How To Plan A Kenya Adventure Holiday Safari?


Kenya is a famous country amongst tourists from all over the world. The nation markets itself as a home to many global attractions. The attractions are very varied, and there is something for everyone, no matter what you prefer. For example, the country borders the Indian Ocean to the southeast. As such, it is home to many white, sandy beaches found along the coastal strip.

The county also experiences a savannah climate within some regions. This vegetation is perfect for wild animals like lions, rhinos, and cheetahs. Kenya has game reserves created to protect these animals. Visitors can also tour these places. For globetrotters who like to experience urban life, cities like Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya are home to restaurants, museums, art galleries, and even indigenous markets for you to try out.

Planning a Kenya holiday safari is quite the process. If you have toured other countries, you probably have experience with visiting a foreign nation. If not, the list of things you must do may seem overwhelming. With a simple guide covering all the basics, you should be ready to start preparing for your trip.

  1. Choosing where to go

Before anything else, you must settle where you want to visit while in Kenya. Typical safari options include the Maasai Mara or game reserves like the Amboseli. Think about the things you want to see on your tour, then do a simple online search on the best places in Kenya for you.

  1. Planning your budget

Traveling to Kenya will need a considerable amount of money. The costs are even higher for people from far-off countries, like the Americas. A great trip should have a clear budget for your travels, including emergency funds in an unexpected situation. Also, ensure you have some extra money for souvenirs. If you are traveling with your family, budget for individual needs.

  1. Choosing your means of transport

Transport methods will be vital for your trip to the country and around Kenya once you arrive. For some visitors, air travel is the most convenient way to get to Kenya. If you fall into this category, you must choose an airline and book your flight. If possible, buy a return ticket that fits into your travel schedule.

  1. Booking your accommodation

The country has multiple hospitality options to provide visitors with everything they need during their travels. For more info on how to find a house to rent in Kenya, you can check online for websites that provide those same services. Since you will not have time to look at places to stay once you are already in the country, an online search is your best option.

  1. Managing your dietary needs

Food is the next most important thing to handle on your planning list. Many visitors look forward to trying out new foods from other cultures during travel. Consider any special dietary requirements for everyone on the trip. Also, budget for take-out and restaurant visits since you will not eat at your place of accommodation during the entire trip.

  1. Getting the required documents

Documentation is crucial for every trip, especially if you are leaving your country of residence. Check if you need a visa to enter Kenya from your country. Also, make sure your identification documents are up-to-date.

  1. Planning for medical care

Travelling comes with health risks, so you must be prepared for that. If you need any vaccinations, get them in time for your trip. Also, check the requirements for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations before traveling. Finally, ensure that your travel insurance covers health emergencies.

  1. Choosing a tour company

While it is optional, some visitors find it easier to travel with a tour company. There are many options in Kenya. Before you settle on a single business, check their details and any reviews they have from previous clients. Use social media to get more details about their services. Remember to add this to your trip costs as you make the budget.

  1. Check travel advisories

As with any country, your safety as you travel to Kenya should be a key consideration. You can check online for any travel advisories issued to tourists planning to visit Kenya before you make the trip. If you choose to travel against the advisory, take some precautions to ensure you are safe. For instance, you can avoid areas prone to incidences of insecurity.

  1. Deciding what to carry

Finally, you have to choose what to carry for the trip. Making a comprehensive list of everything you will need during your travels is essential. Buy these things in advance and ensure they are ready for the journey. Also, remember to pack in an intelligent way. Keep your items organized in terms of when you need to use them.

Planning a trip is demanding, but it should be fun because it is part of the travel experience. Remember, the more you travel, the easier it becomes. This guideline is the perfect place to start.

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