Top Family Activities at Home for Autumn  

Top Family Activities at Home for Autumn  

With the nights beginning to slowly draw in and the air becoming cooler, these are a couple of sure signs that fall is on the way, and whether you have babies and toddlers or older children in your household, you will undoubtedly be looking for some new and exciting ways to keep them entertained.

With this in mind, here are the top six family activities at home for autumn.

1. Scrapbooking

First and foremost, when you are looking for something fun and entertaining to do that the whole family will enjoy on a chilly evening, the perfect answer is to set about finding everyone’s favorite photographs and souvenir ticket stubs and turning them into a scrapbook. 

Not only will every member of the family thoroughly enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, but you could even start scrapbooking on a regular basis, which would be a lovely way of ensuring the family gets together on a regular basis to reflect on all the memories you have made in the months gone by. 

2. Needlepoint

Gone are the days when embroidery, cross-stitch, and other forms of sewing and knitting were exclusively for grandmas, and these days such wholesome activities are not only incredibly fashionable but also fun for all the family.

Visit an online needlepoint store and have a look for yourself at how much needlepoint has shot straight to the forefront of the list of the most popular activities for people of all ages to enjoy, as well as the truly stunning designs available to buy. 

3. Use the Internet for What It Was Meant For!

Instead of all sitting there in the lounge on your various smartphones, laptops, and tablets scrolling social media or sales for online toy shops, turn the internet back into the fun and educational tool it was intended for and take advantage of the latest technology.

For example, you could plan to hold an undersea adventure evening with the children and join, as a family on one device, a live streaming from a large aquarium and watch a talk from a dolphin trainer before downloading fun activity booklets on the same subject. 

4. Bake

All children and indeed the majority of adults, too, due in no small part to popular UK cooking shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Celebrity MasterChef, love to bake, and what better way to bond with the family and also create some tasty treats than to bake together.

Try and let your children experiment with flavors, and under supervision, let them choose their own ingredients; even if the end result does not entirely work as an edible treat, at least they will have had fun in the process.

5. Transform Household Tasks into Games

For the decidedly craftier parent, you could also suggest playing a game that actually involves you and the rest of your family taking care of a particular household chore that desperately needs to be done. 

You could ask your children to go and find a pair of socks to wear on their hands and do a puppet show while cleaning surfaces with the sock puppet’s mouth or talk to them about how important it is to look after the natural environment and challenge them to turn off every single electronic item in the quickest time possible. 

6.The Ultimate Movie Night

Finally, and in the majority of children’s cases, far more appealing than cleaning a cabinet with a sock, there is no better way for the whole family to enjoy time together than a fun movie night in the lounge.

Movie nights are always better when it is dark outside, making them the perfect activity for a chilly night in the autumn and winter.

You could go all out and design, or indeed task your children with designing American-style movie theatre stubs to hand out for the exclusive event, buy kernels of popcorn to pop in the saucepan, and even arrange a snack bar near the sofa to truly feel that movie experience.

For younger children, you could fill the empty chairs with their soft animals (all holding a ticket in their claw/paw/beak, of course). 

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