks to quality content, every company has the opportunity to strengthen its special relationship with its audience on a daily basis, always offering them meaningful content that can excite and entertain any consumer.

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