What to Talk About With a Girl For A Good Relationship.

What to Talk About With a Girl

When a boy is in love, he feels very anxious to talk to a girl. He feels hesitant to express his feelings to the girl he likes. Men always think about what to talk about with a girl.

Even though he meets that girl a lot of the time, talking to her is difficult for him. I’ll tell you the exciting topics you can discuss with the girl in this post.

Introducing yourself to her

After meeting your girl, the first thing you have to do is introduce yourself in front of her. It does not matter if you meet face to face or over the phone. If you meet each other on Facebook, you can talk to her on a phone call or over text.

After starting the conversation, you should introduce yourself to what you are and what you do. This is the best decision to start talking and impress her in a good way.

Make sure that you are not cheating with her as it will ruin her confidence and trust. Keep yourself loyal to yourself, as well as others.


Childhood is considered to be a fascinating topic to talk about with a girl.

Some memories are amusing to talk about, and some memories might be more embarrassing.

Well, you and your friend are together, and you can talk about your childhood. When you start talking about your childhood, you both share different hilarious moments or a playground disaster.

So this topic comes out to be more overwhelming regarding what to talk about with a girl. Discussions about childhood together will help lessen your tensions and make you seem more relatable. 

Additionally, it can be an excellent way to expose vulnerabilities and build intimacy. Therefore, your childhood memories are a safe way to establish a connection with her, whether you see her as a friend or as more than that.


Although you can talk about different topics, talking about your work can go a long way with what to talk about with a girl. You can also ask your friend about her work and her daily routine regarding work.

Talking about work may be the best idea about where she is doing a job. You can also ask her about the closed-by lunch spot where you can meet each other and talk about different ideas.

This type will bring up some positive thoughts which you can suggest to your girl. During lunch, you can ask her how her day was in her office. People can learn a lot from their work discussions. 

Family and friends

Girls are more family-oriented as compared to boys. When we talk about different families for social connections, you are showing to value those relationships.

It also depicts that you are ready to express vulnerabilities to her. It can be highly enduring when a grown man discusses how much he loves spending time with his grandmother or visiting his parents in his free time.

You should find out if you have any mutual friends or acquaintances. The two of you will have more chances to converse in the future if you have mutual friends.

You can also learn about her friends to get an idea of her personal life.

It’s a great chance to pursue a new friendship if she’s new to the area and hasn’t made any friends yet.


Hobbies are often an essential part of who a person is and maybe the best topic to talk about with a girl. It’s how they spend a lot of their time. As hobbies are activities done for enjoyment, the conversation will be upbeat. Even if you don’t share hobbies, try something new.

Your Surroundings

Sometimes, you have to improve yourself. You can do it after evaluating your surroundings. So look around yourself and ask her questions to get into more in-depth discussions. Rolling turns out to be relatively easy.

The People Around You

Sometimes, you guys complain about what to talk about with a girl. They think that they are running out of topics to talk about in which they are interested. But you can also talk about different people around you such as your common friends and family.

Then you have a lot of things for conversation if you pay close attention to your surroundings. You can talk about your friend, grandparents, or sister or brother. 

Whenever you talk about her family, she always feels desperate to tell you everything about them. Mostly, the girls feel very relaxed and enthusiastic to talk about their family and friends. 

Furthermore, you can also pick a stranger at random and ask different things about her to talk about when you go outside. Eventually, she’ll get more imaginative and will begin telling you more and more imaginative stories. Both of you will have a blast.

Her dreams, her passions, and her goals

Many girls complain that no one listens to her, but you can take advantage of this thinking. Using this idea will help you think of what to talk about with a girl.

Through healthy talk, you can give her different impressive ideas to fulfill her dreams. You can also boost her passion that will take her towards her goal. 

While talking about dreams and goals, you will gain the trust of your companion.

These healthy discussions will also boost her confidence. Later on, she will also discuss different things about her passions and dreams. So it will be a great conversation with your partner that also reveals her personality.

Dreams are just as much a part of you as your experiences. You may not have done anything yet, but the thought of the future shapes you. Please don’t make it sound like a job interview while What to Talk About With a Girl.

It’s important to get to know her as a person, not her qualifications for an open position. Eliminate the phrase, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” from your vocabulary.

Passions and hobbies can also be discussed. Whatever you like! You can try adventurous sports like surfing or hiking some spectacular mountains, play music or play board games if you wish.


Whenever I interact with a woman, I always strive to make the conversation fun and imaginative. Boring conversations are the worst. Through my experiences with women, I’ve learned that talking about travel always makes them feel happy and excited.

People love to travel, and those who can’t travel daydream about having the time or money to do so. A personal list of travel destinations is essential here, rather than an impersonal list.

Please get to know where she has traveled to and what she enjoyed about it. If she could disappear for a month without having to worry about work or other responsibilities, ask her where she would go. Conversations of this type will get her imagination on overdrive and put her in an uplifted emotional state.

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