How Old Is JoJo Siwa? Everything You Need To Know

How Old Is JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, born on May 19, 2003, has been doing many cool things since she was young. She is not just an actress and dancer but also a singer and someone super popular on the internet. Her YouTube channel, called “It is JoJo Siwa,” is a fun place where she shares videos every day. 

She has her very own collection of hair bows, a doll brand, a beverage, a clothing range, and even her type of slime. If this seems like a whole bunch of things for just one person, that is because it is. And what makes it even more impressive is when you think about how young she is.

In this article, we are going to learn all about JoJo Siwa, how she got famous and all the cool stuff she has done in the world of TV and entertainment. So, let’s dive into the awesome chapters of JoJo Siwa’s life and see why she is loved by so many people.

Who is JoJo Siwa?

Who is JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, and is now 20 years old. She is a happy and talented person from America. She dances, sings, acts, makes videos on YouTube, and has her own business. People all around the world love her because she is always full of energy and spreads good feelings. 

She became famous on a TV show called Dance Moms, where she showed everyone how great she is at dancing and how fun she can be.

After that, she did even more cool things. JoJo made songs like “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store,” and lots of people liked them. 

On YouTube, where she shares videos, she has more than 11 million fans who follow her. She also sells things with her name on them, like bows, dolls, clothes, and even slime.

JoJo always shows who she is, and she tells everyone it is okay to be themselves. She is like a big sister to young people, encouraging them to be proud of who they are and to follow their dreams. 

Recently, JoJo told everyone that she is part of the LGBTQ+ community. JoJo Siwa is like a shining light in the world of entertainment, making everyone feel happy and positive.

Early Life of JoJo Siwa

Early Life of JoJo Siwa

Joelle Joanie Siwa was born in a place called Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 2003. Her mom, Jessalynn, is a dance teacher from Iowa, and her dad, Tom, is a chiropractor from Nebraska. 

JoJo has one brother, who is older than her, and his name is Jayden Siwa. Jayden is also someone who makes videos and shares them online.

So, JoJo grew up in a family where dancing and taking care of people’s health are important. Her mom teaches dance, and her dad helps people with their bodies. It is cool that JoJo’s brother, Jayden, is into making videos too, just like her.

This tells us a bit about JoJo’s family and where she comes from. It is nice to know about the people she grew up with and how they share some similar interests, like making videos. Family is special, and JoJo’s family seems to have different talents that make them unique and interesting.

Personal Life of JoJo Siwa

Personal Life of JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa had a relationship with a TikTok star named Mark Bontempo from August to November 2020. In January 2021, she shared on social media that she is part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

When a fan asked about her label, she said she does not like to label her feelings because she does not really know. Later on, she mentioned that she would technically say she is pansexual because she believes love is about the person, not their gender. 

She also uses the words “gay” and “queer” to describe herself. JoJo has confirmed that she is not attracted to men.

In February 2021, she shared that she was in a relationship with her best friend, Kylie Prew. They broke up later in 2021 but got back together in May 2022. Unfortunately, they broke up again in June 2022. 

By August 2022, JoJo started dating Avery Cyrus, a social media content creator. However, in December 2022, it was announced that JoJo and Avery had broken up. 

Career of JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa started her career by being one of the top five finalists and the youngest person on a show called Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. This show was run by Abby Lee Miller, who is known for Dance Moms. JoJo and her mom were on this show, but she got eliminated in week 9.

After that, JoJo joined Dance Moms in 2014, where she tried out for Abby’s dance competition team and was chosen in early 2015. In 2016, she released a song called “Boomerang,” which talks about online bullying. The video for this song has been watched a lot, over 950 million times.

JoJo became really famous, and in 2018, she was named Breakout Artist of the Year. She even announced her first big concert tour, called D.R.E.A.M. The Tour, which visited many places in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

JoJo is not just a singer and dancer; she is also been on Time’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and in 2022, she became a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. She also got a special award, the Gamechanger Award, for working against bullying from GLSEN in 2022. 

Recognition and Awards of JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa has received many awards and special mentions for her amazing talents. She won several Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, one for being everyone’s favourite new artist and another for her fantastic musical teamwork. 

She also got a Teen Choice Award, and it is for being a star who really stood out. These awards show that lots of people, especially young ones, really like JoJo and think she is super talented. 

When you are a singer, dancer, and all-around awesome person like JoJo Siwa, it is awesome to be recognized for the things you love doing. These awards are like shiny trophies that say, “You’re doing great, JoJo!” And we can all cheer along with those awards because JoJo’s positivity and talent make her a star that so many people look up to and love.

Legacy of JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa is like a shining star who does lots of amazing things that make people happy all over the world. She is not just good at singing and dancing, she is really positive and full of energy. 

Many, many people really like her because she is so vibrant and brings joy to everyone.

For young people, JoJo is like a big sister, showing them that it is totally okay to be exactly who they are and to follow their dreams. 

She’s a great example of someone who is true to themselves and spreads happiness wherever she goes. JoJo’s commitment to making the world a brighter place is really strong, and she keeps being this wonderful light in the entertainment world.

So, when we talk about JoJo Siwa’s legacy, it is not just about the awards she has won or the songs she has sung. It is about the lasting impression she leaves on people, reminding them to be positive, stay true to themselves, and chase after what makes them happy. 

JoJo Siwa is more than a star; she is a warm and inspiring presence that makes the world a better, brighter, and happier place for everyone who knows her.

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JoJo Siwa is really special, she makes lots of people happy with her singing, dancing, and positive attitude. From when she was young, she did cool things like being on a TV show and making her own YouTube channel called “It is JoJo Siwa.” She even has her own business where she sells things like bows, dolls, and slime. 

JoJo is not just a star; she is like a big sister to many. She tells everyone it is okay to be themselves and to follow their dreams. She has won awards, like the Kids Choice Awards, showing that people really like her. She is a warm and inspiring friend to everyone who knows her.

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