7 Ideas to Propose With Music

Ideas to Propose With Music

Go in advance to a place where there is live music and ask them to dedicate a song to you. Then, you will bring your partner and, when the band starts playing that special song, it will be the perfect moment. If you sing, you can take the place of the soloist for a few seconds and be the one, microphone in hand, saying the magic words.

A Romantic Box

Keep the memories you have of shared moments in a beautiful box. A conch collected on the beach, a dried flower from a bouquet you gave her, photos, plane tickets, or tickets to shows. There, place an envelope full of fresh, scented petals with the engagement ring.

On A Sailboat

If you have a great love for the sea, proposing in the middle of a sailing trip is what you will like the most. Look for a route with beautiful coastal landscapes and a special moment, such as sunset, dawn, or in the middle of a flight of birds.

You will never forget it. Consider taking one of the San Diego dinner cruises for a memorable and romantic proposal on the water.

Surreal Requests

Sometimes the strangest and most different ideas can be the best. Plus, you’ll have something very exciting to tell.


To do this, you will need a plastic sign with words written in waterproof ink. When you swim towards a beautiful underwater landscape with corals and colorful fish, it will be the perfect moment.

On The Floor

Go to the street where you intend live and paint a beautiful sign on the floor with colored chalk. When he’s ready, call her on her cell phone so she can look out the window and see him. Also, place some candles and flowers. Of course, make sure that there is no rain forecast that day.

With The Pet

A kitten or dog can be the bearer of the message. You can put an accessory on it (like a hat or a hat) and put a note inside or simply hang it from its necklace. Then, ask her to call the pet and you will see the result because no one will deliver that crucial correspondence with more tenderness.

Under The Northern Lights

If you travel to the frozen northern regions, try to make it during the aurora season. Nothing can be more special than being in a field surrounded by purple and green curtains to remember that image forever. Of course, don’t forget to take some selfies.


When you are going to propose, circumstances can make it a wonderful experience. You just have to put a little imagination and a lot of passion. Sharing such a special moment will be one of the most precious illusions and the best memory. 

While proposing under the Northern Lights can be magical, if you find yourselves in San Diego, consider the enchantment of proposing on one of the unforgettable San Diego dinner cruises. A moonlit dinner cruise with the city skyline as your backdrop could create a romantic setting you both will cherish.

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