The History of Online Casinos: How Internet Gambling Has Changed Over the Years

Online Casinos

Whenever you’re considering trying out an activity, it helps to have some context around it. Online casinos might be no different. While they offer a digitized experience of something that you might already be familiar with through physical visits to betting halls, arcades, bars, or land-based casinos, the actual act of engaging with them might prove to be quite different than you expect if you’re coming from the latter.The history of these establishments, then, might be of interest to you in how it similarly differs and how the conception of online casinos has only been made possible through the emerging technologies and industries associated with smartphones – and maybe even gaming in some circumstances.

Where It Started

The emerging force of the internet was a difficult thing to ignore for many industries and companies, and for those in the gambling business, it seemed like a natural fit to make it more accessible to a wide variety of people. On the grand internet timeline, most people cite the origin of online casinos as occurring in the 1990s, showing the keenness of relevant parties to get that connection off the ground.Shortly prior to this, seeing the changing tides and the way that the internet could open up the gambling industry, laws were passed pertaining to gambling in online spaces, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a persistent and highly-discussed activity in the legal sense.

Legality and Location

The matter of legality is difficult to answer as it’s tied to the fact that it depends on which location you’re talking about. However, when it comes to the internet, much of what’s accessible in that space is the same or similar across different parts of the world. This can sometimes make knowing what’s okay somewhere when it comes to gambling and what’s not somewhere else difficult to comprehend.For example, while some research might tell you that online gambling is illegal in the US, this isn’t as opaque as it initially suggests. In fact, online gambling in the USA is regulated by each state, meaning that in order to check if it’s legal in your area, you’d have to see which states permit it and which don’t before then finding a legal online casino in the US with which to play casino games and start placing bets.

Fortunately for casino fans, gambling online is legal for the most part – the only variable tends to be the legal gambling age, which is set at age 18 in some states and 21 in others. As such, before diving into having fun and playing casino classics on the internet – such as video poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack, to name but a few popular favorites – it’s important to check your state’s legal gambling age first.

The Game Has Changed

While once upon a time, around when online gambling was first conceived, it was likely imagined as simply being a straightforward way of giving people a way to play the games they had in mind remotely, online casinos have since evolved to become a slightly different experience to what you might expect to find in physical outlets.Variations of slot games can be emphasized through harnessing the visual power of the screen, for example, and those that feature storytelling elements are given a greater degree of flexibility and life than they might have on the kinds of machines you’re used to.Additionally, the presence of AI lets you play games like bingo or blackjack that would ordinarily require other players, changing how you interact with them completely – while sometimes giving you the choice of a live dealer.

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