The merits of getting a smart iposuction


Liposuction has helped millions achieve their dream figure. This technique removes fat from the body parts through suction and gives excellent outcomes. An alternative to this, Smart laser lipo has revolutionized the industry. Compared to the conventional procedure, it is a non invasive lipo method and appropriate for people who only want a slight change in the formation of their bodies.

Here is the information if you want to know more about this modern technique.

All about Smart Lipo

Smart Laser technique is designed by Cynosure and uses medical-grade lasers to melt down the fat from the selected areas. The melted fats are expelled from the body naturally, giving the skin a firm and radiant look. It is performed under local anesthesia and requires no stitches whatsoever. It is a non-invasive procedure leaving no scars after the operation.

Immediately after the process, healing tissues and fluids occupy the operated zones. The tissues heal completely and restructure back as usual after three months. Swelling from the region decreases slightly after a week of the surgery and can be further reduced by ultrasound. The stretch marks begin to fade when the skin tightens.

The Advantages


It offers various benefits to patients seeking a safe, effective, and permanent fat-removing procedure.

1. It is the safest cosmetic procedure

There is minimal discomfort with a low risk of serious complications. And a few days of rest are recommended depending upon the range of the procedure and the patient’s endurance level.

2. Less Intrusive

The technique uses lasers to liquefy the fat underneath the skin to be expelled in normal bodily function compared to the traditional liposuction method of using tubes to remove the fat from a particular area. This makes it a non invasivelipo.

3. It can reduce sagging skin condition

Traditional liposuction uses tubes to extract fat out of the skin leading to sagging of the skin later on. Lipo lasers use heat to melt the fat, stimulating collagen production and tightening the operated skin.

4. Leaves no scars

Liposuction uses a wide variety of tubes leading to deeper cuts in the skin. Smart Lipo avoids this situation by using light beams that do not require any incision into the skin and leave no scars in the process.

5. Precise fat reduction

Smart Lipo allows you to precisely determine the amount of fat removal from a particular body segment. This helps in giving a better shape to specific parts, and you can be assured of a better profile.

6. Bloodless process

The traditional procedure requires tubes to be inserted into the body, which damages the blood vessels leading to a lot of blood loss. This can be avoided with this advanced method because it involves heat from lasers to melt the fat, constricting the blood vessels and leading to no loss of blood.

7. Permanent fat removal

Smart Lipo permanently removes the targeted fat cells. However, it would be best to be disciplined in your diet to maintain the same contour for a long time.


Smart Laser Lipo is an effective solution for weight loss and can sculpt bulges of the abdomen, double chin, upper arms, male breasts, side bulges of thighs, and tummy fat. Because it is a less invasive procedure, you can expect a faster recovery and return to work within days compared to the weeks required in the traditional method.

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