Amira Brie 2023: Bio, Career, Facts, Net Worth, Onlyfans.

Amira Brie

Welcome to a blog post about the life and career of Amira Brie! Amira Brie is an American model and social media influencer known for her vibrant personality, stunning beauty, and love of fashion. She has been modeling since she was 16 years old, when she started to gain attention from her peers and fashion designers.

She has gone on to walk the runway for famous designers, appeared in top magazines, and worked with the biggest entertainment industry. Amira Brie is also a successful social media influencer, with a following of over 257K on Instagram. She is known for her vibrant personality, stunning beauty, and love of fashion. Her posts often feature her wearing the latest fashion trends, traveling to exotic locations, and spending time with friends.

Regarding her career, Amira Brie is constantly pushing herself to new heights. She has worked with Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B. She also recently launched her fashion line and released her makeup collection.

Place of birthUnited States
Star SignScorpio
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1996
Net Worth$1.9 million
Cause of FameTiktoker
Weight58 kgs

Who is Amira Brie?

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Amira Brie is a fashion model and social media influencer who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She has a presence on several social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, and her following continues to grow daily.

Amira started her career as a model as a teenager and has participated in numerous campaigns, runway shows, and editorial photoshoots. She has also been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Amira has also made a name for herself as a social media influencer. She has nearly two million followers on her Instagram account, and she often posts pictures of her latest looks and shares her views on the latest trends. Amira also has a YouTube channel where she posts beauty and lifestyle videos.

Fun Facts about Amira Brie

  • Amira Brie was born in Paris, France, and started modeling at age 15. She is a natural beauty highly sought by fashion designers and magazines worldwide.
  • Amira Brie has been the face of several fashion campaigns, including those for Prada, Gucci, and Versace. She is considered one of the top fashion models in the world.
  • Amira Brie loves to travel and has been to over 35 countries. She loves exploring new cultures and discovering new places.
  • Amira Brie advocates for animal rights and is working with PETA to spread awareness about animal cruelty. She is passionate about helping animals and is dedicated to the cause.
  • Amira Brie is also a big art fan and has done some modeling for well-known artists. She loves exploring art and is always up for a new challenge.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Amira Brie, a fashion model. She is a true inspiration and a great model and actress.

Amira Net Worth

In 2022, Amira Brie will be worth $ 1.9 million. Her career as an actress and model made her rich. Her acting career began at an early age in Los Angeles, California. The Santa Clause, the Escape Clause, was her first role. Nashville, House, Heroes, and Heroes are among her other credits.

Her modeling work for magazines such as Vogue and Elle complements her acting career. Her net worth has grown as a result of this success. Her philanthropic work includes UNICEF, as well as acting and modeling. She is on an upward trajectory with all of these achievements.

Amira Brie’s Trivia

  • Brie was born in the United States on 07 July 1999.
  • Her heritage is Lebanese and Italian.
  • Having appeared in Alex Cross in 2012, Amira began her acting career.
  • Other TV appearances include CSI: Miami and NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • Amira appeared in the film Wild Card in 2015.
  • She has also appeared in Meadowland.

Amira’s Career

Amira Brie has been an accomplished fashion model in the industry for over a decade. Her career began in 2009 when she was just 18 years old, and she quickly became a highly sought-after model due to her unique look. Amira has walked the runways for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, including Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. She has also done editorial work for several prestigious magazines, from Elle to Vogue.

She has also appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Amira is known for her penchant for bold and edgy fashion, often experimenting with daring silhouettes and colors. She has been photographed in off-the-runway looks and has even designed her fashion lines. She is the ultimate fashion chameleon, able to adapt her style to any trend or situation.

Amira is a true fashion icon, inspiring young women worldwide to express themselves through fashion. Her career has been remarkably successful and only improves with each passing year.

Amira Brie Hobbies

Amira Brie is a Canadian fashion actress who loves to stay busy and explore her hobbies. Amira is an avid traveler and enjoys learning about different cultures worldwide. She especially loves to explore fashion and style in different countries, from Japan’s traditional fashion to Milan’s modern trends.

