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Does your student struggle to learn something new? And do you want an interesting way of teaching maths or other subjects to your pupils?

Quizizz is the right tool for you!

Quizizz is an educational tool available for interactive learning that benefits students and teachers. According to the research of the International Higher Education Journal, Quizizz has a positive effect on the evaluation score of students, and students are more motivated and focused on learning. Quizizz is famous for gamified quizzes that make learning interesting and engaging and help students improve their grades.

Keep reading my blog if you are curious about this learning tool. I will tell you Everything You Need To Know About Quizizz, including its benefits, alternatives, and more.

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is an E-learning tool available as a website and application on the Google play store and Appstore. It was founded by Ankit and Deepak in 2015 in Bangalore, India. However, over 100 countries are taking advantage of Quizizz, which has another office in Santa Monica, California. Quizizz allows teachers to create customizable quizzes and real-time student needs insights. Teachers used this tool in 86% of schools in the U.S. and reported that their students’ learning skills are improving with the help of Quizizz.

Quizizz also has a blog section where its writers post informative articles to motivate students worldwide and guide them to use Quizziz effectively. The blogs cover various topics, from study tips and learning strategies to updates on Quizizz’s latest features and improvements. It is a valuable resource for students and educators looking to enhance their learning experience.

How To Get Started With Quizizz?

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Here is a step-wise guidance to get started with Quizizz:

  • Go to the Quizizz website,
  • You will see a signup option at the top right corner of your screen; click on it.
  • Create your account on Quizizz,
  • Choose a plan for yourself from “individuals,” “schools,” and “Districts.”
  • The individual plan is free to use but lacks some features,
  • Schools and districts plan more benefits, but you must pay for that.

How To Create A Quiz on Quizizz?

Creating a quiz on Quizizz is very easy; Here are the steps to create a quiz:

  • Visit the Quizizz website and Log in to your account,
  • Tap on “Create” and select New Quiz,
  • Give a title to your quiz and select a suitable topic and tap on Next
  • Write your questions using the Quiz Editor and select the format of the quiz,
  • For mathematical questions, use the equation editor,
  • You can also add audio to your quiz,
  • Now, select the time duration for the whole quiz and individual questions,
  • Save your quiz to your library and share it with students whenever possible.

Quizizz Advantages and Disadvantages

Quizizz is an amazing tool that has some advantages and disadvantages that are discussed below:

Advantages of Quizizz

  • Improved engagement and motivation for students at every level,
  • The personalized learning experience for students helps them grow individually,
  • Time-saving and efficient for teachers,
  • Increased student achievement and performance in every subject,
  • Enhanced data analysis and feedback for teachers to improve their teaching and learn about the weakness of their pupils.

Disadvantages of Quizizz

  • Some users reported problems with changing the sequence of questions in the quiz,
  • A cheating prevention feature should be added to Quizizz,
  • Customization of the quiz is limited,
  • This tool lacks the feature to import questions from a spreadsheet or a doc.

Top 10 Alternatives of Quizizz

1. Quizlet:

Quizlet is also a learning tool for students that was developed by Andrew Sutherland in 2005. Every 2 in 3 U.S. students use Quizlet to study and give positive feedback. This study tool allows users to create digital flashcards, quizzes, and study games. You can also ask questions to verified experts on Quizlet.

Website (https://quizlet.com/)

2. Kahoot!:

Kahoot! is a gamified e-learning online platform with over 50% of U.S. teachers using it. This tool allows users to create quizzes, surveys, and quiz games. Kahoot! is free but offers paid plans for businesses and schools, starting at $24 monthly.

Website (https://kahoot.com/)

3. Mentimeter:

Mentimeter is an audience-engaging tool teachers, students, and business people use. It has many features such as Word Cloud, Quiz, Q&A, Survey, and Presentations. Mentimeter gained popularity because of its interactive presentation feature and collaborative presentation mode for team members.$11.99

Website (https://www.mentimeter.com/)

4. MyQuiz:

MyQuiz is another audience-engaging quiz-based tool used by education sectors, sports events, marketing planners, etc. You can create multiple-choice questions, True/False, picture-based answers, drawing questions, and polls by using My Quiz.

Website (https://myquiz.org/)


AhaSlides has 1,000,000 users worldwide, and teachers and organizations use it to deliver lectures or live presentations. This website also has a blog section like Quizizz, which has blogs about recent inventions and news of the digital world.

Website (https://myquiz.org/)

6. CognitoForms:

CognitoForms is an online tool that allows users to create any online form to collect data, pay, etc. The basic features of Cognito Forms are free to access, but the premium version has a fee requirement starting from $15 monthly.

Website (https://www.cognitoforms.com/)

7. Paperform:

The Paper form tool is similar to Cognito forms, allowing users to create forms with distinctive digital designs. These forms can be used for quizzes, surveys, or online payment.

Website (https://paperform.co/)

8. Crowdpurr:

Crowdpurr is an audience interaction platform for live presentations, events, and meetings. It provides various interactive tools to assist event organizers in engaging their audience and gathering useful insights. It is a web-based tool supported by every browser.

Website (https://www.crowdpurr.com/)

9. Classtime:

Classtime is a website specially designed to help students and teachers. This learning tool can create an assessment for students and provide direct feedback to teachers. Classtime is also integrated with Google Classroom, Google Education, and Cloud partners.

Website (https://www.classtime.com/en.html)

10. Wooclap:

Wooclap is an interactive platform designed to engage and educate audiences during presentations, meetings, or events. It allows speakers to create quizzes, polls, surveys, and open-ended questions that participants can answer using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Website (https://www.wooclap.com/)

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Gamified learning is the best way to learn and has numerous benefits. According to the Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2019, game-based learning significantly affected mathematics achievement. Several e-learning tools are available for education, and Quizizz is one. Quizizz is better than the other interactive tools because of its innovative features, affordable price, and easy-to-use website. Go now and create your account on Quizizz to teach in an advanced and unique way!

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