Kate Norley was born on May 25, 1978, in Arlington, Virginia. She is the daughter of Pam Mannionn and Walt Norley. She is famous for being the spouse of John Oliver. John Oliver is a renowned Canadian comedian, actor, composer, and writer as well. Kate is an Army combat medic and Iraq War veteran. Her parents got divorced since she was a little girl. She was just 4 years old at that time. Dennis Lannion appeared as she steps farther. Kate holds the American nationality.


 Kate received her early education from Episcopal High School. Unfortunately, she had to face a worse injury at the age of 16. He caught a victim of severe head injury. As a result, her mind was affected. Thus, she faced great difficulties during learning things. Yet, Kate Norley always developed a great aspiration to be a soldier. This desire came into reality after the horrors of 9/11. Her parents allowed her to fulfill her desire. She received basic training in Jackson South Carolina. Later, she was selected for medical training in Carolina Sam Hoston Texas.

A true military woman

 Norley joined the military due to her own will. She had to join the first Cavalry Division of Fallujah. Later she went to Fort Hood. Her first appointment was in Iraq. Norley stayed there for 16 months. As a combat medic, she served as a mental health specialist. She received the Combat Medic badge in this regard. Thus, she was named the only female combat stress specialist of her Army crew. At Baghdad University, Kate served herself as a counselor, Kate gave an address to students on gender equality. After her services to Iraq, Kate Norley went to Washington D.C for Walter reed’s medical facility. Later on, she went to George Washington University to obtain a medical degree. She made services as a veteran’s right advocate to Vets of Freedom. Kate dedicated herself to fighting for the rights of gender equality.

Personal Life of Kate Norley, Husband John Oliver

John Oliver is a well-known actor, comedian, and host in the English entertainment industry. His complete name is John Oliver. John was born on April 23, 1977, in Birmingham England. He holds American as well as British nationality. His parent’s name was Jim Oliver and Carole Oliver. Stephen Oliver is his Uncle. He received his early education from Mark Rutherford School. Later, he went to Cambridge Christ College for further education. Oliver received his bachelor’s degree in 1998. He also has been a dynamic member of Cambridge Footlight.

When did Oliver start his career?

He started his career in 1985 with the TV show “Bleak House”. He appeared as a guest in various shows such as Green Wing, Mock of the Week, Gash, My Hero, The Comic Side of 7 Days’
All these shows aired in 200.Besides mentioned above, Oliver hosted “The Daniel Show” He himself was the writer of this show. Later in 2010, he became host as well as the produce of a famous show. Its name was ‘John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up”. Currently, Oliver is hosting “ Last week tonight with John Oliver”.
1. Producers Guild of America Award
2. Writers Guild of America
3. Dorian Award
4. Peabody Award
Besides it, he owed Primetime Emmys much time. Oliver was accompanied wit wife Norely a couple of times.
Nominations: The famous comedian was nominated for GLAAD Media Award, MTV Movies&TV Award, TCA Award, an Environmental Media Award.

Kate Marriage with Oliver

Both celebrities are husband-wife. The first encounter with each other in2008 at the Republican National Convention. Later during Iraq America wartime. At that time Kate Norley was serving as Amy Medic. Oliver on the other hand was hosting his “Daily Show”. Kate and his fellows rescued Oliver and his team from a disastrous situation. Thus they became friends. Coming years brought them close to each other. Finally, they tied the knot after dating for two years. The couple celebrated their big day in October 2011. Both Kate and Oliver are parents of two children. Their firstborn is the son. His name is Huson Oliver. They welcome their firstborn in 2015. However, the couple had to face a difficult time during Huson’s birth. Kate Norley and Oliver welcomed their second born in 2018. At present they are living in New York. Oliver is a great fan of the football club Liver pool FC. Once in an interview, Oliver showered love for his wife and lady love in the following word:
“It’s nice that I get to spend time with the love of my life”. Currently, the Army combat medic is free and the couple is enjoying blissful married life.

Kate Norley Net worth

Her net worth in 2018 is also about $4 million, according to a few estimates. She will certainly double her total income in the future since she is still employed in her career. Norley is known as one of the richest women. Likewise, through her earnings, she is able to sustain her lavish life. Her husband, John, on the other side, has an annual income of $5 million and the two enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Other Aspect’s of Kate Norley’s Life

1. Kate’s mother was a social reformer. She served in Project Rubican. It was a project base on the selfless efforts towards helpless and needy people. Thus Kate inherited this kind of passion from her mother. She herself has started a project for women. It is unprofitable based on the clear vision of Gender equality.
2. Kate’s father Walt Norley was a golf course designer. He used to design golf courses in Florida.
3. Norley made selfless efforts for the betterment of the Iraqi people. She encouraged Iraqi women to rebuild their nation. She also addressed the students of Baghdad University in this regard.
4. Oliver, her husband made a successful turn in the acting field in 2010. He managed to recognize his all-time favorite show Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show.
5. Brave Army veteran was born in 1978, She is 42 years old now.
6. Kate Norley’s husband Oliver’s net worth is $5 million. He accumulates this heavy amount from his different TV shows. His recent show gives $8 million per year.

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