Sharknado Review: Explore Everything About This Movie.


Before going towards reviewing about Sharknado movie, let’s discuss what Sharknado is. It is a type of tornado that forms through the interaction of many sharks. These types of tornadoes usually move over water and travel along the ground, and it also picks different objects in their way.

It is very destructive and terrifying whenever you have an idea about Sharknado. But the question arises what is a Sharknado? These are formed when a large number of sharks enter the water and escape from it at the same time.

Unfortunately, it creates big masses of water, causing havoc on the surface. During the process, there is a danger of injuring or even killing people. In this post, we will discuss the Sharknado movie, its leading cast, sequels, and pros and cons.

Overview of Sharknado

Sharknado is definitely the best choice if you are a fan of science fiction movies or disaster films. This movie was released in 2013 and was directed by Anthony c Ferrante. It is an amazing action movie that follows the chaos caused by a water spout. This water spout carried sharks out of the ocean and brought them onto the streets of Los Angeles. The movie starts with the tornado-like water sprouting on the California coastline.

Along with that storm, there were a number of hungry sharks in California. When the shark begins to impose havoc on the city, many brave individuals group together to save the people from these dangerous sharks.

What is Sharknado?

Keep in mind that Sharknado is the most popular movie on Netflix. Many people have questions about what Sharknado is. This post will discuss everything you need to know about this science thriller fiction movie.

Description of Sharknado

The water spout in Sharknado is actually a very powerful force that brings sharks on the shore of Los Angeles. It is a marvelous science fiction comic disaster movie with many amazing things. Unfortunately, in this movie, you can clearly see that the water spout brings a lot of water and big sharks onto the land.

This water spout was very dangerous and dramatic, as seen in the movie. That dangerous water Storm moves around the city and carries sharks to the shore. You will be surprised to know that the waterspout was so powerful that the sharks it carries also cause devastation and destruction. Another shocking thing is that this kind of water spout also creates a vacuum in the ocean that sucks up more sharks and brings them to the shore.

Many people do not know that a water spout is an unstoppable force of nature that causes destruction wherever it goes. So by watching that movie, you will definitely remember the potential destruction caused by nature. We can also call it on nature’s power and the consequences it can bring.

So when you see the water storm in the movie, you will definitely enjoy the dramatic and frightening scenes. The scenes remind us of the destruction caused by powerful natural forces. So we can say that it’s the will of nature to create destruction, and we should always know of the potential danger of powerful natural forces.

Sharknado film series

The Sharknado movie was written by Thunder Levin and directed by Anthony c Ferrantee. It is a fantastic movie with an amazing combination of thrill, comedy, and disaster. The film was produced by a production company named The asylum. Remember that its first part was released in 2013, and after the movie’s success, Ferrante decided to make more sequels, and the rest is history.

Overview of Sharknado Movie

The movie starts with a group trying to survive during a water Storm. This Sharknado hit Los Angeles and destroyed the city’s overall infrastructure and the humans. However, the group tried a lot to save the people from the storm and the sharks, but they still faced many hurdles.

Unfortunately, many people died in this movie during that Storm. You should be aware that it is a fictional movie. Let’s talk about the characters of the movie in which a person is searching for his wife with his friends. During the search, he saw a school bus surrounded by sharks.

It was a frightening scene, but he ignored it because he had to search for his wife and save the children on the bus. Fin and his friends also had weapons to survive the day. Another frightening thing is that Fin bombarded some sharks and killed one with his chainsaw at the end of the day.

After reading the overview, you might be thinking about how the movie was, but it was very interesting. Most surprisingly, the director also added many comedy scenes to add spice to the movie.

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Idea of Sharknado

Here, in this part of the post, we will discuss how the director got the idea for the movie. Actually, he was watching the daily show with his friend, where the host mentioned the storm named Sharknado. After getting the idea, the director decided to make a movie with this concept.

The leading cast of Sharknado

Sharknado also became famous all around the World due to its lovely cast. Some of the names of the cast are:

  • Tara Reid, name in the movie was April Wexler. (She was Ian Wilson’s wife)
  • Cassandra Scerbo, name in the movie was Nova Clarke
  • Ian Ziering, name in the movie was Fin Shepard. He was a meteorologist working for the national weather service.
  • John Heard as George.

Sequels of Sharknado

After watching the first part of the movie, we all were curious about watching its sequel. Below are the names of the sequels.

  • Sharknado 2: The Second One
  • Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
  • Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
  • Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
  • The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time

Pros and Cons

With six total films, the Sharknado series has become an iconic classic. The film has also been praised for its special effects and classic B-movie feel but criticized for its campy plotlines and tropes. How would you rate the Sharknado series? The movie has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.


Stunning Special Effects:

Considering the budget, Sharknado’s special effects are impressive.  However, the graphics do not match the budget of the movie. In Sharknado, professional special effects are used to make the shark attacks look realistic, thanks to a combination of CGI and practical effects.

A creative and fun storyline:

There is nothing more creative or fun to watch than Sharknado’s incredibly creative storylines and plot twists. Six films in the series have maintained the series’ freshness and entertainment.

Touch of comedy:

As a director, Anthony ensures that the audience enjoys his movies. There are many funny scenes in Sharknado that he directed. The franchise is made fun of its campy humor and over-the-top moments.

Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes:

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 74% rating. As rotten tomatoes do not give good reviews to bad movies, it must be a good movie.

Unique Story:

Sharknado had a powerful concept. There has never been a movie based on this concept except for Anthony. C.


Gimmicks overused:

All six Sharknado movies have used the gimmick, and it is getting old. To breathe new life into the franchise, a few fresh ideas would have been nice.

Acting is poor:

Some of the performances in Sharknado are embarrassing, and some aren’t particularly impressive. In this movie, the acting is unimpressive. It should appear natural, not cringe-worthy.

Overused tropes:

As a result of the Sharknado series’ heavy reliance on tropes, the films can feel predictable and formulaic. More original ideas could have made the franchise even better but were not used.

Similar Concepts:

Every sequel contains the same concepts, so you can get bored watching them.

IMDb Ratings:

IMDb ratings are 3.3, which is very low.

Featuring special effects and creative storylines, Sharknado is fun, campy entertainment. However, it has flaws, and viewers may tire of the overused gimmicks and overly familiar tropes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sharknado: is it suitable for kids?

Sharknado is a made-for-TV movie from 2013 that is so awful it’s genius. Younger kids should steer clear of this one due to the gore and blood. Sharks eating people or biting off limbs but older teens and parents looking for something campy and mindless can enjoy it.

How does Sharknado rate among parents?

Parents should know that Sharknado is a 2013 made-for-TV movie that’s so bad that it’s brilliant. It is not for younger kids, because of the violence and the blood, sharks eating people whole or biting off their limbs. But for older teens and parents seeking something campy and mindless, you can’t go wrong.

In Sharknado, who is the main character?

A fictional character, Fin Shepard, is the protagonist of the Sharknado film series. All three films feature Ian Ziering as this former surfer and shark hunter. Positive heroes like him protect their families and the rest of the world from shark attacks and hurricanes that bring sharks ashore.


It’s always fun to watch a thrilling comedy. A natural disaster-based action thriller, Sharknado is one of the best. During the movie, the protagonist survives a tornado and saves others. In this case, we are reminded that nature is more powerful than humans. In the event of such natural disasters, we are helpless. I recommend this movie to all entertainment fans.

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