Who is Katelyn Lordahl? Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth.

Who is Katelyn Lordahl

Katelyn Lordahl is considered a renowned Instagram star and TikTok star, mostly known for dance videos and lip-sync videos. Her TikTok account is very much famous and the name of the account is Katielordahi. 

However, on the other side, people also know her for their bikini photos and modelling photos. You can see most of her bikini photos on her Instagram account. Katelyn has a great personality and is a multidimensional American actress. 

She has won many hearts through her comedy videos and risk-taking social media content. Along with Instagram and TikTok, she is also making names in modeling, music, and onlyfans world. In this post, we will talk about physical appearance, family background, education, career, as well as net worth. 

Katelyn Lordahl profile summary

  • Full name: Katelyn Lordahl
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21 years
  • Date of birth: June 10, 2002
  • Place of birth: Miami, Florida
  • Relationship: Jack Kashey
  • Marital status: unmarried
  • Career: social media influencer, TikToker
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Ethnicity: N.A
  • Education: University of California

Who is Katelyn Lordahl?

Katelyn Lordahl

Katelyn Lordahl is actually a social media influencer, content creator, fashion model, and promoter of brands. But she was mostly famous as a model and dancer when she was at the University of California. When she was at University, she won many dancing and modeling Competitions. 

After making her Instagram account, she also started posting her attractive photos on her Instagram page, especially the bikini photos. Within a short time, many brands, like Fashion Nova, plumeria, swimwear, etc, approached her. So, she also started promoting these brands on her different social media platforms.

Now, she is also working with a company named SRN Agency. It is actually a modeling outfit company that connects influencers with brands. She is also available on platforms where a user can join on a subscription; here, she makes PG-related digital content. 

Through her pictures on Instagram, it looks like she loves animals and travels a lot. She also uses an iPhone a lot and has also visited different places, such as Greece, Italy, and the Bahamas.

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance

Katelyn Lordahl has an attractive body and a great appearance, and this is the main reason she has a flood of followers. These followers are still increasing day by day. Katelyn has a height of 5 ft 7 inches (175 cm) and weighs 60 kg. 

Through her attractive body, it looks like she is very confident and beautiful. She has very beautiful Hazel eyes and blonde hair, which increases her beauty. Her body is very balanced and smart, measuring 34-26-35. It shows that she is an inspiration for many people.

Along with her modeling and social media influencer career, she is also an artist.

This is the main reason she shares her artwork on her social media accounts. Her art work is the inspiration of her millions of fans.

Katelyn Lordahl’s family background and upbringing

Katelyn Lordahl's family background and upbringing

Through her humble attitude, it looks like she has a very loving family. She has a very loving little brother, mother, and father. The name of Katelyn’s brother is Jake. She had a very beautiful house with a big backyard. Katelyn’s mother is a very good teacher, and her father is working in a computer company.

Her family always makes fun of each other. They usually play board games and also go hiking in the forest. She always loves going to picnics in the park with her family. She also has a dog named Max, who also loves her a lot.

Katelyn also told her users and followers that when she was a child, her mom and dad always used to read bedtime stories for her. She said that her favorite storybook was about a funny dragon who loves to eat ice cream.


Katelyn Lordahl started her school very early, particularly called the preschool. She learned from her school to share the toys and make new friends. After that, she went to elementary school. 

There, she learned many things, such as reading, writing, and doing math. She also had a very dedicated teacher who taught her about science, art, and music.

Katelyn always wants to go to school every day because she loves adventures. When she went to middle school, everything changed, and she learned more interesting things about science, history, and much more. She also made new friends there and learned how to play sports.

She then went to high school after middle school where she is a grown-up girl. She also learned different things in high school. At that time, she also did different fun activities like sports and drama. 

After hard work, she also graduated with good grades which is the result of continuous learning. After that, she decided to go to college because she wanted to keep learning more and more. She is still in college and learning more and more things. After that, she is looking forward to enjoying the job in the future. As she is very good in every stage of schooling, it shows that she is a very determined student. 

Katelyn Lordahl’s Net Worth

Katelyn Lordahl’s Net Worth

According to different resources, Katelyn’s net worth is more than 1 million dollars as of 2023. Most of his revenue is generated from her modeling. However, other sources are marketing, advertising, as well as promotion of different products and brands. 

The career of Katelyn Lordahl

First of all, she became famous on the internet on the app TikTok. She regularly posted short videos on TikTok, and within a very short time, she got so many followers. She is very fond of making stunning videos for her fans to make them happy.

You will be surprised to know that when she made videos on TikTok, she was a teenager. In the start, just a few people started watching her videos but the good thing is that she was satisfied. She kept on uploading different videos about fun, dancing, and singing.

When many people saw her videos, she became a TikTok star. After some time, she had many followers who liked her and wanted to see her again and again. So she now has many followers from all over the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Katelyn Lordahl famous for?

She is a very well-known TikTok star, model, and social media influencer. She used to upload comedy and fun videos as well as dance videos. She also uploads different lip-sync videos, which her followers also like a lot. 

Is Katelyn Lordahl in a relationship?

Although, she wants to keep her personal life private, different online rumors said that she might be dating Jack Casey. However, there is no proof that she is in any relationship or not.

What are Katelyn’s plans?

Katelyn always wants to make her fans happy, and this is the main reason that she continues to upload funny videos on her TikTok account. These videos are funny to get fans and they can’t stop themselves laughing a lot. Not only the short videos but also started uploading longer movies, videos, as well as shows.

Through her videos, she wants to become famous, but still, she wants to promote kindness and purity in the whole world. 


Katelyn Lordahl is known all over the world through her dance videos and bikini photos particularly. But still, people know her very well as an Instagram star and social media influencer. She is a very humble girl and also wants to promote purity and peace in the world. 

She is very good at studies and always wants to learn new things. She is still in college, and with every passing day, she learns a lot. Through regular posting, she is dedicated to her profession. Katelyn always inspires her followers through her funny videos and interesting content. She also did different partnerships with many big brands and modeling agencies. These partnerships always make her strong and she also stands out in her field. 

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