The Numbers Are In: These Were the Top eSports in 2023


The world of eSports continued to grow in 2023, with games that drew in millions of viewers and tournaments that offered huge prize pools. From the legendary battles in League of Legends to the strategic depths of DotA 2, these were the games to stand out last year.

Viewership: League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), developed by Riot Games, has been a titan in the eSports world since its release in 2009. Known for its fast-paced, strategic gameplay, LoL has become a favourite for eSports betting. The game reached new heights in 2023, with the League of Legends World Championship final on November 19th. The viewership of the event peaked at an astounding 6.4 million viewers. This, among others, has cemented LoL’s status as a premier eSport, captivating audiences worldwide.

Prize Pool: DotA 2

DotA 2, developed by Valve Corporation, has been a powerhouse in the eSports scene since its inception. Based on a Warcraft III mod, DotA became a standalone title synonymous with high-stake tournaments.

The International, DotA 2’s most prestigious event, boasted a staggering prize pool of $3.38 million. Last year, the total prize money offered by DotA 2 events reached $30.9 million. This was the largest in eSports history for the year.

Top Mobile eSports Games

Mobile gaming also had its champions in 2023.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, became the most-viewed mobile eSport. Developed by Moonton, this game has quickly risen in popularity due to its accessibility and engaging gameplay. Its tournaments have drawn large audiences due to the growing impact of mobile games in the competitive gaming world.

In terms of prize money, PUBG Mobile led the way among mobile games with a prize pool totalling $21.75 million in 2023. This battle royale, developed by Tencent, has captivated players with its intense gameplay. Its tournaments have attracted a massive player base and a big viewership.

Top Team: Team Liquid

Dominating the eSports team rankings in 2023 was Team Liquid. With more than 160 streamers and participation in 1413 tournaments, Team Liquid has earned a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Their earnings of $48.1 million in prize money is a testament to their skill and dedication across various games.

Team Liquid’s success story involves talent, strategic play, and a deep understanding of eSports. This makes them a model for aspiring eSports professionals worldwide.

2023 was a monumental year for eSports. The discipline broke viewership records, and the prize pools also continued to grow. Games like LoL and DotA 2 continued to thrill fans on PC. On mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile made waves in the industry. eSports has not just maintained its global presence in 2023 but is growing in popularity, accessibility, and impact.

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