Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540Wp (Full Review) 2023

Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540Wp

The cleanest and most practical way to stop environmental deterioration is solar photovoltaic energy, which doesn’t produce any of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. The PV cells in a solar panel absorb the energy from the sun’s rays when it shines on the panel. In response to an internal electric field within the cell, this energy generates electrical charges that move, which results in the flow of electricity.

Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540Wp is one of the solar panels that work best for large free-field and commercial rooftops with a surety of reliable performance for a longer time. Let’s learn more about this amazing solar panel.

540 Wp/ Mono: NUJD540 – Best selling Solar Panel

The Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540Wp is a 144-half-celled solar panel specially designed for large free-field and commercial rooftop photovoltaic systems. This solar panel’s main benefit is that it is reliable and gives a high-quality performance for a longer period.

What Key Features of Wp/540 Make it an Ideal Solar Panel?

1. Project Solution:

The Panou Fotovoltaic generates 1500 V of energy, an efficient amount of energy for the solar power system.

2. Module Efficiency:

The amount of sunlight that strikes a solar module’s surface and is converted into electricity is called the module efficiency in a solar panel. Therefore, the Panou Fotovoltaic module efficiency is around 20.9% which is great.

3. Panel Size:

The Panou Fotovoltaic has an M10 wafer and 144 half-cells with a panel size of 2,279 x 1,134 x 35 mm.

4. Busbar Technology:

The Panou Fotovoltaic has multiple-busbar technology.

5. Temperature Coefficiency:

The temperature coefficiency of Panou Fotovoltaic is -0.341%/°C increasing the power gain.

6. Robust Product Design:

The Panou Fotovoltaic has a test-passed robust product design with PID resistance IEC TS62804, Salt mist IEC61701, Ammonia IEC62716, Sand, and Dust IEC60068).

7. Quality Feature:

The Panou Fotovoltaic has a Proven quality (VDE, IEC/EN 61215 + IEC/EN61730, Safety Class II, CE, Fire Rating Class C).

8. Guarantee period:

The Mono 540Wp gives a 25 years linear power output guarantee and 15 years of product guarantee.

Other General Characteristics of Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540Wp Solar Panel

  • The front panel of Mono 540Wp is Anti-reflective tempered glass with a high degree of light transmission and a low iron content of 3.2 mm.
  • The Mono 540Wp has a connection box fixed in it, which is Ip68 degree of protection, 3 bypass diodes Cable Ø 4.0 mm², length 1,670 mm [or on request (+) 365 mm, (-) 50.

The Electrical Information (STC) of Mono 540Wp is as follows:

  • Maximum power is 540 wp.
  • The open circuit voltage is 50.34v.
  • Short cicuir current si 13.66A.
  • The voltage at the point of the maximum power is about 41.64v.
  • The current at the point of maximum power is 12.97A.

The electrical characteristics are within 10% (power measurement tolerance 3%) of the values indicated by Isc, Voc, and 0 to +5% of Pmax. Less than 3% of efficiency is lost when irradiation is reduced from 1,000 W/m2 to 200 W/m2 (Module T = 25 °C).

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The mechanical specifications of Mono 540Wp are:

  1. The total depth is 35 mm.
  2. The width is 1,134 mm.
  3. The length is 2,279 mm.
  4. The weight is 27.8 kg.
  5. The frame material used in the Panou Fotovoltaic Mono 540Wp is Aluminium.

The performance of the Mono 540Wp is based on the following:

  1. The Nominal Voltage which is1500V.
  2. The maximum power of the solar panel should be 540 Wp.
  3. The number of cells to operate it effectively that are 144 cells in total.

Benefits of using Half-cell PV Panel

Users of this solar panel benefit from a 2-3% increase in module performance and higher total yields from the half-cell modules.

Half-cell Module/ How are the Half-cell modules created?

The step-by-step process for the Half-cell modules formation is as follows:

  1. Firstly, the Standard full cells are divided into two equally sized halves.
  2. Then, the module is further divided into an upper and lower half, with the half-cells positioned on each.

Once the half-cell modules are created, the next step is to generate the power from each cell.

How does the power gets generated from Half-cells modules?

The power generated by each cell is cut in half, and resistance losses at the cell and module levels are cut in half as a result of the division of the cells. The halved current can also reduce the risk of hot spot effects, significantly lowering the cell temperature. Additionally, the three tiny junction boxes, which have just one bypass diode each, transfer less heat to the cells below.

These elements also increase the system’s overall longevity; cutting the module in half will affect the performance. The generated current’s path is condensed by dividing the module, further lowering resistance losses. In situations with shade, mounting the module vertically will be advantageous. In contrast, the production of a full-cell module completely diverges if the lower half of the module is shaded.

And In this case, users can still produce a 50% performance with the upper half. It may be the case with inter-row shading for installations on free-field or tilt-mounted roofs. Therefore, higher wattage classes and higher system yields can be attained with half-cell modules.

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Fina words

We need to buy the right solar panel for us. Every solar panel is good in its own way. The best solar panel allows your home to get green, environmentally friendly surroundings. Even solar panels are bill-free electricity devices, so why would people not suggest buying them? The Panou Fotovoltaic solar panel is one of the best solar panels worldwide to buy.

It has amazing features and specifications, due to which it is considered buying by many people. You can get every benefit from this solar panel. It is very easy to operate. You must follow the proper instructions to operate it; boom, it is set up at your house! Therefore, always first lookout everywhere for solar panels. Their quality, how much their price, and how long it can help you not get large electrical bills each month that you have no choice but to pay!

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