Pacman 30th Anniversary (Play New Google Doodle Game)

Pacman 30th Anniversary
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An idea for a new arcade game was generated in 1980 by a Japanese company named Namco. Toru Iwatani first invented the original Pacman in the early 80th century. The idea behind the game was so simple that everyone could easily play it, whether they were children or anyone. They came up with the concept behind PacMan, which became successful after its first launch in North America

This arcade became one of the most popular and demanding games and the defining moment in gaming history. At the same time, there is the 30th anniversary of PacMan, so we have found and presented some fun facts from the history of the PacMan game. On May 21-23,2010, Google’s home page logo was changed in honor of PacMan’s 40th Anniversary. Many people want to play PacMan and remember this game as a child.

Influence of PacMan on Google

PacMan found the old holiday logo from Google, released on April 13, 2010, as a kink for celebrating its 30th anniversary. Google announced a new algorithm for the games released in early April 2010. Manufacturers presented this mathematical foundation excitingly to inspire Google and its players. 

According to Google’s new Artificial Neurons that it learned from experience, the game developers adopted it and played a vital role in making the latest themes for the game. Now, an exciting thing is if you search on Google “Doodle PacMan,” you will see the first Doodle post released by the game’s developers.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Full Screen

This ghost game was first released in 1984 and celebrated its 30th anniversary. For this celebration, they announced a new Edition 2. This game was a new look that was even better than its previous features and looks. Ghost Game made everything unique for its 30th anniversary. Already, many games have issued their anniversary plans, but Pacman has some drastic plans.

Game developers worked on the complete remake of the game, and all the gamers availed of its free update. Pacman’s 30th-anniversary full screen marked the occasion for its lovers this year. This ghost game was designed in 1984 and then available on mobile screens to entertain you. This new version was available with its unique graphics. The game is easy to play.

There are some easy and, after that, some challenging levels. The Pacman’s 40th anniversary also lasted from 20020 to 2022. It was composed by Banai Namco for business purposes and celebrated through video games, clothing, and many other forms of merchandise. 

How to Play Pacman?

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The best place to start is with an online version; it would be more interesting for you if you are a new player. 

Step 1) You only need a mobile or computer to access this ghost game with the help of an internet connection. 

Step 2) To start, go to Google Doodle and search for a game by typing “Pacman.” just click on it and start playing without pausing this game. 

Step 3) If you pause, you may lose your game life. Its new version of the ghost game is easy to play, and its mind-blowing graphics will entertain you. It will revise all of your old memories if you are its old player, and new players will find it unique from many other video games.

Google says this new version of Pacman will play a vital role in the history of video games. An interesting thing is a downloadable version of Pacman is also available on Google doodle. The new edition of this game has 255 levels with a unique enemy. The coin button is present for activating this game, and the old version supported only one player. But now, in the new version, two players can play at a time; enjoy this game with your friend. 

This ghost game has some ghosts and two Pacman collecting the dots and fruits present in the way of the maze. It would be best if you got rid of ghosts that will be chasing you. If you get in contact with it, you will not be able to go to the next level. If you don’t play carefully, all of your Pacman’s lives will be lost, and you will have to restart this game. To get the highest score in the game, beat the ghost in all the challenging levels and move forward to the 255th level.

Ghosts in the Game

There are 4 ghosts in the game. All have their way of attacking.

Blinky, the red one, follows the Pacman, suddenly changes his strategy, and attacks the Pacman. The second one is Pinky. Instead of a direct attack, this ghost follows Paman and carefully moves around the walls near Pacman to attack him. 

Inky, the blue one, is the most dangerous ghost, having the characteristics of all the ghosts. The last one is Clyde, the orange one; it attacks the Pacman when he is on the lower left part of the maze.

PacMan Highest Score 

In 1999, a gamer named Billy Mitchell claimed he scored the highest points, 3,333,360, in this Pacman arcade game. 

The Fan Base of Pacman

For the last 30 years, this game’s original version has been played by its love. This ghost game has been popping the arcade lain the arcade in the arcade r and has a great fan following. It also has hundreds of versions with different endings and unique enemies. All have a unique way of playing. The exciting thing is that you can play this game with multiple lives in the new release on the 30th anniversary.

