How to Open Sentry Safe Without Key? Step-by-Step Guide.

Sentry Safe is a superhero for keeping your important things safe. They make perfect safes that stop bad things like stealing and fire. People trust Sentry Safe a lot for keeping their things secure.

Opening a safe without the key or code can be important in emergencies, for inheriting things, keeping a business going, dealing with legal issues, or fixing things after a disaster. Ensure proper authorization and prioritize legal/ethical considerations.

This guide helps you understand why it is important to open the safe correctly. We do not want to break any rules or upset anyone. It is all about being responsible and respectful of others’ stuff. So, let us go on this journey together and figure out how to open the safe fairly. 

Mechanisms of Sentry Safe Lock 

You need to understand the mechanism of the safe lock before opening it. Each lock is not the same and works differently. Whether you like keys, combinations, or electronic codes, Sentry Safe has got you covered with locks that suit your preferences and needs.

  • Keyed Locks: Sentry Safes also gives you the choice of using locks that work with keys. These locks are simple but work well. The key has special teeth that fit into the lock, and when you turn the key, it opens up. 
  • Combination Locks: Sentry Safe’s combination locks are like a strong guard for your private things, and you do not need to worry about losing keys. These locks have a spinning dial and hidden discs inside with special notches. To open them, you have to move the dial in just the right way to match the notches. 
  • Electronic Locks: Sentry Safe’s electronic locks are a modern and easy way to keep your important things safe. Instead of using keys or tricky combinations, these locks have a small keyboard where you type in a special code to open them up. They need batteries to work, tiny computers to understand the codes, and something called solenoids to make the lock open.

How to Open Sentry Safe with Key

Opening your Sentry Safe with a key is pretty straightforward. However, Remember, that these steps might differ a bit based on your specific safe model, so always check your manual for exact instructions. Here is a simple guide:

  • Look for the keyhole on the front of your safe. 
  • Check your user manual for help.
  • Choose the right key for your safe.
  • Twist the key to the right until it stops. 
  • Now, pull the handle to open the door.
  • After you get what you need, close the door tight.
  • Turn the key to the left to lock it again.

How to Open a Right-Left-Right Sequence Dial Lock?

To open a right-left-right sequence dial lock, you need to do specific moves to line up the inside parts correctly. Here is a simple guide for you:

  • First, reset the dial position to zero.
  • Spin the dial to the right three times, going past zero two times.
  • Rotate the dial to the left two times, going past the second number twice.
  • Spin the dial directly to the third number.

Step-by-Step Guide to Open Sentry Safe Without a Key or Combination Code

Opening a Sentry Safe without the key or code is not easy you might need help from professionals, or if nothing works, then you would have to break it. However, It is important to remember that trying to open a safe without permission is against the law and could lead to serious trouble. Here are some options to consider, but be careful and follow the rules:

Step 1. Getting a Recovery Code/Key from the Company

If you can prove the safe is yours, Sentry Safe might help you unlock it. They might do things like changing the lock or recovering the code. You will need to give them details like the safe model when you bought it, and proof that it is yours. 

  • Open the manual 
  • Note down the model and serial number of your safe 
  • Call the company’s helpline at 1-800-828-1438.
  • Give all the details that the company demands 
  • Ask for your Key or Code recovery


  • Go to Sentry’s Official website 
  • Open their form.
  • Write all the required details
  • Submit the form 

After you do all this, it takes about 7 to 10 days to get your new code. Just be patient, and you will be able to open your safe again.

Step 2. Hire a Locksmith

A locksmith who knows about safes can help you open it without damaging the safe. This can be expensive, so only try it if you have no other choice.

Step 3. Breaking a Lock Using Drilling Tools

You can use different drilling tools to open a Sentry Safe like:

Paper Clips 

  • You need 2 paper clips 
  • Get paper clips to open a Sentry Safe
  • Now bend the longer leg at 90 degrees
  • Twist the tip of the longer leg a bit
  • Take a second paperclip and again bend the longer leg at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Carefully put it in the lock hole and gently push it to the right
  • Now, use the first paper clip. Insert the pointed end into the top part of the lock.
  • After you have placed both paper clips in the lock, start turning them clockwise
  • Keep turning them, and you will eventually hear a clicking sound, indicating that the lock has opened

Nail Cutter 

  • Take a nail cutter that has a nail file
  • Hold the nail cutter with the nail file opened in a straight position
  • Hold it as if it is your safe key. Insert the minus screwdriver into the lock and turn it in a clockwise direction
  • Now, place the nail file in the top part of the lock and wiggle it
  • Try turning the file to the right
  • Keep trying until you hear a clicking sound, which indicates that it is unlocked


  • Buy a strong magnet with a pulling force of 125 pounds (57 kg)
  • Put the magnet in an old sock
  • Hold the magnet at the upper-left corner of the safe
  • Hold the handle and shake the magnet until the safe opens.

Sentry Safe Extra Security

Sentry Safes have extra things that make them even more secure and stop people from trying to open them without permission. One cool thing is the re-locking. It automatically locks the safe again after some time without anyone using it or if the door is not closed right. 

Like, there are time-delay locks that wait a bit after you use it, door-ajar sensors that notice if the door is not closed, and double-locking that needs an extra step to unlock after you put in the code fully.

Then, there are anti-tampering things to make it tough for someone to force or mess with the lock. They use drill-resistant plates, which are super hard to drill through, and important parts like the bolt and shackle are made of extra strong steel to resist cutting or sawing. 

Anti-pry bars stop tools like crowbars from prying open the door, and tamper sensors can tell if someone is trying to force it open. Sentry Safes put these re-locking and anti-tampering features together to make a really strong security system. 

Risks Associated with DIY Methods

Before you try opening a Sentry Safe without the key or code using DIY methods, think about the potential problems. Doing this might get you in trouble with the law, like breaking, which could mean fines or even going to jail. 

Using the wrong tools can also mess up the safe, making its warranty and insurance useless. Going into a safe without permission is not okay ethically. Trying to do it yourself comes with risks. You might not know enough, and it could end up causing more damage to the safe. 

There is also a chance of getting hurt or damaging what is inside. In situations where you are not sure, it is better to ask a professional locksmith for help. They know what they are doing, and it keeps you on the right side of the law. Always remember to stay safe, follow the rules, and think about what is right.


Sentry Safe is a shield that guards your important things from bad things like theft and fire. Sometimes, you might need to open it without the key or code, but it is super important to do it by the rules given. 

Sentry Safe goes the extra mile by adding cool security features. It locks itself again if you forget, and it is tough for anyone to mess with it. They use strong bodies like drill-resistant plates and sensors to keep your things safe.

Even though they are good at keeping things safe, sometimes we forget keys or codes. Do not worry, you can call Sentry Safe or a locksmith to help out. Trying to open it yourself can be a problem. So, if you are unsure, it is better to ask a locksmith. Remember, be safe, follow the rules, and do what is right.

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