How to Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

How to Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

Have you noticed that the cost of everything is on the rise? We all enjoy bargain hunting from time to time and often make a point of sourcing a better deal on things like mobile phone contracts and electricals, but what about your car insurance? 

The cost of car insurance has always been a sore spot for many drivers but as driving with insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, many drivers simply accept their fate of higher premiums without looking too deeply into the cost. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can easily cut your monthly bills with cheap car insurance and when you know how to keep your premiums low, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Read on to find out how you can keep your car insurance premiums low. 

Always Compare and Shop Around

Many people are fatigued with the idea of comparing insurance quotes, but it’s still something that is worth doing, especially if your insurance is up for renewal. By using trusted comparison sites you can explore new providers and even take advantage of new customer deals. Don’t just take what your current provider offers you – there could be huge savings just a few clicks away – and what a difference that could make to your monthly budget! 

Always Pay Annually 

Did you know that there are savings to be made and a considerable price change on your premiums if you choose to pay annually rather than monthly? Simply by eliminating the monthly interest on your insurance payments by paying yearly, drivers can enjoy significant savings. 

Update The Security of Your Vehicle 

Your car will come with safety and security features as standard but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve them or add additional ones. By improving the security of your vehicle you could potentially reduce the cost of your premiums, so adding something like an immobiliser, locking wheel nuts or additional alarms is worth it. Just make sure you let your insurance provider know of any changes you make. 

Be Wary of Add Ons

Many car insurance policies come with add-ons that increase the cost of your premiums. While the truth is, most drivers don’t need these additional features! From windscreen cover to legal assistance, take a closer look at your policy and see if anything can be removed, it could be worth some serious savings. Remember, it’s important to examine your needs closely and not remove anything just to save some money.  

Consider New Parking Arrangements

Where you park your car overnight plays a significant role in your car insurance costs. Did you know that if your car is parked off the road overnight, such as on a driveway, in a garage or secure car park then it’s at less risk of being stolen or damaged and as a result, you can expect lower premiums? Remember if you make any changes to your situation it’s worth mentioning them to your car insurance provider. 

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Final Thoughts…

We all need to save a little more money these days. So it makes perfect sense to examine your car insurance needs closely to determine if there are savings to be made. Insurance is important so start by comparing your policies online! 

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