Office Designs for Productivity

Office Designs for Productivity

Although many people suggest that remote working is what makes people more productive, the studies show mixed results, and in a lot of cases, working from an external office can be better. Of course, if that external office isn’t set up to be a productive space, no one is going to be happy, especially if employees feel that they could get more done at home. 

That’s why, if you want people to work in an office and be satisfied with their job, as well as being as productive as possible, you’ll need to consider plenty of different office designs to ensure that everyone can work as well as possible. With that in mind, read on for some ideas that might help you. 

An Open Layout 

In the past, you would have found that most offices were split up into smaller rooms, with the boss having an office to themselves, and everyone else dotted around, often separate from one another. In the modern world, offices should really be a lot more open plan, with everyone working together, and there are some great examples currently available at The Workplace Company so you can get an idea of what an open-plan office might look like. 

When you have an open-plan layout, there’ll be better communication and collaboration, so you’ll find that more gets done and everyone works together better. Of course, there’ll be times when privacy is needed, perhaps during meetings or when people need to focus on something, so it can also be worth including some separate rooms for people to use when they want to but keeping the majority of the space open plan.  

Natural Light 

The more natural light you can bring into an office, the more productive people will be, so this is something to work on and improve if possible. Natural light has a big impact on someone’s mood, actively boosting it when they get enough sun. By adding more natural light to the office, you’ll ensure that your workers feel happy and comfortable, and when they’re in a good mood, they’ll be able to do more work and do it well. 

If you have windows in your office, make sure that they’re not blocked by furniture, and move things around to maximize the amount of light that’s coming in as much as you can. You could also have skylights installed, although this will depend on whether you own the office or you’re renting. Although it’s worth speaking to your landlord if it’s the latter as they might be willing to make some adjustments. 

Ergonomic Furniture 

If you want your team to be productive, you must invest in ergonomic furniture. Uncomfortable chairs and badly designed desks and workstations can make people feel physically uncomfortable or even cause them pain, and that means they’re not going to be as productive as they could be. It might even mean that they decide to quit and work somewhere else, as health is so important and if a job is causing someone’s health to be poor, why would they stay in it? 

When you have ergonomic furniture, you can make your team members a lot more comfortable, and they’ll be able to work for longer as a result. Don’t forget to make sure they take breaks, though, as that will also boost productivity and help them feel happier, too. 

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