Who killed Corneisha Butler? Mother Of Four Kids, Complete History

Who killed Corneisha Butler

On Monday, November 21, 2022, a 40-year-old lady was murdered. She was the mother of four kids, three girls, and one boy. Her ex-girlfriend in Atlanta, Georgia unfortunately killed her.

She was a very rich lady, and her ex-girlfriend was so jealous of her richness. She fatally shot Corneisha in front of her 2-year-old son. At that time, all three daughters were at school when the lady broke into the house and killed Corneisha.

Perkins also threatened Butler, and this is the main reason Butler got a restraining order against her ex.

So with great sadness, police reported the death of Corneisha Butler, mother of four kids. Unfortunately, she was murdered by her ex-girlfriend after breaking the relationship.

How did Corneisha Butler die? What happened?

On November 21, 2022, a lady came into the house of Corneisha Butler and was tragically murdered. She got threats from Kayla, who was hyped by her success.

Actually, Corneisha was afraid of Kayla because just some days before her murder, Kayla had gone to her home. 

She set fire to her most valuable vehicles, which are a jeep and a pink Mercedes. Corneisha was so afraid of this situation, and she was very depressed and hurt that her friend did all this. 

The reason is that both the vehicles are very close to her and her kids. After this happened, she was clear that Kayla was against her, and she always wanted to destroy her life. 

Unfortunately, one day, Kayla succeeded in getting her life despite thinking that she was the mother of four kids. Kayla is a very cruel lady who did not think that she was killing someone.

So we can say that this is the story about two friends where one friend gets jealous of her success. Unfortunately, it leads to senseless murder. This is the bad thing that happened to the Corneisha family. 

May the kids be healed up about the sudden death of their mother. It is a difficult time for the little ones, but we pray that they may heal up and come to a normal life.

What happened to Corneisha Butler?

What happened to Corneisha Butler

Actually, this murder is the result of months of threatening and harassment from Kayla. According to reports, she was very jealous of the success of Corneisha. Before her killing, Kayla went to Corneisha’s home and set fire to her Mercedes and jeep. 

All these things clearly showed that she might do any harm to Corneisha. Unfortunately, she killed her the next day. Actually, sometime before her death, Corneisha told Kayla that she was breaking all kinds of relationships with her. 

Kayla got so much hype on this thing that she attempted her murder and destroyed the life of her girlfriend.

Video of the murder

Corneisha was very much happy with her children as she had 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. Due to the jealousy and hate, she killed her friend and ruined her life. Many people are asking about the video of this tragic murder, but still, we don’t have the real video of the murder. 

Many websites are claiming that they have a real video of that murder, and they are claiming that it is related to Corneisha’s murder. However, these are false videos getting released online.

On these websites, it is written that it is the last video of the deceased. So be aware of these videos as these are false videos with wrong information.

For how much time Corneisha was in a relationship with Kayla?

She was in a relationship with Kayla for years, and they continued it for a long time. But Corneisha broke the relationship this year. Unfortunately, after the breakup, Kayla continued to harass Corneisha for some months.

Kayla also committed some acts of domestic violence against Corneisha. However, they have been in a relationship for more than 6 years. All her kids watched that domestic violence and were very scared of the situation.

Facebook post before 1 day of Corneisha’s murder

People saw a mysterious Facebook post on the wall of Kayla before Corneisha Butler passed away. In that post, she said starting again and forgetting the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Corneisha Butler?

She was a very loving lady and the mother of 4 kids. Unfortunately, she was murdered by her previous girlfriend Kayla. 

What is the relationship between Corneisha and Kayla?

They were in a relationship for the past 6 years, but a few months before Butler decided to end it. This is the main reason she told Kayla that she is ending the relationship. Ultimately, Kayla got hyped, and after 6 months of harassment, she killed Corneisha. 

When Kayla came into Butler’s home to kill her, was there another person in the home?

When she came home, her 3 daughters were in the school for study, but her two-year-old son was there.


Corneisha Butler was a very devoted and rich lady who always tried to give the best life to her kids as well as herself. She has a girlfriend named Kayla, but after six years of relationship, Corneisha broke the relationship. This resulted in Kayla harassing her for more than six months. 

She was also very much jealous of her, and this jealousy resulted in her murder. She broke into the house and killed her by gunshot. Then, she was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. She was also arrested due to having a weapon and a firearm. She also has previous records in which she burnt Butler’s pink Mercedes and a Jeep.

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