What Does Rawr Mean in Dinosaur?

What Does Rawr Mean

Dinosaurs and extinct creatures of the Earth, and we can’t exactly say what term they used for communication. Hollywood, social media, and cartoons have made a great impact on people that dinosaurs “rawr.” JULIA CLARKE (palaeontologist) revealed that dinosaurs made sounds like lions and tigers. Dinosaurs produce close sounds like birds and alligators because it is popular that these extinct animals are the predecessor of living dinosaurs (birds) and crocodiles.

It is found that dinosaurs never “rawr”. They cooed like a dove. I don’t know who, but in the 2000s, this cooed was corrupted to “rawr,” which means “I love you” in the dinosaurs’ language. Same thinking arises: what does rawr mean in dinosaur sexually? They used to pretend these sounds to attract female dinosaurs, communicate with other animals, and, most probably, show off.

What does Rawr Mean in History?

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Rawr was not popular before the 2000s. It is a slang word widespread among teenagers. Look into the Urban dictionary to find the meaning of this flirty term. You will find that people added this word in the dictionary between 2010 to 2015, which means “to say I love you.”

It’s funny, but the fact that its real origin may be memes, and you know very well that memes can include something senseless. However, it became popular and became part of people’s daily life. Like most teenagers love printing rawr on t-shirts and all. It is also believed that this word was popular after “Emo subculture” and therefore famous among the youngsters.

We cleared above through extensive studies that dinosaurs didn’t use to rawr for dinosaurs and rawr. They used to coo with a closed mouth. It is clear that to roar or rawr animals open a big mouth, and dinosaurs never opened big mouths to produce loud sounds because the fossils of dinosaurs reveal that they originated with closed vocalization.

How Did Dinosaurs Produce Rawr or Sound?

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Dinosaurs had closed-mouth vocalization scientists found it through the present birds because dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. These birds push air that forces sound to the oesophagus pouch. By closing their mouth, they produce a sound that drives through their neck skin. They don’t need to open their beak to produce sound through neck feathers or skin. The best examples of this behaviour are doves. Dinosaurs also used to follow the same process to produce coo.

Riede said, only animals with a large body size equal to the size of a dove or larger have closed-mouth vocalization. We know very well that dinosaurs were massive and extensive reptiles. Therefore, it is possible that they also mumbled or cooed instead of yelling and rawr.

Moreover, dinosaurs may communicate vocally or visually. Some dinosaurs like Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus may use amplified grunts or bellows. However, they use this roaring to indicate their territory and show their anger toward their competitor.

History of the Word Rawr in Dinosaur

The word rawr became popular around the mid-2000s. If you look in the Urban dictionary, you’ll find people mostly added the word and its definition between 2010 and 2015. That’s also when teens started using it on social media. At first, it was mainly used as a slang term in memes. Memes can include anything, so they are not necessarily actual words. However, the term became popular as more people used it and mentioned it online.

To some point, it was only used by the emo subculture, specifically teenagers and young adults. Shortly after, it developed into a real word, with a definition in the dictionary and all. Now, people are using it to express their love, mostly on chat platforms. While we’re not sure whether the dinosaurs made any sounds, at least we’re sure what rawr means!

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Other Rawr Meaning in Dinosaurs

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Does rawr mean I love you in dinosaurs? Rawr does not always mean “I love you” or “I want to imitate you”. Yes, it may have other meanings, which we can dig into below. Its versatile sound may indicate several other meanings in these extinct animals’ languages. So what does rawr mean in dinosaur language?

Rawr means Hello?

Yeah, it may mean “Hello” because dinosaurs produce this type of sound when they are happy. This concept begins in early cartoons and the most popular “Jurrasic Park”, where when they want to say “hello” or “Nice meeting you”, they rawr.

This is My Land

When they are angry or want to pretend that something belongs to them, they rawr. This is a clear warning message that this area belongs to them, and they don’t want a mess. However, this is an aggressive way of communication and includes threats. 

Be Aware I am Here

Rawr may also indicate the meaning that “I am here”. Sometimes rawr extremely to let others know their presence. Like in Jurassic Park: Tyrannosaurus is always raw when it appears to the public, and this sound cause people to flee in terror.


It’s not an authentic study that rawr means I love you in dinosaurs. Scientists and palaeontologists proved that these extinct animals were warriors with closed vocalizations like some present birds and alligators. Commonly, dinosaurs are the predecessors of the birds and crocodiles; therefore, palaeontologists make most of their research and study through them.

Dinosaurs coo and mumbled like ostrich and pigeons instead of rawr. However, some dinosaurs like Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus will communicate through vocals or gestures. They may yell to define their presence and kingdom in some area.

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