You Need To Know How Angela Deem weight loss In 90 Day.

Angela Deem weight loss

The fiancee star Angela Deem showed her slimming figure in a Christmas 2020 photo. Keep in mind that this photo was with her daughters and granddaughters. She seemed very happy to have an amazing figure. She revealed that she has planned to lose weight with the help of surgery on a 90-day fiance. She said that after 90 days, she dropped out 100 pounds weight.

She said that everything was constructed. Along with suction, her skin surgery was also done. Her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, was not happy with these types of surgeries and measures. In other words, he was against her surgery. But Angela said that she wanted to do it for longer life. She also wants to do it for her daughters and granddaughter to stay alive with them for a longer period. 

Angela Deem weight loss: A beautiful journey of 90 days

After 90 days, Angela Deem lost 100 pounds weight, where she showed her slimming figure on the streets of Beverly Hills. Her age is 55 years, and her fans also know about her weight loss surgery in August last year. 

Entire weight loss of Angela Deem

The reporters also documented Angela Deem weight loss journey, undergoing a breast reduction. Along with breast reduction, she also did a lift to reduce the size of her breasts. But unfortunately, Angela did not care about her health. She neglected her health and smoked regularly before and after the weight loss surgery. 

Flirting with doctor Michael Obeng

The wife of Michael Ilesanmi, who was known for attracting viewers and making them laugh, faced a lot of criticism for her abusive and dismissive behavior. Dr. Michael Obeng, her plastic surgeon, was also called out for openly flirting with her. 

At the Tell-all. She answered the question about her relationship with dr. Obeng, in a vulgar manner and bared her chest for the cameras. Angela’s weight loss progress is still interesting to many 90-day Fiancé fans. 

Angela put on so much weight in the past year.

Angela noticed that she was gaining weight during her last trip to Nigeria for her wedding to Michael in January 2020. Angela’s grandchildren blamed it on her love of sweets. The reason for Angela’s 20-25 pound weight gain was a mystery. Angela’s health was suffering due to the extra weight she carried around. While grocery shopping. She flirted with doctors and flung insults at Nigerian Michael during the process. Her fans criticized her for this. 

Five procedures in the same day

After Angela Deem weight loss , Angela also told more about her weight loss journey and surgery. Unexpectedly, she lost hundred pounds, and this is an unbelievable thing to be accepted. She explained that she had five procedures on the same day. These five procedures involve:

  • Liposuction
  • Breast reduction
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Two hernias 

Angela Deem weight loss Journey

Angela told the people that her husband Michael did not like losing weight. But she satisfied him that she could live a healthy lifestyle after weight loss. He said that weight loss would benefit her in different ways.

He said that she would live a healthy life after weight loss surgery along with a beautiful slimming figure. She also said that it would benefit her grandkids to be around them longer. 

Fans were curious about her relationship with her husband

While it doesn’t seem like Angela found Michael supportive at this time in her life, fans are still curious about their relationship. On social media, Michael wrote to Angela from Nigeria. They had many problems as they got to know each other and got engaged when Angela visited him in person. Michael gave Angela a cake as a gift, which she threw at him. 

Her weight has been the subject of some dramatic moments between Angela and Michael in the past. He once called her fat on camera. Angela and Michael were walking through a market in Nigeria when Angela asked Michael to tell the worker that she wanted the dress to be wider.

Angela felt embarrassed because of her weight. “Angela slapped Michael twice because she didn’t appreciate his negative words. 

Reaction of fans

some fans of the show are not sure about Angela Deem’s relationship with her husband. One of the fans liked Michael for different reasons. But he does not show that Angela is the best fit for him. If he is ok with it, then everything is fine.  Some friends also revealed that Angela does not show good behavior in front of Michael.

Keep in mind that Michael is always nice to her in every aspect. This is the main reason the fan asked Angela that she should think before she spoke to him. Occasionally, she hurts him. Another fan also mentioned that Angela smokes because of Michael at the moment, and this is the most problematic thing for her health.

The ’90 day fiance’ couples make their relationships work through the pandemic. An episode of 90-day fiance: Happily ever after showed Angela’s transformation after losing 106 pounds. Michael wasn’t happy with the surgery since she no longer had the chest before. She told him she could get breast implants, pleased with that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight did Angela Deem lose? 

Angela, the former 90-day fiance star, has lost 90 pounds. According to some other information, she might lose hundred pounds after 90 days. She lost 90 pounds by undergoing weight loss surgery. She is a 55-year-old star that started her weight loss surgery in August last year. Along with the weight loss surgery, she also underwent a breast reduction to reduce the size of her breasts.

What was the actual weight of Angela Deem? 

The actual weight of Angela Deem before weight loss surgery was around 273 lbs. Now she is 190 pounds after the surgery. 

What did Angela’s surgery cost? 

Many of her fans asked Angela about what surgery she had opted for. These are 90-day fiance viewers who want to know how much she paid for her weight loss and breast reduction surgeries. She revealed that she paid $25000 for her weight loss surgery. After hearing this news, Michael was amazed that she paid a heavy amount. 

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Final Thoughts

Angela Deem, whose actual weight was 273 lbs, looked very fat and chubby in the past. She was ashamed of her fatness which she did not show in front of anyone. Due to massive weight gain, she did not remain very active, even doing daily chores. This is the main reason she decided to do weight loss surgery and breast reduction surgery.

It was a 90-day surgery procedure, after which she lost almost 100 pounds. Although Michael was not happy with her weight loss surgery, she satisfied him that this thing is necessary for her better lifestyle. 

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