What To Talk About With a Guy For Start A Best Relation.

What to talk about with a guy

Whenever you are thinking of starting to talk about certain things with a guy, you are confused. You are thinking about which topic you have to talk about. We all know very well that in any relationship, a good conversation serves as the best skill. If you are good in your discussion, it will help you make your personal and professional life solid and trustworthy.

What to talk about with a guy on your first date

When you are going on your first date and want fun things to be in a conversation, you can go for many excellent topics. You can also discuss deep personal questions about the personality of your partner.

What to talk about with a guy: Deep Understanding

It is usually examined that some girls ask deep questions to the boy to understand certain things. They might want to understand the partner’s maturity level as well as emotional intelligence.

On the other hand, some girls want to have enjoyable and funny conversations; so both will enjoy the funny moments. The funny talks will also help to grow the relationship. 

Talking on the phone or texting your partner

It is straightforward to start a conversation with your guy over the phone or via text whenever you need something to talk about. Some boys feel more relaxed when talking on the phone.

They think that it is an exciting thing to talk or text on your phone. To inspire you with different ideas, I have compiled various topics about what to talk about with a guy.

From anything to the topics, you can explore the questions to ask your guy. You can find ways to keep the conversation going and get to know each other through your guts. 

Talk about your favorite movies and actors.

It is considered a safe topic when you start with the initial topics to talk about with your guy. You can talk about the movies that were just released as well as your favorite actors and movies.

You can ask your guy whether she likes thrilling action movies or romantic movies. While talking, you can also ask your boy to invite him to watch his favorite movie. 

From my point of view, this may be the best idea of spending more time together. While watching the movie, your guy might be impressed by you.

Talk about their hobbies.

Hobbies are also considered to be a safe subject to begin. While talking about the problems, you can explore different exciting things about your partner. For example, you can ask what you do in your spare time.

Your crush has a lot of things to talk about about what he has to do. Whether he does different sports, reads a book, cooks any dish, or listens to their favorite music. If you have common hobbies, you can do different things together. 

Discuss common friends

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to discuss common friends with a man. These types of discussions will develop a deeper bond between you and your partner. So you can tell different funny, interesting, or annoying things about your familiar friends.

Describe the books and authors you love.

We all know very well that many people are book lovers, and if you talk to your boy about his favorite book or author, it may be a good idea. You can also spend all your time in the library.

You can ask your crush about what kind of books he likes to read. You will be amazed to know that your crush’s choice of books will tell you about his character.

Discuss life goals

Discussing life goals should come in the later discussions or meetings while thinking about what to talk about with a guy. Everyone has a goal in their life, so discussing these things will make your day memorable.

While discussing your likes, you will get an idea about how focused a girl or a guy is in his or her life. You can also get inspiration from your boy during the talk and make your life more exciting and smoother. 

Favorite travel destination

You can easily find whether your guy has traveled or not or what is their most loved travel destination. Discussing travel destinations also comes in the category of best things to talk about with your crush. Many people are very fond of traveling, and through this kind of discussion, you can quickly evaluate how he sees the world.

Talk about your little secrets.

Can you talk about your little secrets? Then ultimately, this will bring you closer. Talking about secrets comes in the category of best things to talk about with your crush. In these little secrets, there are many exciting and naughty things to talk about with one another.

These secrets will also boost the confidence of both partners. When you share little dirty secrets, it will form a bond and enable you to come closer to each other. 

Talk about things that irritate you.

Talking about the things that Irritate you are the things; what to talk about with a guy. This is the topic to be discussed after you have known each other for some time.

After these discussions, your crush will know you better whether you irritate from which thing. Some girls are irritated by Cockroaches, and some boys cannot see the blood. After that, your boy will be impressed by your exciting and deep thoughts.

Talk about your dreams.

It is common for a girl to talk about her future dreams with her boy. Your partner will be impressed by you after your healthy discussion about life goals. It shows how passionate you are regarding your dreams.

Talking about dreams will also help to evaluate what your boy wants to become in life. It is a deep discussion that can help you make future decisions about your relationship.

Social media apps

Social media apps are the best platforms to talk about different things with a guy. You can easily get an idea about what he is doing with social media apps. Along with seeing their pictures, you can also contact him using these apps.

You can bluntly message your boy, “oh you are here too.” Through this statement, you can start a chat and talk about different things and topics. 

Talk about pets 

Talking about birds is always a safe approach to talk about with your guy. If you think he is very fond of having pets, you can talk about it. He will take an interest in the discussion.


If you and your boy are fond of cooking and know how to put it differently, then this might be the best topic to start the chat. You can share your experiences regarding cooking.

You can also talk about funny things while preparing the dishes. These discussions about cooking will make you feel fresh and strengthen relationships.

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