18 Bodies Found In Villages Hit By Wildfires In Northern Greece

18 Bodies Found In Villages Hit By Wildfires In Northern Greece

Amidst raging wildfires traversing northern Greece, a sad discovery has been made: the charred remains of eighteen people, most likely migrants, were found near the Dadia forest in the Evros region. The deathful flames, uncontrolled for days and fanned by powerful gale-force winds, have turned the nation into chaos. It leaves an unforgettable mark on the landscape and the lives of its citizens.

This region is a well-traversed pathway for migrants traveling from the Middle East and Asia into the European Union, but it now bears witness to an ongoing fire emergency. The government suspects that the diseased migrants embarked on an uncommon migration route. 

Greek authorities expressed their “deepest sorrow” over the diseased people. The Greek citizens also mourn the loss of these lives, and they recognize the risks of irregular migration. Dimitris Kairidis, the Migration Minister, pointed to smuggling rings as a damaging contributor, jeopardizing the lives of migrants for their gain. He also said, “Tragedy confirms, once more, the dangers of irregular migration.”  

The fires that have gripped Southern Europe have led to evacuations and destruction. Hospital patients, including newborns, evacuated as flames threatened to engulf the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis. Authorities claimed 65 patients at the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis had been evacuated.

Firefighters are working tirelessly and uniting across borders to fight the deadly fire. There is hope that these united efforts will control nature’s wrath, allowing Greece to heal and rebuild.

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