What Internet Speed Is Considered Ideal for My Family?

Internet Speed

A decent internet connection equals high speed, which is a necessity in the fast-paced world we live in today. And can hardly survive without for it doesn’t just keep us connected with our loved ones no matter where we live, but it keeps us updated and even serves as a fantastic pick-me-up after a long day at work. However, there are times when you might have noticed that your usually speedy internet connection is not as uber-fast as it usually is.

And that could be for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you are experiencing lag because the entire family is having a ball in front of the TV, watching their all-time favorite animated cartoon movie, or because everybody is busy on their smart device in their rooms, which is also why your internet may have slowed down a bit as well. And so, before it becomes bothersome for you, it is always best to find how much internet speed is considered ideal for your family. Let’s get started:

Internet Speed for the Average American Family

For a young nuclear family that comprises no more than four members, an internet connection of around 5 to 7 Mbps would be considered good enough for all their digital needs. This can include some of the basic tasks like casual surfing, light work-related tasks (such as emails, video calls, etc.), web research, and even Netflix, to a certain extent. Of course, it goes on to say that this speed is simply perfect if it is without a glitch at the user’s end. However, you should expect disruptions in your usually speedy internet connection if any one of the family members is playing one of their broadband-heavy games or is running a 4K video. These are just some of the activities that consume major speed from your network connection. But that’s not all. Most homes are equipped with the latest smart tech, which has a higher data consumption and requires massive speed for all personal and home-based devices. Want to know if your ISP delivers the speed exactly that they offer? Check out Optimum Internet Plans to find out more!

What Activities Require High-End Internet Speeds?

Once you know which internet devices have heavy consumption, it will then be easier to find and settle on an internet plan. In addition to this, you can always ring customer support and get all your queries answered regarding the various speeds that different activities require. Here are some of the digital activities that heavily use the internet and need a speedier connection:

  • HD video stream & glitch-free video conferences
  • Extensive file shares & robust server hosting
  • High-end gameplay session

If you are someone who regularly streams Netflix and prefers to view all digital content in 4K, then you should know that this high-end activity requires 7 GB of data per hour. And you need an uber-fast network connection to run it. That’s why you should know all the ins and outs before you decide to invest in an internet service provider for your family. This is also important to note if you are a gamer and are in search of a reliable ISP that’s speedy and glitch-free as well. For nothing irks avid gamers more than a connection that starts to lag during their important game. Though 5 Mbps is considered ideal, any gamer wouldn’t mind having higher speeds, for it will only enhance the quality of their game! That’s why at least 25 Mbps is perfect if you plan on running a 4K stream, keeping other smart home devices connected as well.

Simply put, greater internet use equals a greater requirement for higher speed. This applies irrespective of the size of your family. That’s why always select an internet connection that offers you and your family optimal service and a myriad of options to begin with. Not to mention one that doesn’t break the bank either.

Selecting the Right Internet Plan

Now that you know what makes the right package, it will become easier for you to connect with an ISP that doesn’t deliver all promises of an uber-fast internet service but brings something extra to the table as well. Like a wide range of monthly bundles that allow you to relax as the provider takes care of all your monthly digital needs.

For instance, if you are located in the New York state area, then you should select a provider like Spectrum. Not just because it is known to dominate the said region in addition to the adjoining ones, but it is known for an exceptional value-based range of digital services. Just go to Spectrum Deals to find out more!

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Wrapping It Up,

To close this blog, once you know how much internet speed is required for all kinds of digital activities, it will become easier for you to select an internet plan that’s not just within your budget but is known for its robust and glitch-free service as well.

What’s more, if you are starting to feel that your old internet package is no longer living up to your expectations, then it is time for a much-needed change. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your monthly plan or get a new service network, one that’s easily accessible in your area, is pocket-friendly, and offers flexibility in every way.

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