Amira is also a big fan of photography and enjoys capturing her travels through the lens. She often takes photos of people and places, trying to capture the beauty and culture of the area. She also enjoys taking fashion photographs, getting inspired by the different trends she discovers on her journeys.

Another hobby of Amira’s is art. She loves to create visual art, from painting to sculpture. She’s even taken up drawing and sketching to relax and express her creativity. Amira also has an eye for interior design, and she loves to spend time decorating her home.

Amira is always looking for ways to explore her hobbies, and she’s always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. She loves to stay busy and find ways to express her creativity and style. With her love of fashion, photography, art, and interior design, Amira Brie is a Canadian fashion actress with an eye for all things beautiful.

Amira Brie’s Height, Weight & Measurements


She is 23 years old, 5’5″ tall, and weighs around 58kg as of 2022. Additionally, she measures 33-24-34 inches. She also has dark brown eyes and black hair. Approximately 7.5 is the size of Amira Brie’s shoe. The dress size is 4 (US), and the hips size is 32. She wears a 23B bra. The size of her waist is 25 inches, and the size of her hips is 34 inches. She has an Hourglass Body Shape/Type, White Ethnicity, and Black Hair.

Amira Brie’s Relationship

The actress isn’t afraid to talk about love and relationships. So she won’t share much personal information. We were unfruitful as we searched for answers regarding her love life, relationships, and men, but we will try to share what we found. Amira is currently single and has been for some time.

It is unknown whether she is dating anyone, and there are no pictures or videos of her. According to some online pictures, she might be a lesbian. There has been no confirmation of her sexuality from her. It’s hard to make assumptions about who she might like to date or who she is currently dating since she’s not seeing anyone at all.

Amira Brie Education

Amira was born on 7 July 1999 in the United States. Her parents are Moroccan and Spanish. When Brie was six, she appeared in her first national commercial for Mattel’s Barbie. Across the country, the commercial aired. Additionally, she has appeared on iCarly and Sonny with a Chance.

She attended Palo Verde High School in California. As a high school student, her mother home-schooled her to focus on acting and tutoring. She graduated early from high school with a 4.7/5.0 GPA at 17. Currently, she is a senior and plans to graduate the following year. In addition to English, Amira speaks Spanish, French, and Arabic fluently.

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Amira Brie’s Ethnicity

Amira Brie is mixed race. She has a Moroccan father and a French mother. France is her home country. Brie identifies as Moroccan and French. She speaks both French and Arabic fluently. One of the things that make Amira Brie unique and beautiful is her mixed ethnicity.

Brie’s nationalities are Moroccan and French. In 2022, Amira Brie will be 23 years old. Since 2004, she has been acting professionally. In 2007, she starred as Hala Hussein in the film L’Enfant d’en haut. In the same year, Brie appeared alongside Maggie Q and Anne Parillaud in La Femme Nikita.

In 2008, she starred alongside Guillaume Canet and Mathilda May in Les Passagers. She played a recurring role on the TV series Plus Belle la vie in 2010. Furthermore, Amira Brie co-starred with Christian Clavier in Chinese Casse-Tete in 2012 as Clara Malaïka Dussacq. As a result of this role, she was nominated for the 31st César Awards for Most Promising Actress.

The things Amira Brie loves most

  • In addition to fiction, Amira enjoys reading biographies as well.
  • Having fun with family and friends is one of her favorite activities.
  • Photography is one of her favorite hobbies, which she hopes to one day become a career.
  • The kind and caring Amira Brie always tries to help others in any way she can.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • Her favorite place is outside in a park or forest because she loves nature and animals.
  • She loves cooking, and her favorite food is sushi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Amira Brie born?

Amira Brie was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What type of roles does Amira Brie usually play?

Amira Brie usually plays strong, independent characters with much depth and complexity. She is known for bringing a wide range of emotions to her roles.

Final Thoughts

Amira is a popular figure in the fashion world, and her unique sense of style has gained many admirers. Overall, Amira Brie is a highly successful fashion model and social media influencer making waves in the industry. Her growing following and presence in the fashion world are proof of her success.

That’s it for Amira Brie! I hope this post gave you a better understand of who she is and what she does. Thanks for reading!

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