Seriplast Plastic Blister Production

Plastic Blister Production

Popular for packaging everything from fishing lures to thumb tacks, plastic boxes offer exceptional versatility and visibility, making them ideal for showcasing merchandise to customers. With their transparent design, these boxes allow for easy viewing of the enclosed items, enhancing product appeal and attracting potential buyers.

Another cost-effective packaging option is blister packaging, which provides robust protection and durability. Blister packs effectively safeguard products while displaying them prominently, making them a popular choice across industries. When it comes to designing blister packs, industrial seriplast plastic blister production services can offer invaluable expertise, ensuring optimal packaging solutions that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Most thermoformed packaging can be classified as clamshells, blisters, or trays, but many of the products we make are actually engineered.Blister packs are a convenient and economical packaging solution for products of different shapes and sizes. The closing mechanism, the hole to hang the product and the raised base to add a printed label, make it the ideal solution for small and medium retail packaging.

What is a blister?

In packaging, the term blister or blister packaging can have different meanings. The only thing that all blister packs have in common is that the packaged product is contained in a plastic bubble, usually thermoformed and made of transparent plastic. The Seriplast Stock Blister Packaging Program offers a wide selection of standard blister packs.

Stock blister packs are mainly used for packaging at the point of sale. They provide medium protection to the product, while the material, being transparent, offers good visibility. By attaching a printed label or an adhesive seal you can personalize the product and add the brand in a simple way.

In-Stock Blister Packs, Affordable And Convenient

Seriplast standard stock blister packs offer an affordable and affordable solution for an attractive display of your product at the point of sale. Blisters are sold by the box for convenient shipping and handling. Our tiered pricing system ensures that the more you buy, the more you save.

Blisters in Stock Seriplast

Seriplast stock blister packs are a convenient and economical packaging solution for products of different shapes and sizes. The closing mechanism, the hole to hang the product and the raised base to add a printed label make it the ideal solution for small and medium retail packaging.

The Seriplast online store offers a wide range of blister packaging in stock. Find your preferred packaging size in the self-sealing blister category on the website or search for the best fit for your product size via the “Find My Packaging” form on the Home Page.

-*- Frequent Questions

1. What is blister pack?

Blister packs have become synonymous with various types of pre-formed plastic containers widely utilized in the packaging industry. These versatile packs find extensive application in packaging consumer goods, perishable items, and pharmaceutical products.

The clamshell blister packaging pack’s design provides a secure and tamper-evident enclosure, safeguarding the contents from external factors such as moisture, contamination, and physical damage. Its transparent front surface allows for easy product visibility, enhancing marketability and consumer appeal. Blister packs have emerged as a go-to choice for manufacturers seeking efficient and reliable packaging solutions for a diverse range of products.

2. What are the benefits of blister packaging?

  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Popular with consumers

3. How can I get this sample?

Usually the sample can send you once we get your express account or receive express charge. However, the custom size shell, the copper mold will take about 3 days and the aluminum mold will take about 5 days.

4. Can you also produce brochures, labels, stickers and tissue paper?

Yes, we can produce many kinds of paper printing products.

5. Can I get a sample of clamshell blister pack, blister tray, blister pack before mass production?

Of course! Because we have existing models, we can send you our ready modeled size, which you can check the quality and whether the size suit your products. Also, if you need custom size, we can also do as your requirements.

6. When can I get the quotation for my inquiry?

The model price, we will send you the price of each five minute. If you need custom size model, we can quote for you within 2 hours based on all the details you provide.

Blister Pack Design

If you are thinking of improving your brand, expanding and giving visibility to your business, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction, or you simply want to know other quality alternatives for your product, here you will find the best solutions to your demands.

Of course, a single size or a range of measurements does not fit all products. Can’t find the ideal blister size in our standard program? Contact us! Seriplast offers a wide range of packaging solutions, from a resalable blister pack tailored to fit your product, to fully customized packaging design and design based on your needs.

For more information on the services that Seriplast offers, please visit the website

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