Don’t mind the weather! Things to do in Budapest, no matter the circumstances


The architecture of Budapest

One of the best things to do in Budapest is to explore its history and culture. Plenty of famous sites are in the town centre so you don’t have to travel a lot to reach them. The Parliament of Hungary is a beautiful piece of architecture that is located on the bank of the Danube. You can easily book a ticket to an organized tour or have a look around by yourself.

Close to the Parliament, you can find St. Stephen’s Basilica. The inside of the Basilica is full of spectacular pieces of fine art and religious wall paintings. Even if you are not a religious person yourself, it is worth a visit!

Things to do in Budapestfor history nerds

If you are fascinated by history, you will love the historical and cultural sites of the city. If you want to know the whole story of the Hungarian nation and how they arrived in Europe, you should visit the National Museum on Kálvin Square. Besides its history, the museum offers a comprehensive presentation of the country’s culture too.

If you prefer the events of the last century, The House of Terror is your place. In this museum, you will know everything about the communist era in the country and how the nation tried to survive the decades-long occupation of the Soviet Union.

Indoor adventures in Budapest

Escape rooms

One of the best things to do in Budapest to pass the time is to visit its famous escape rooms (as it is also said that the whole idea of escape rooms comes from Hungary too). One of the best is Neverland. We would definitely recommend this place, as it is a complete entertainment centre.

The various types of escape rooms, e.g. the Mage Trial, Behind Bars, or The great robbery in the Wild West are just a few of the coolest themed rooms they offer. After the adventurous time, you can try the special meals and drinks in the bar.

The House of Houdini

It may be a surprising fact, but the only Houdini Museum in Europe is in the Hungarian capital, as Houdini originally was born in this country located in the heart of Europe. The museum is located in the same area where the famous illusionist was born. You can see authentic memorabilia here, theatre, and live magic performances as well.

The museum offers guided tours and programs every day of the week. However, it is important to mention that this is a private museum, so if you would like to have this unique experience during your stay, you should book your tour before you arrive in the capital.

The best things to do in Budapestfor food lovers?

One of the many things Hungarian people are proud of is their cuisine. There are plenty of Hungarian traditional meals and drinks you can try, for example, the famous Hungarian Goulash Soup, ‘lángos’, chimney cake, or ‘pálinka’. Visiting a traditional restaurant in the city is never a bad idea, and you can also take several souvenirs from the Great Market Hall. The market has a special bazaar atmosphere, and you can find Hungarian Salami or the famous Hungarian paprika as well.

Things to do in Budapest when the sun is out

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, exploring the city is always great. When the weather allows it, you should put your sneakers on and take the city. There are various ways to reach the different sites: you can go on foot, use public transport, rent a bike or a roller. One of the most entertaining ways is to rent a scooter, or a MonsteRoller. The MonsteRoller is an electric scooter which offers a safe and easy way to see all the attractions in the city.

They are fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly too. Whether you are alone or in a group, the means of transportation E-Magine Tours offers will be a fit for all. They also have several guided tours to choose from, for example, the Essence of Budapest or the Castle District Tour. The Castle is beautiful in every season, especially during autumn. So, if you love some  breeze upon your cheeks, don’t miss this out and hop on your MonsteRoller!

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