Playing with rotten eggs they can ruin your fun and can decrease your scores. A unique thing with this release is that all the time, its new version was released, but none of them had a celebration as its 30th anniversary has. Therefore it’s a new idea to celebrate its anniversary. This version would have new clothes and better interest.

There is also news that in its latest version, there will be a boss in the game first time. Pacman would have pills to energy the Pacman, which would take it to the next level. You don’t need to learn it separately because of its simplicity. You can handle this fantastic game with only two buttons. The game has an extensive fan base; for this reason, you can find this game on PCs and consoles.

Whatever the new version is, its original version is classic and a favorite among video game enthusiasts. There is estimated news that Record Reseach Inc. sold around 30 million Pacman’s machines worldwide after its population in 1980.

Trick to Always Win Pacman Doodle

Every game has some tips and tricks to win. Like when you play the snake game, you follow some tricks to avoid losing your chance. The same goes for the Pac-Man game. You need to follow the given tricks.

  • You need to stay ahead of the ghosts because if you are caught, they will kill you.
  • There is a thing to notice: in the Google Doodle game, the blue ghost is the slowest, and the pink one is a little bit faster. At the top, there is a red ghost. So, it would be best if you stayed away from the red one because there are more chances that the red one will kill you because of its chasing speed.
  • Sparingly use power pellets. They will help you out in tight spots. Remember that you have to use it smartly; otherwise, ghosts will learn that you are tricking them, and they will stay away from you when you use it. 

Rules of Playing Paceman

As there are rules for all Doodle for Google games, paceman also contains some rules you should follow for a smooth game.

  • The game is all about eating; our hero Pacman keeps eating, and this way, he can win.
  • There are corners in this game, and in every corner, there are some “Powe Pallets.” Paceman should try to eat frequently. As it eats, the ghosts’ color turns blue or yellow, and this way, their power decreases. It’s the best time to eat the ghosts, increasing the points of Pacman. When Pacman eats the first ghost, e gets 200 points, and after every ghost meal, Pacman gets double of previous points.
  • There is a surprise when you reach 10000 points. After achieving this score, you get additional points once in the entire game.
  • After you win one level, then in the next level, both you and the ghosts’ speed increases, making it more challenging to beat the ghosts. The power pellet time also shortens, and it disappears soon. 
  • When you reach the game’s hard room, you get extra points on appearing fruits and after eating them. So, try to eat more and more fruits. 

Facts of Pacman Google Game

  • Pacman also made a Guinness Book of World Records in 2005. It was awarded for “Successful Coin-Opperated game.”
  • Some people also say that a Pizza inspired its design with one slice eaten.
  • There was also a cartoon on the name of Pacman. It was the first cartoon after the arcade game, but it could not last more than 2 seasons.
  • Its popularity didn’t end up in cartoons, but it appeared in the movie as “Tron” and many other video games like “Mortal Kombat.”
  • Basically, two MIT students named Crazy Otto created this game and sold it to Namco without any lawsuit.


How can I get infinite lives in the PacMan game?

To get the infinite lives on PacMan, eat 1 ghost on the first board, then 2 ghosts on the second board, 3 ghosts on the third board, and 4 ghosts on the fourth board. In the end, go up and down this way; you will find infinite lives. 

Is the Paceman level 256 Beatle?

When you play tic tac toe or Doodle Champion Island games, they are beatable, and they have an ending in the game, but Paceman level 256 has an error. When you reach this level, the display splits into two parts. The side of the display is expected, but the right side has a jumbled alphabet and numbers. It is almost impossible to win because you have to win the game before the Pacman disappears.   

Is it possible to play Pacman 99 without Nintendo Online?

Yes, playing Pacman 99 without Nintendo online is possible because it does not require a Nintendo membership to connect with others while playing.

How can I cheat on Paceman Doodle-Google?

You can cheat the game with the following codes. Press them while you are playing.

  • If you want to jump to the next level, then press Z+X
  • If you want to commit suicide, then press Z+C.
  • If you want to toggle God Mode, then press Z+G.

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PacMan was released in 1984 by the Japanese developer Namco. It has an extensive fan base. This game had many versions, but none of them had a celebration. The first celebration was held on its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, enemies, bosses, and clothes were many updates. When it was released, there was some machine on which gamers used to play. Now, this game is available in a downloadable version, which you can play on Mac, Windows, and iOS. Enjoy playing this game with its new features.

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