The top digital trends in Australia

digital trends

Australia is a hotbed for digital innovation, with recent research showing that half of all Australians are using online video every week and 16% every day. This trend might continue as we see the coming together of several digital trends that promise to reshape the way we view and make content. Australia’s economy is booming and consumer preferences are shifting as technology becomes more accessible and affordable for everyday Australians.

We expect that an Australian video tech company will continue embracing new technologies like video conferencing systems that can help businesses operate more efficiently while reducing operational costs by providing them with a way to communicate with customers irrespective of where they are located around the globe.

Australia is a wealthy country and it has a market economy and a high GDP per capita. It has a low poverty rate and with regard to average wealth, it ranked second globally after Switzerland, from the year 2013 to the year 2018. In 2018, Australia won against Switzerland and it became the nation with the greatest average wealth.

AI powered tools for creators and advertisers

AI powered tools are being used to improve the user experience by creating more engaging content, more targeted advertising and improving marketing and sales processes. An example of this is an AI-powered tool that allows creators to create content for multiple platforms simultaneously.

The platform uses information about the creator and their audience to select the best platform for publishing their video based on where they’re most likely to reach their target audience. This means that they need to spend less time worrying about which platform they should publish on and more time creating great content that people will love.

Live streaming E Commerce and digital payments

The next big thing in eCommerce is live streaming. It’s not just a new way to buy things, it’s also a great way to sell things too. Live streamers are already making money from sponsorships, subscriptions, merchandise sales and ad revenue on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. And now that Facebook has announced its new live-streaming platform for gaming (and more), it looks like this trend isn’t going away anytime soon and neither is its influence beyond the gaming world.

Shift from traditional to short form video

The average viewer loses interest after just a few minutes, which means that many people don’t finish watching the whole traditional videos anymore. Short form videos allow you to engage your audience and build brand awareness more effectively:

  • Creators can make more money from ads in short form content, because viewers are more likely to stick around for the whole ad block.
  • Advertisers get better results with shorter videos for two reasons: they’re easier for viewers to digest and there are fewer opportunities for them to lose interest or click away from an ad block during a full-length clip. The result is higher engagement rates compared against standard length videos.

Participatory, interactive and cross device video content

People are increasingly interacting with video through apps as more people watch these on a regular basis. This way of using video content has been called interactive or second screen watching. For example, users can share their reactions to a TV show on Twitter by sending tweets appearing during the broadcast; they can submit ideas for how to make the next episode better; or they can even vote on who should be eliminated from a reality show like Dancing With The Stars.


We’ve only just scratched the surface of digital trends in Australia, and there are many more to come in the future as we continue to innovate and invest in technology. It’s an exciting time for marketers because it enables them to reach consumers with personalised experiences across all channels; from traditional media like television and print ads through to new platforms like social media, mobile apps or virtual reality games.

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