6 Reasons Why Camping in Australia is Awesome

Why Camping in Australia is Awesome

Do you know how big Australia really is? It is the sixth largest country in the world, with a land mass of almost 7.7 million square kilometres. Inside this area, you can find anything you want – beaches, forests, mountains, deserts, and everything else.

Thousands of campers enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors almost daily. Most of the continent is still untouched, and some parts are even uncharted. The southeast parts are the most densely inhabited, and this is the part of the country where most people also go camping. However, for the most experienced and those seeking adventure, the entire continent is a playground.

If you’re hesitating about camping, we’re here to highlight the beauty of this fantastic outdoor activity. In this article, we talk more about why you should choose camping and what its benefits are. Keep reading and learn more about it.

1. A chance to switch from everyday stressful life

Life in the city can be stressful. Everyday traffic jams, people around us being nervous, and having tons of obligations during the working week means that we need some peace every chance we get. Going in nature and setting up the camp means enjoying exactly that – some peace.

Camping allows you to relax and enjoy time spent in nature without worrying about anything happening back in the city. Work can wait, your phone can be set on silent, and a break from social media is also a wise move. Do everything that will fill your batteries and prepare you for the chaos back in the city.

2. Breathing fresh air and enjoying nature

Air pollution is one of the concerns of modern living. With millions of people living in cities, air pollution is extreme at times. No one breathes air that has excellent quality. To end this, you should go camping in the mountains or the forests.

Places full of trees are the ones where the air has the best quality. A week’s breathing of this fresh air will help you renew your lungs. This additionally enhances the work of your entire body and improves your immunity. A week’s camping in the mountains means months of feeling great in the city.

3. Chance to reconnect with nature and practice traditional skills

Camping means no electronics, no modern appliances, and often no internet. It allows you to do things that you wouldn’t do in civilization but will show you how people used to live back in the day. It allows you to reconnect with nature and traditional ways of life.

Lighting up the campfire, cutting trees to build something, and trying to find food from the local surrounding is what makes a great camping experience. Although eating in a fancy restaurant is nice, enjoying the fruits of nature also sparks a fantastic feeling of freedom.

4. Being physically active

Camping rarely goes without additional physical activity. Most campers will also enjoy some hiking, mountaineering, biking, or something else. Reaching mountain peaks, biking through the amazing countryside or even fishing and listening to the sounds of the birds is an incredibly wonderful experience for many.

Once you’re done, you can come back to camp and rest. Have a drink, eat some delicious foods you picked up along the way or brought from home, and enjoy the wonderful times in nature. This way, you’re both improving your physical and mental health.

5. Seeing some of the most incredible sights of your life

When taking on nature, you’re getting the chance to experience some of the most staggering sights you’ve ever seen in your life. With so much time spent on the city’s streets, we forget how beautiful nature is. Camping gives you a chance to remind yourself of that.

Just imagine climbing up the mountains and seeing how the city looks from above. The scene in which you’re drinking freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the light breeze and seeing the sunset over the ocean is a sight you will never forget.

6. It is the most affordable vacation solution

Have you checked the prices of flights and hotels lately? Inflation made it nearly impossible to go on a decent vacation, but camping remains almost free. If you compare these two types of vacationing, you realize how much more affordable camping is.

If you already own a UTE, you only need to make a few adjustments, and you’re ready to go anywhere across the country you want. Install a cross-deck toolbox, canopy, or an ordinary toolbox from the OZY Toolbox Centre and start packing everything you need for the trip.

Once ready, drive to your desired location, and spend a holiday with minimum expenses. Compared to traditional hotel leisure, camping grounds are highly affordable. Pack enough supplies and food, and enjoy the camping experience.

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