Are Home Gyms the Future of Working Out?

Home Gyms

The rise of the home gym occurred in a big way across the country as Covid-19 lockdowns meant that people had to stay home and refrain from mixing with others. Then, as society came out of these social restrictions and lack of interaction, the argument across the online fitness and gym world was that the home gym had died and the return to franchised gyms had begun. This article looks at why this will not be the case and why, instead, the home gym is the future of working out.

The Widespread Demand for a Better Work-Life Balance

There has been a huge surge in the number of professionals who look to implement a work-life balance that includes an element or component of exercise. Looking after one’s physical and mental health have become priorities, and this has seen the demand for gym space and access to exercise equipment. These same professionals now also have a hybrid work style that suits their lifestyle and, therefore, are more able to exercise regularly than ever before.

As work can be done outside work hours and from anywhere with an internet connection, this has opened hours in the day to use the home gym. The convenience of being able to exercise whenever you want to is, therefore, one of the main reasons that home gym workouts are the future of fitness, especially in a hybrid and remote work environment with people looking for ways to improve health and wellness.

Gym Advice and Exercise Programs Are Freely Available

It used to be that one of the main reasons a gym subscription was worth the money you paid every month, and the travel there, was the advice and support. There were always others who were more knowledgeable and the gym staff who could assist and advise as to workouts, exercises, and nutrition.

The rise of the free gym and exercise app that can be used to track your progress and design a body-specific program for yourself means that you can have the same, if not better, support in the comfort of your own home gym. There is just so much advice and information available on exercise regimes and how to adapt them to your specific body and exercise needs.

More Readily Available Equipment

Gym equipment has come on in leaps and bounds. You can now purchase and source a variety of home gyms and packages that will fit any space has made this a genuine possibility for all. There have been huge amounts of research and development as smart exercise tech is on the rise allowing the home gym to be fitted out with the latest tech and have it linked and integrated with your smart wearable health tech, such as smartwatches.

Whether you want the full package or simply smaller bits and pieces, such as free weights, dumbbells, and kettlebells, it is all out there and at affordable prices. This development is sure to continue and as some of the machines are linked to smart wearable tech, the small home gym provides a great way to access some of the best sports and exercise equipment from your home.

A great example is the range of packages at Mirafit that use some of the latest tech, previously only found in professional gyms. It makes the home gym a fascinating option for so many more people than ever before.

The Home Gym Is Best for in Home Recovery

As wellness and health became more important for many around the globe, there has been a rise in the number of people using their home gyms for ‘in-house’ or ‘at home’ recovery. Having a space in the home where you can stretch, and perform the exercises recommended for recovery is a great way to speed up the process.

No matter what the injury or illness is, if the program of fitness or gym work has been approved by your medical practitioner, then it is advised to use a home gym to get stronger. Not only is privacy guaranteed, but one can also use specific recovery coaching programs or pre work out exercises in the home gym before they undertake other sport-specific activities outside the home.

The home gym is still arguably the future of exercise and gym workouts. Yes, some want to work out in a busier environment and interact with all the people at the gym, but often, this stands out as a need for social interaction, rather than a die-hard exercise mentality.

The home gym provides everything that you need in the way of fitness and convenience and, as such, there is no reason to believe that we have seen the end of the home gym. This is certainly going to be the case with rising costs around the world.

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