How to stop losing your jewelry ?


If you’ve clicked on this blog post, chances are you’re experiencing a little problem with… Organization? Yes, you are. Maybe you wouldn’t go so far as to call it organization, after all, you can always blame it on something or someone else, but if you’re looking for ways to avoid losing your precious jewelry, then there’s definitely something to change!

Losing your jewelry: a difficult event

There’s no need to make you feel guilty; we know how difficult it can be to lose a ring that was so dear to us or another piece of jewelry that held important sentimental value. The loss of a piece of jewelry is an event that we all try to avoid, I have experienced it myself and I understand exactly how it feels. Losing a piece of jewelry is sad, but losing it often is a flaw! I’ve been in that situation, but now I know how to stop losing them. Spoiler: it’s really not rocket science.

The solution…


Admittedly, while they are so beautiful, these are mostly small and light! And it’s even easier to lose something so small, especially if you have a large quantity of them. So how do you do it? Especially if, like me (and therefore surely like you if you are reading me), you are a little bit headstrong!
The solution is not a miracle solution or a trick unknown to the general public; in fact, it is not even a trick in the strict sense of the word but a simple object, a storage unit that we have been using since the dawn of time, I call it: the jewelry box.

And yes, it is the jewelry box that will allow you not to lose any more jewelry! It may seem too simple, too obvious, but if jewelry boxes (although they looked like real chests at the time) have existed for as long as jewelry, it is not for nothing! Mind you, here we are referring to real jewelry boxes that can be found in stores that specialize in this kind of storage. The thing in which you intertwine your necklaces and earrings cannot be called a jewelry box, forgive me.

If like me (before I discovered this storage at a friend’s house), you don’t necessarily visualize what an actual jewelry box might look like, feel free to do a simple search online! Large original jewelry boxes, small vintage jewelry boxes, made of wood, leather, velvet, black or white, with a multitude of drawers or a single compartment: today, jewelry boxes have many possible variations and you will be surprised by the existing diversity!

As you could read in the previous line, the jewelry box is not the only possible solution to avoid losing your jewelry! Here, we are not going to try to make you change, to make you become a more organized person; I myself am always absent-minded, I forget some appointments and many other things, however, my jewels are now in their place thanks to my jewelry box and I do not lose any more. But if despite your research on the net, the jewelry box models did not convince you: don’t worry, there is a multitude of other storage specifically designed to preserve your collection of wonders.

Jewelry holders are a good example! They meet different needs, but they also make it possible to avoid losing your gems. Jewelry cabinets, in a totally new style, should also meet other needs. Jewelry trees, jewelry boxes, jewelry pouches, watch boxes and more are to be discovered! Many stores offer many different collections of storage to ensure that you don’t misplace any more pieces.

Now you know how to take care of your jewelry collection. By taking care of it, we mean that you at least know how to store it well. Obviously it is not enough to have a collection of jewelry in perfect condition, taking care of your jewelry, it also involves maintenance. What is the maintenance of its jewels? First of all, it is to wash them from time to time (some people even wash them every day), it is necessary to wash them with non-corrosive products. This is important because the sweat you leave on your ring for example, can damage it in the long run and rust it.

What to remember? With a jewelry box, your jewelry will be safe, but to immortalize their brilliance, it is also necessary to take care of them continuously (clean them regularly, don’t leave them too much under the sun, take them off when swimming, etc.).

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