Is Daryl Hannah Pregnant At 61? Facts You Need To Know.

Is Daryl Hannah Pregnant At 61

Daryl Hannah an American actress and Environmental activist who made her debut in a supernatural horror film, has also worked in various films and won awards like Saturn Award for her role as one-eyed Assassin Elle driver. 

She has also appeared in a Netflix series Season 8 in 2015 as Angelica Turing and also worked in comedy, romantic comedy, fiction thriller, and comedy-drama. 

Daryl Hannah got married to Neil Young and is expecting a baby. Let’s read this article to know about her and whether the pregnancy news is true or not.

Who Is Daryl Hannah?

Daryl Hannah is a famous American actress and activist she was born on December 3, 1960, in Chicago Illinois.

Daryl Hannah said in an interview that when she was young she was an introvert and a very shy person and that became her main reason to join the film industry so that she could come out of her shell.

She started her career with small roles in movies and TV shows. She acted in Splash as a mermaid and that became one of her big breaks in the 1980s. Other movies like Blade Runner and Wall Street made her a well-known actress. 

Daryl has worked in all genres including action. Romance, comedy, thriller and drama. She also worked in Steel Magnolias a movie which was about women’s friendship.

Talking about her being an environmental activist she worked really hard and supported environmental causes. She made a positive impact on the environment through her activism. 

Other than this Hannah also worked in theater in the 2000s and she was told that she is a perfect vehicle to show her talents as a comedienne. 

She is also very famous for her political and environmental involvement, she takes part in such activities and campaigns.

Daryl Hannah’s Personal Life

Hannah had a relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr. and musician Jackson Browne. She broke up with Jackson Browne in 1992 on which rumors were spread that Jackson had physically abused her.

Hannah also accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually abusing her. She also said that he harassed her multiple times during the production of Kill Bill and tried to come inside her hotel room which she escaped through emergency stairs. 

Later, in 2014 Hannah again got into a relationship with Neil Young and got married to him in 2018. 

About Daryl Hannah’s Husband –  Neil Young

Neil Young is a famous singer and songwriter born on November 12, 1945, in Canada. He began his music career in the 1960s in Winnipeg Canada, Later Neil moved to Los Angeles to be a part of a Folk-rock band called Buffalo Springfield. 

He married his first wife Susan Acevedo in December 1968 they got married in 1970 after that Susan filed a divorce. Then from 1970-1975 Neil was in a relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress and had a son Zeke born on September 8, 1972. 

Young got married to one of the waitresses Pegi in 1974. With her, he had 2 children Ben and Amber. On July 29, 2014, Young filed for divorce against his wife Pegi which is almost 36 years after marriage and Pegi died on January 1st, 2019.

In 2014 Young got into a relationship with Daryl Hannah and married her on August 25, 2018, in Atascadero California. Young confirmed his marriage to Daryl Hannah on October 31, 2018, in a video. 

Daryl Hannah’s Pregnancy She Pregnant?

News has been circulating around the internet about Daryl Hannah’s pregnancy and fans are curious to know about it. After a couple gets married pregnancy becomes the main topic for the fans and here is the same case,

Hannah and Neill Young’s rumors started spreading after the latest news was published in Madhouse Magazine. 

Here is a link to the magazine where a spokesperson spoke to Neil Young about his wife’s pregnancy where he jokingly said  “I understand we are up there in age but don’t let these old grey temples fool ya now. Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean there’s no fire in the basement!” “You better stand back.”

Talking about Hannah’s pregnancy NO, she’s not pregnant and Madhouse Magazine known for its greatest “rock and roll” magazine in the world published it jokingly.
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Here is the image from the magazine’s front page with the headline “Neil Young and Daryl Hannah Expecting Their First Child Together” 

After this article was published her fans on Twitter filled with excitement and curiosity started posting about her pregnancy. The posts from her fans are attached below.
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This was tweeted few days before her 61st birthday. Someone else posted 

This is a tweet from Dec 5 after she turned 61. The fans were happy, curious, and also worried about her health as being pregnant at such an age might effect her or the baby. Well, not just this twitter and all social media accounts kept on flooding with posts and concerns about her pregnancy,

The spokesperson of the Madhouse magazine was standing close to Neill Young where he again joked about pregnancy saying: “You better stand back or you might get pregnant standing too close to me!” 

And upon asking a question to Daryl Hannah about her pregnancy she responded:

 I have the Uterus of a 20-year-old and the eggs of a teenager”, said Hannah. “There was no IVF or anything like that, me and Neil did it the old-fashioned way by humping like jackrabbits.”

And after these statements from the couple people started writing about them expecting a child. Some also published that the couple is about to have a baby boy.

Someone on Facebook also posted their original photo from 2018 mentioning her pregnancy in the caption. 

There are also photos of Daryl and Neil’s fake twins circulating on social media which is totally not true because the couple doesn’t have children of their own. However, Hannah is stepmother to Young’s children from previous marriages. 

But talking about the pregnancy or them having kids has all turned out to be a joke from the Madhouse Magazine as well as 61-year-old Daryl Hannah and her 75-year-old husband Neill Young.

Net Worth of Daryl Hannah

As of the report coming from February 2022, it has been estimated that Hnanh has a net worth of $25million. She earns this from her career as an actress which is a great success. 

She has been performing lead roles in most of the movies which is the clear direction towards her increased income and Net Worth. 

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Final Thoughts

Daryl Hannah a 61-year-old actress and activist who got married to 75-year-old Neill Young in 2018 was said to be pregnant and the fans couldn’t believe it. 

Daryl and Neill were interviewed for MadHouse Magazine where they stated about pregnancy for fun and that news spread around social media like wildfire. Later, it was confirmed that it was all said for fun and the couple isn’t expecting.

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