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Let us chat about Brittney, or as you might know her, TheRealBrittFit. She has become quite famous on the internet, and her journey started in Florida back in 1997.

Brittney is a famous fitness model, a TikTok star, and social media. People call her ‘TheRealbBrittFit.’ Brittney has lots of fans. Her journey in fitness and the internet has made her really popular and a role model for fitness lovers. If you want to look beautiful or if you need fitness motivation, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will learn about her age, height, if she has a boyfriend, her online profiles, and how much is her net worth. So, let us dive in!

Who is TheRealBrittFit?

Who is TheRealBrittFit

Brittney, known as ‘TheRealBrittFit,’ was born on May 13, 1997, in Florida, USA. She is now 26 years old. She spent her early years in Florida, where she started to become famous on the internet.

She is American and was born under the Taurus sign, which is known for being strong and reliable.  These qualities might be why she is successful on social media. She grew up in a Christian family, which means they followed Christianity. She is also of white ethnicity. 

Early Life of TheRealBrittFit

Early Life of TheRealBrittFit

Brittney’s family helped her with her early schooling in the United States. She finished her education at a U.S. University. 

According to our research, we found out that Brittney likes to keep her family life private. She has not shared any information about her parents, not even their names or jobs, and we do not have much information about her early life as well. 

Personal Life of TheRealBrittFit 

Professional Career of TheRealBrittFit

When it comes to her personal life, many people want to know about it. Well, when it comes to her love life, Brittney is not single. She is engaged to her boyfriend, PJ Braun.

PJ Braun is a person who works on making his body strong and healthy. He has also been on TV, in magazines, and on the radio. The couple does not share a lot about themselves, but it is clear they are happy together and enjoying life.

Weight and Height of TheRealBrittFit

Brittney is really into fitness, which is clear from her nickname, “TheRealBrittFit.” She works out regularly to stay in great shape and have a perfect body. She has a very attractive body, which is why many of her fans love her.

She is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 57 kilograms. Her body is just right with measurements of 34-26-34 inches (meaning her bust is 34 inches, waist 26 inches, and hips 34 inches).

Professional Career of TheRealBrittFit

Brittney is also famous for making funny videos, TikTok clips, and dance videos. Brittney started sharing her pictures on Instagram in May 2019. 

After that, she joined TikTok and now has more than 36,000 + active followers there. She also has a YouTube channel with over 19,000 + subscribers, where she shares videos of her travels, dances, and other fun things she does.

On her Instagram page, she talks about and recommends different fashion and fitness products.

Some of her fans were not happy when she started posting photos of herself in bikinis on social media. But there are still many fans who really like her beautiful pictures.

It is important to mention that Brittney also has an account on a website called OnlyFans. On there, she posts photos and videos that are only for adults (18+).

Moreover, in August 2019, Therealbrittfit achieved big success by winning the top spot at the Classic Bodybuilding Championships. This victory helped confirm her status as a fitness expert. In 2020, she made an appearance on a show called “Bra Talk.”

Total Earnings and Net Worth of TheRealBrittFit 

Brittney does not rely on just one way to make money. She has several ways to earn a living. One of them is talking about and recommending fitness and beauty products on her Instagram. Companies pay her about $10,000 for each post she makes. She also gets money from showing ads.

She also has a subscription account on a website called OnlyFans, where she charges $4.99 a month for people to see her content. As of September 2023, her estimated net worth is about $100,000 based on her job and how she makes money. But it is important to remember that this is just an estimate, and she has not shared her true net worth.

Social Media Handles of TheRealBrittFit

Many people are attracted to TheRealBrittFitt because of her charming looks. She has lovely blonde hair and captivating blue eyes that make her stand out. Yet, what really makes her special is her incredibly attractive body.

It is no surprise that many people look up to and follow her. Her mix of beauty and dedication to a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to many, and she has become an influential and appealing figure on social media.

She shares her dance videos, mostly wearing a sports bra, on TikTok, which get millions of views, and many people love to see her content. 

Some people had concerns about her sharing revealing pictures. But millions of fans really like her pictures, as we can see on her social media profiles.  Considering this, she decided to make her Instagram account private. 

Now, only people she approves as followers can see her posts. If you also want to follow her, Here are the links to her Social Media Profile:

Instagram: therealbrittfit 

Tiktok: @itsreallybrittfit


Criticism and Challenges Faced By TheRealBrittFit

Being a social media personality is not always like a fairy tale, and Brittney knows this well. Like many others, she deals with the changes in the digital world, handles criticism online, and tries to balance work and personal life. 

But, staying true to her Taurus spirit, she faces these challenges with determination. Brittney is a very adaptable and down-to-earth person. She shows that staying true to yourself and facing challenges with strength is super important. 

What is Next for TheRealBrittFit?

Get ready for what is next with TheRealBrittFit.This name is here to stay, making people happy and showing that dreams do come true. As Brittney keeps going on her journey, TheRealBrittFit is turning into something important, leaving a mark and making lots of people feel good. 

The future looks exciting, with more fun things to do, along with hitting special goals. TheRealBrittFit is about helping others feel strong and go after what they want. So, get ready for more stories, fun times, and happy moments, as this name keeps being a good thing in the online world, giving hope and making people smile.


TheRealBrittFit, or Brittney, is a well-known figure in the fitness and social media world. She has stunning features with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an attractive body that lots of people love. Her mix of beauty and a healthy lifestyle keeps inspiring many, and that is why she is an important figure on social media.

She keeps her family life private, but she is open about her dedication to staying fit and healthy. She is engaged to PJ Braun, who is into fitness too. She makes money in different ways, like promoting products and having an OnlyFans account.

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