What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth”? (Don’t Google) Updated.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

You might have seen several posts and memes provoking you to search “what dinosaur has 500 teeth,” but this matter is not that simple, and the people who are posting these things don’t want you to gather information, but they are doing it all as a joke.

You need to make sure that you don’t search it on google, and if you already have searched it, do not share it with anyone because it is pretty problematic, and that is why we are right here to give you the reason for not searching it and to walk you through the whole scene.

Keep reading and see the story unfold!

Interesting Facts About The Viral Dinosaur With 500 Teeth.

Nigersaurus is a very interesting dinosaur in itself because it is believed to be one of the most ancient dinosaurs ever found. Nigersaurus ate plants and had a short neck that perfectly complimented its wide jaw. The thing that makes this dinosaur so famous is its 500 teeth, making it one of its kind. The fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in Nigeria and that is where the famous meme started.

Interestingly, paleontologists were trying to figure out how this dinosaur actually looked for years because its skeleton was hollow and it made it difficult for the scientists to figure out how exactly it was supposed to look like.

It is also called the Niger lizard. You must be wondering that it is not remotely similar to a lizard then why so? Well, because pelvic bones of this dinosaur were similar to that of a lizard.

The origin of Nigersaurus dates back to 119 million years ago and it is also found that the babies of this dinosaur were surprisingly small. Paleontologists found out the specimen of some babies in Nigeria and they said that their heads could fit even on a silver dollar. This dinosaur used its 500 tiny teeth to chew the grass and if a dinosaur needs 500 teeth to chew grass, that must be tough grass for sure.

The Beginning Of Dinosaur Meme

It was a joke that started from Reddit, and within a few days, there were memes and tweets everywhere regarding the matter. It was 2019 when a guy posted about this on Reddit, and since then, it has been doing rounds on the internet, and it is pretty unfortunate.

People who did not know what it exactly was got really curious to know the tea.So, more and more people started searching for “what dinosaur has 500 teeth,” and just in a few days, this became one of the most searched things on google, and if you just type what dinosaur has, google will auto-fill the 500 teeth part. 

Now, imagine for yourself that how many people would have searched this one sentence and all because of a joke on Reddit, which was not only mean and problematic, but it was hands down racist as well, and all people are doing is just laughing and normalizing the matter which is yet another problematic thing to do.

When you search that what dinosaur has 500 teeth, google will direct you to “Nigersaurus,” which is a dinosaur with a very wide mouth and which has around pointy but small teeth in his mouth. Now, because of the name “Nigersaurus,” people are comparing this dinosaur to the “N” word that is usually quite famous for the people of Nigeria and not only famous, but it is racist as well, and that is why it is not really legal to use it on different platforms.

Though the guy who posted about this 500-toothed dinosaur is not on Reddit anymore, and his account has been deleted but, what he posted stayed on the internet, and people are searching for this racist joke to date.

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Why The Meme ( what dinosaur has 500 teeth ) Went So Viral?

Not only the origin of this joke is problematic, but its spread is not great either. When the post was attracting clout and people were constantly searching it on google, a few of the top meme accounts on Reddit decided to give it a go.

The person who posted it earlier did not have much clout or audience, and until then, this was just spreading with word of mouth or simply tweets, but the problem was about to start soon in the December of 2019.

What happened is that some of the top Reddit accounts who were really famous for their memes made memes about “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” and posted them on their accounts which really were famous among the audience.

Now, those who did not see it earlier got access to this racist joke, and people started spreading it because those meme accounts had much bigger traffic which they could have used for a positive message but generating traffic through a racist joke, duh.

The joke was spreading all over Reddit, but it got to other platforms when WarmerBasson69 posted a whole video on what dinosaur has 500 teeth, yes it was a whole commentary based on this joke, and it got 66000 views so, the people who did not use Reddit, they also knew about the joke and started searching it. Would you believe that a joke that started in 2019 has survived for 2 years straight?

That, too, a racist joke? But, the statistics tell us that it did survive because the joke was most searched in 2021, even more than it was searched in 2020, which tells us a lot about how slowly and gradually it is spreading


Even though this was just a joke, it had a hint of racism, which is never alright, and we must not normalize it no matter what. So, make sure that you are not sharing anything like that on your profile. Also, do not search “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” again on google and try to respect other people and other cultures because our diversity is what holds us all together.

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