Tropical Storm Idalia Moved Toward North Carolina 

Tropical Storm Idalia

PERRY, Fla. (AP) –Tropical Storm Idalia moved towards the Carolinas and then to the Atlantic Ocean, causing flooding and damage across the Southeast. The storm initially landed in Florida as a hurricane before reaching its current location. 

The storm was more intense in Florida, around 125 mph (201 kph),  but it still maintained winds of 60mph (96 kph) as it surged through Georgia and South Carolina on Wednesday evening. Weather predictions show it will hit North Carolina on Thursday and gradually move out to the ocean over the weekend.

The efforts of rescue teams in the affected areas are notable. Authorities claimed one deceased. The storm resulted in a power cut-off of half a million customers in Florida and other states because it destroyed power poles. However, it was less damaging than expected.

The North Carolina Gov. announced a statewide emergency because of Idalia. Roy Cooper advised citizens to avoid going near coastal regions and to prepare for storms. 

Data shows the Wednesday high tide reached over 9.2 feet, the fifth-highest reading in Charleston Harbor since 1899. Over 30,000 utility workers are repairing power lines, and  5,500 National Guardsman and rescue crews are helping people in this heart-wrenching situation.

Belond Thomas of Perry said, “All hell broke loose.” He took her family to a motel near the Big Bend region of Florida, but the roof ripped away. These destructions have affected the residents of Florida and other states emotionally and financially.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden contacted the governors of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. According to the White House, he assured them of his administration’s complete support.

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