The Viral Smile Dating Test: Here’s All You Need To Know

Viral Smile Dating Test

In the world of social media trends and viral quizzes, the Smile Dating Test is the latest sensation to take the online world by storm. You can access this test on, a Korean website that offers various personality assessments. Many users have attested to its accuracy, making it a popular choice among online enthusiasts.

This viral test on TikTok features 16 different colored smileys, ranging from rose red and grey to khaki and beige. Each of these colors represents a unique personality trait, which is unveiled to individuals based on their responses to specific questions.

The main goal of the quiz is to figure out how someone dates by using a smiley character. Because the quiz is trending on social media, many folks want to know how to do it and share their results online.

The Smile dating Test and TikTok

The Smile Dating Test is a fun and simple online quiz. It owes its newfound popularity to TikTok, where it first gained traction in early 2023. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, leaving many curious about its significance.

It offers 16 unique outcomes that reveal an approach to love, whether you tend to be warm-hearted yet reserved in revealing yourself or someone who dives headfirst into deep affection. From olive to mint and even purple and orange smiles, this simple quiz consists of just 12 concise multiple-choice questions to unveil the smile color that resonates with your heart.

As a bonus, the Smile Dating Test also enlightens you about the two smiles that best complement your own and those you might want to avoid. So, what’s the reason behind the widespread fascination with this quiz? It’s simply the timeless joy of indulging in a classic internet quiz for fun.

Breakdown of the steps to take the Smile Dating Test on TikTok

Taking the Smile Dating Test is a breeze. Just visit the K-Test website’s dedicated Smile Dating Test landing page. Kickstart your quest to discover your dating style and associated smiley by clicking on “Start the test.”

The quiz will present you with a series of questions, where you’ll choose one of two options before proceeding to the next. After answering the questions, you can move on to the results page, where you’ll discover your corresponding smiley.

Upon reaching the results page, you’ll find a comprehensive description of the personality that has been linked to your smiley. Typically, users capture a screenshot of this page and share it on their TikTok profiles or other social media accounts to showcase their results to friends and followers.

The test evaluates users by assessing their responses to a set of questions. A selection of the questions featured on the test includes:

1.      What’s your go-to place when you have a free weekend with no plans?

2.      Unexpected appointment pops up – how do you handle it?

3.      Boarding a plane for a trip – what crosses your mind?

4.      When it comes to picking a dress for a date, what’s your plan?

Since the website is in Korean, users may need to use a translation tool to convert the webpage into English or any other preferred language.

Why Users Are Fond of These Tests?

Personality quizzes, such as the Smile Dating Test, have consistently captivated the interest of internet users. There are several reasons why people are attracted to these quizzes and relish sharing their outcomes with friends and followers on social media platforms like TikTok.

1. Self-Exploration

Personality tests provide a unique chance for people to delve into and enhance their comprehension of their personalities, preferences, and emotions. The Smile Dating Test, for instance, assists users in uncovering insights into their dating styles and how they approach romantic relationships.

2. Building Connections and Relatability

Sharing these results on social media platforms enables users to connect with individuals who share similar dating personalities. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and relatability, reassuring users that they’re not alone in their relationship approaches.

3. Entertainment Appeal 

These tests frequently incorporate entertaining and visually engaging elements, like the smiley faces found in the Smile Dating Test. This adds a layer of amusement, making the test informative and enjoyable to complete and share with others.

Smile Dating Test Outcome

The Smile Dating Test presents a novel and enjoyable method to explore your dating persona, blending MBTI typing with colorful smiley faces. Engaging in this viral trend allows you to uncover insights into your romantic characteristics and enhances your comprehension of how others might view you from a dating perspective.

Final Words

The Smile Test is a great way to learn more about your dating style. Just take the test, look at the results, and think about what they mean for you. It can also help you get to know yourself better and see if there are any areas where you can improve.

When you look at your results, you can discover more about yourself and understand how others see you and how you handle relationships. You can also use the test results to become better at dating. But remember, it’s on you to take action and make changes based on what you’ve learned from this test.

Keep in mind that taking the first step to understand yourself and possibly changing your dating approach is the secret to finding success in the world of dating.

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